1. The Man

    "Revolution" in Armenia

    More: Tens Of Thousands Protest In Yerevan, Other Armenian Cities Against New Prime Minister The police and paramilitary forces put up barbed wire to prevent the opposition crowd from approaching parliament Some protesters also attempted to block entries to underground Metro trains, and...
  2. L

    Oklahoma's Revolution Didn't End with Teacher Strikes—It's Going Much Further

    By Valerie Vande Panne / Independent Media Institute Oklahoma is in the midst of a revolution, with rolling teacher strikes statewide. Teachers have taken over the state capitol building, pressuring legislators to give them—and their fellow school employees—a raise. At the time of this...
  3. D

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives

    Young activists to descend on Washington tomorrow for March for Our Lives By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== I Congratulate all of the students participating in the march tomorrow to put pressure on lawmakers to enact much stronger gun control...
  4. fenrir

    A"marxist" explanation for the trump revolution

    This is a rather strange take on Trump's election and by extension of the collapse of the Democratic Party across the heartland. As with my last thread I'm not going to participate "much" if only because I want your opinions on this "concept" good, bad, or otherwise. Unlike so many of...
  5. The Man

    New "Revolution" prevented in Russia

    Russian FSB Arrests Backers Of Kremlin Foe, Alleges 'Revolution' Plot lol Somehow, I doubt these guys could overthrow the government... But, who knows. Maltsev did keep promising, from exile, that something will happen either on November 4th or, tops, in March, before the Election...
  6. R

    Will America be primed for nationalist revolution by 2020?

    I honestly think that by 20/20, Trump could appoint David Duke to a white house position and still win with the majority of popular vote - whether this is "good" or not isn't the point, I'm just saying it is. The reality is that, most American 'fence-sitters' are nationalist deep down because...
  7. Spookycolt

    Get set for sex robot revolution, survey says

    Apparently this is on its way, it will be the new porn, robots you can have sex with. Who thinks this will catch on and I wonder what parts will be robotic or if it all will be. Get set for sex robot revolution, survey says | Fox News
  8. L

    Solar And Wind Revolution Happening Much Faster Than Expected

    By Nick Cunningham - Jun 15, 2017, 5:00 PM CDT The clean energy revolution is unfolding even faster than previously thought, which will have massive ramifications not just for the solar and wind industry, but also for the fading fortunes of old King Coal. snip Between now and 2040, the...
  9. BigLeRoy

    Trump Cannot Stop The Revolution!

    We are still in the early stages of the solar power revolution. The price of solar power has been PLUMMETING. At an exponential rate. And will continue to do so. The technology is somewhat similar to silicon computer chips, after all. We had Moore's Law in the computer chip industry, and...
  10. the watchman

    trending: Does Susan Sarandon still think Trump could bring the revolution?

    Does Susan Sarandon still think Trump could bring the revolution? | MSNBC this is another interview that I missed until I saw it trending on social media. She refuses to answer questions about what part she played in Trump being elected.
  11. the watchman

    the revolution will not be telivised - how did he know?
  12. PopeADope

    Trump becomes president anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution

    Of course the Bolshevik revolution didn't begin in January, but it was 1917. Trump becomes president 2017. I just realized that. And with him he brings a movement and revolution. :victorious:
  13. chaos

    The Revolution Has Begun

    I had no idea people were this angry. Democrats kept telling me that the recession was over and that the job reports showed a booming economy. The stock market was way up so the FED is considering raising interest rates. I knew all the good news being reported by the government were lies but...
  14. Frank

    Poll for rw/conservatives: Is a revolution coming?

    I have it on good authority from a stalwart Trump supporter that: "A Revolution is Coming!" There were no specifics given, just that it's coming...whether the Orange Menace wins the election or not. Feel free to fill in the details if you like, but, for the time being, I'm really curious as...
  15. Davocrat

    NEWS FLASH: Pence has intelligent response to deplorable suggestion for revolution

    I'm impressed by Pence's no-bullshit response here to a deplorable woman. Still don't want him as the VEEP, but at least he's not as stupid as Trump. Newton, Iowa (CNN)Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dissuaded a female supporter Tuesday from starting a revolution in the wake of a Hillary Clinton...
  16. Devil505

    GOP's ultimate argument=Armed revolution

    Since the media is biased towards the Left and all elections they lose are definition.....and the 2nd amendment exists to fight tyranny (tyranny= any government they don't control).....their ultimate argument is for armed revolution in this country. This is what the little boy who...
  17. FrankCoil82

    Can a people power revolution happen in America?

    I am not ashamed to say that I'm not very happy with both candidates. I am worried about the direction America is heading in. I have a Filipino friend who took part in the people power revolution. If only 9 percent of Americans support Trump and Clinton can something like that happen in America...
  18. B

    3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake

    3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake - Vox There have likely always been articles such as this one, but I've never seen one before so I found the concept intriguing. And if you know of any alt history novels that address this concept, please let me know. This July 4, let's not mince...
  19. B

    Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

    Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution - POLITICO This is not kind. If you are a Bernie fan, might I suggest you move on to the next thread. There’s no strategist pulling the strings, and no collection of burn-it-all-down aides egging him on. At the heart of the rage against Hillary...
  20. Amelia

    Paths to Revolution

    NPR -- Be Like Bernie: Sanders Looks To Spread His Political Wealth