1. T

    Trump gifts Elton John's 'Rocket Man' to Kim Jong-un

    Why? Other than to attempt to be an asshole, and succeeding, why would he do something like this? Does the man have no self control? No sense of maturity, decorum, or statesmanship...
  2. Madeline

    Aussie Amnesty Nets 57,000 Guns & A Rocket Launcher Humans! Puzzling, ain't they? BTW, Australia has 24 million people, or about 7% of the population of the US. A...
  3. Devil505

    ROFL....CNN cuts off WH briefing to show rocket!!!

    Slap in the face for the Trump propaganda show!! Congrats CNN!!!
  4. The Man

    Church divided over rocket blessing lol

    Russian Orthodox Church Divided Over Priest's Ill-Fated Satellite Blessing Protodeacon Andrei Kurayev a respected figure among some hardline sections of the Church. One of the closest people within the Church, to the Night Wolves biker gang In recent years, however, been somewhat...
  5. ptif219

    Hamas develops new 'high-powered' rocket akin to hezbollah projectiles

    More terrorists developing weapons for war. These are the people the democrats love since they are antisemites. Report: Hamas develops new 'high-powered' rocket akin to Hezbollah projectiles - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
  6. bajisima

    Explosion at Cape Canaveral

    Looks to be a SpaceX rocket. SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral hours before launch
  7. bajisima

    Israeli jets strike Gaza in response to rocket

    Israeli jets carried out several rounds of fresh airstrikes in the Gaza Strip Sunday night, hours after rocket fire at southern Israel drew an Israeli reprisal and as Hamas paraded missiles through the streets and threatened renewed violence. The strikes come in response to the launch of a...
  8. bajisima

    Chinese rocket enters atmosphere near California

    This is a bit disturbing. A Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere near California late Wednesday night around the same time many people shared video on social media of a mysterious bright object streaking across the night sky. U.S. Strategic Command spokeswoman Julie Ziegenhorn wouldn't...
  9. M

    N Korea launches rocket

    N Korea just launched a "long range rocket". Or a missile, because CNN goes back and forth calling it both. It was reported by the S Korean Defense Ministry. It comes after the US and S Korea warned them not to launch it. It's also against UN resolutions, but all those are reasons...
  10. bajisima

    Israel launches air strikes into Gaza after rocket attack

    Israel has launched several air strikes into Gaza this morning after rockets were launched into Israel yesterday. "A rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave struck southern Israel late Tuesday, causing no casualties or damage. The Israeli army said it struck "four terror infrastructures in...
  11. boontito

    Supply Rocket Bound For Space Station Explodes Over Virginia

    Commercial supply rocket explodes at liftoff CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A commercial supply ship bound for the International Space Station has exploded moments after liftoff. Orbital Sciences Corp.'s unmanned rocket blew up over the launch complex at Wallops Island, Virginia, just six seconds...
  12. jackalope

    Nighttime Rocket Launch Will Be Visible from US East Coast Monday by Joe Rao, SPACE.c

    Looks like it won't be visible from Maine, but many other places might be able to see it :eagerness:
  13. Use Caution

    'Rocket cats': Warfare manual showing strapping bombs on them. And other pets maybe?

    The pictures showing cats and doves being propelled towards a castle by what appear to be jet-packs appear in a “Feuer Buech” manuscript that has now got experts puzzled. According to Fraas' translation, Helm explained how animals could be used to deliver incendiary devices: "Create a small...
  14. Raoul_Duke

    Economic policy is not rocket science...

    It's pretty simple, really. Once you make it easy for people who make it a habit of shirking their responsibilities to relieve themselves of the economic burden of their (serial) bad decisions, you will soon be inundated with irresponsible people seeking economic alleviation from their...
  15. bajisima

    Apollo mission rocket engines recovered

    The engines from the Apollo mission were discoverd in the icy depths of the Atlantic by an expedition led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Very cool. Apollo mission rocket engines recovered ? Light Years - Blogs
  16. meridian5455

    North Korean Rocket Launch Produces Backlash Against Obama Administration

    North Korea launched what appears to be a two-stage rocket that sent a small satellite into Earth orbit. The U.S. Department of Defense monitored the launch beginning at 7:49 p.m. ET on Tuesday. One stage fell into the Yellow Sea while the second stage fell into the Philippine Sea before...
  17. Stefan Bandera

    North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch

    North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch - North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch So the Communist country that can hardly keep it's people fed can spend resources on rockets. Wonder if we had any assets in the vacinity to shoot down their little rocket ...
  18. S

    Rocket Fire Halts in Gaza Cease-Fire

    From the Article: The rockets and missiles fell silent over Gaza for the first time in eight days today, but gunfire erupted in the crowded streets of the Palestinian enclave to celebrate the announcement of a ceasefire in the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas. The two sides fired...
  19. B

    2nd Amendment: hand-held Rocket Launchers, anyone?

    You need to watch this segment from FOX from this morning: "WALLACE: What about… a weapon that can fire a hundred shots in a minute? SCALIA: We’ll see. Obviously the Amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be...
  20. jackalope

    Weird Microbe Turns Pee Into Rocket Fuel

    Okay - that is super cool! :)