1. boontito

    What National Anthem Controversy? NFL Set Revenue Record In 2017 According to financial information released by the Packers on Monday, the NFLdistributed more than $8 billion in national revenue that was split among the...
  2. Chief

    Senate Republicans add back AMT to generate revenue for priorities Reading this I was thinking... how is it that the GOP put a tax back in because they need money for something else, when...
  3. PACE

    Fox news revenue drops 17% due to the Hannity effect Fox down 17%, CNN down 1%, NBC up 2%... Money talks, bullshit walks. More on this: Which Cable News Anchor Had The Most Ad Revenue in September? | TVNewser
  4. KnotaFrayed

    How will Trump balance needed revenue and tax cuts?

    Strangely, many of the people who complain about deficit spending and the national debt, also want tax cuts, while at the same time, asking for more spending for defense and their pet programs. Will deductions for all kinds of things that are currently write-offs, be removed or will the same...
  5. meridian5455

    Cecile Richards admits that 86% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue is from abortions

    There was just a great moment at the House hearing gong on right now where Cecile Richards was forced to admit under questioning from Rep. Cynthia Lummins (R, WY) that although abortions only account for 3% of Planned Parenthood’s total procedures, abortions account for 86% of Planned...
  6. ptif219

    $2.1T: Tax Revenue for FY15 Hit Record Through May; Gov't Runs $365B Deficit

    Record tax revenues and is still not enough to keep up with the out of control spending of the Obama administration. $2.1T: Tax Revenue for FY15 Hit Record Through May; Gov't Runs $365B Deficit | CNS News
  7. N

    Colorado has raised over $47,000,000 in marijuana revenue by the end of 2014. Everyone is thinking about legalization concerning more money first of all. Just like gay marriage, making something legal as trivial as marijuana can only lead to millions of...
  8. Cicero

    New Pew Data: Most States Are Still Not Out of the Revenue Hole

    By Timothy B. Clark 10:56 AM ET Thirty states still have not fully climbed out of the fiscal hole dug by the 2008 recession, according to data released this week by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Revenues lag behind peak collections in the 30 states, when adjusted for inflation and seasonal...
  9. S

    A Clean Slate on Revenue and Expenditure

    I've made various suggestions on new policy for social services and revenue in the past, all based on my own knowledge of how these things would work out. Here's one with a bit more organization that takes a clean slate approach. Pretty much everything is gone. All federal taxes are gone, and...
  10. Oscar99

    We still need more revenue!!

    raising tax rates on the wealthy is NOT enough!!! it will only raise us around $600 billion over ten years, and that's simply not enough. we also need to remove deduction and loopholes that are used by the wealthy and corporations to end up paying NO federal income taxes, or paying federal...
  11. michaelr

    Boehner Would Accept New Revenue Under ’Right Conditions’

    Boehner Would Accept New Revenue Under ’Right Conditions’ Well the 'elections' are over, let the flip flop begin. Oh get ready for a tax increase, all of us.
  12. M

    So many reasons why it makes sense to legalize pot

    I can't help thinking about how legalizing marijuana would do a lot of good for this country. 1. It would help reduce violence and illegal immigration along the Mexican border Other narcotic drugs, like coke and heroin, might continue to flow, but allowing people to buy pot at a 7-11...
  13. Blackbeard

    Government Revenue

    Federal State Local Government Revenue in United States 2011 - Charts Tables The site allows you to see government revenue over the last years with pie charts cause the Left loves pie charts and sister sites on the left column for government spending as well. I looked at the next years...
  14. Cicero

    Hey Congress, Want $400 Billion in New Annual Revenue?

    Government must stop doling out ever-larger tax breaks to the superrich and vast corporations. by Chuck Collins Have you heard? America is broke, according to many governors and lawmakers. They're calling for deep cuts in teacher pay, firing cops, slashing medical services for...
  15. JayGatz

    Taxation and Revenue

    I'm not sure how experienced many of you are with macroeconomics; but let's see! This is in response to: I assume most will disagree with this statement, but to help my point: If taxes were decreased by 10% for each bracket (so that someone paying 25% now paid 22.5%); the CBO estimates that...
  16. Amit

    Biggest tax revenue drop since 1932 While the board was out I noticed that it was announced we just had the biggest tax revenue drop since 1932. How are we going to pay for all this new crap again ???
  17. S

    Federal aid is top revenue for states

    " By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY In a historic first, Uncle Sam has supplanted sales, property and income taxes as the biggest source of revenue for state and local governments." Federal aid is top revenue for states - Will the left finally admit that the Federal Government is...
  18. J

    Tax Revenue Analysis Shows Billions in Untapped Online Gambling Revenue.

    Today Congressmen Jim McDermott announced a new tax revenue analysis that shows regulated internet gambling would generate between $8.7 billion to $42.8 billion in federal revenues over its first ten years. Furthermore congressmen McDermott released a letter urging his colleagues to pass...
  19. K

    Profits to Gift Cards to Revenue to Profits

    Imagine a company which took half of its profits and converted them to gift cards that can only be used to by its more expensive goods and services. No other company could accept them because they came from the profits and they must go directly to future sales of the company. Part of the...
  20. M

    Generating Revenue through Traffic Tickets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS: Police departments increasingly use traffic violations to generate revenue and make criminals out of ordinary law-abiding citizens. New legislation makes Virginia a leader in this trend. Follow this link to the original source: "Virginia Introduces $3,550 Speeding Ticket"...