1. The Man

    Rio Paralympics: Russian flag at Opening

    Team Belarus defied the IPC at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Rio, with a member carrying a Russian flag in solidarity with the Russian athletes scandalously banned from the Games Paralympics: Belarus stages pro-Russia protest during opening ceremony They couldn't stop the...
  2. The Man

    Russia Paralympians banned from Rio

    Lost the appeal: More here: Rio Paralympics 2016: Russia banned after losing appeal - BBC Sport An interesting thing: Russia's able bodied Olympic athletes had the full backing of their government to defend them and force the IOC to let them into Rio. The best lawyers were provided them...
  3. The Man

    Rio: fencing coach forced to shave head

    Russian fencing team's head coach Ilgar Mamedov He had foolishly made a bet with his athletes: win at least two Golds and coach will shave head. Well, first, Yana Egorian won Gold in sabre five days ago, with fellow Russian Sofiya Velikaya taking Silver, and Olga Kharlan of Ukraine -...
  4. The Man

    First Rio Gold for Puerto Rico

    Monica Puig wins Puerto Rico's first Olympic gold medal with tennis title Interesting. I didn't know Puerto Rico had their own team, thought they'd just play for the US...
  5. The Man

    Rio, first Gold for Russia

    Russia claims first Rio 2016 gold medal with Beslan Mudranov judo win Russia's first champ in Rio, a Muslim, Caucasian kid from Kabardino-Balkaria :) Well, heck, he was trained only by the very best :D And don't start about dooing bs, Russian Judokas have owned the global podiums for...
  6. C

    US shooter wins 'gold' at Rio Olympics

    first 'Gold' for the USA... Shooter Virginia Thrasher wins first U.S. gold at Rio Olympics Virginia Thrasher went through a three-week spring whirlwind, winning three NCAA titles and a spot on the U.S. Olympic Shooting team. The precocious 19-year-old closed out the summer with...
  7. Devil505

    While GOP is imploding-Fox News reports on traffic in Rio de Janeiro

    Just this morning with not a word about Trump in their headlines.
  8. The Man

    270 Russian athletes going to Rio

    And the process ain't over yet: More here: About 270 Russian Athletes Preliminary Cleared for Taking Part in Olympics "Cheers, Vladimir." "Vashe Zdorovie, Thomas. Silly Americans, thought they could ban us from the Olympics! Bwahahaha!" :D
  9. The Man

    Russian athlete allowed to compete under own flag in Rio

    Darya Klishina TASS: Sport - Russian long jumper Klishina to perform at 2016 Olympics under Russian flag ? IOC Flash - Long-jumper can compete under Russian flag, says IOC chief - France 24 Good for her. The poor girl was hounded online as a "traitor" by pro-Kremlin trolls and...
  10. HenryPorter

    The rio olympics are going to be awesome!

    I plan to watch as much of it as I can: a human foot and other body parts washed up on shore at the volleyball venue 3 members of the Spanish Olympic team were robbed at gun point going to get breakfast the police don't have the money for basic things like pens, cleaning supplies and toilet...
  11. TennesseeRain

    Exclusive: Studies find 'super bacteria' in Rio's Olympic venues, top beaches

    Scientists have found dangerous drug-resistant "super bacteria" off beaches in Rio de Janeiro that will host Olympic swimming events and in a lagoon where rowing and canoe athletes will compete when the Games start on Aug. 5. The findings from two unpublished academic studies seen by Reuters...
  12. Sassy

    'Don't have sex while in Rio'

    lol! No link, sorry. Heard on local news. Because zika virus. It just doesn't sound right. Rio seems like a sexy place to me :-)
  13. bajisima

    US Rowing team members fall ill while in Rio

    Thirteen rowers on the 40-member U.S. team came down with stomach illness at the World Junior Rowing Championships — a trial run for next summer's Olympics — and the team doctor said she suspected it was due to pollution in the lake where the competition took place. The event took place amid...
  14. S

    We Have A NEW Port St. Lucie But Fairfield CT Is No Rio Linda

    Welcome to Fairfield Conneticutt near New Haven where the pretigious YALE campus is In Fairfield cable and internet service had went out temporarily DOZENS of residents called 911 to report the outage What does this have to do with Port St Lucie well some of you will recall the Mcdonalds...
  15. S

    A Trip To "REALVILLE" and how Its done in Rio Linda & Port St Lucie

    Rio Linda is a suburb duo north of Sacramento and according to Rush Limbaugh in Rio Linda California youll find rusted washing machines, and dead cars on cinderblocks on the streets of RIO LINDA California yet checking California Real Estate Prices they must be some REALLY WELL 2 DO White Trash...
  16. T

    Massacre in Rio's School

    Any new thought, - Why he did it? - Level of Craziness? - Level of Evil? -Legality to bare arms?