1. steezer

    Whitehouse Official Grumbles Dan Coats has Gone Rogue

    From the article: When Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats laughed during an interview at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday, staffers back at the White House groaned. Coats was onstage with Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, when she broke the news to him that the White House had...
  2. HayJenn

    Trump goes rogue on phone security

    President Donald Trump uses a White House cellphone that isn’t equipped with sophisticated security features designed to shield his communications, according to two senior administration officials – a departure from the practice of his predecessors that potentially exposes him to hacking or...
  3. The Man

    "Rogue" FBI agent married ISIS guy in Syria

    More, including pics and such, here: Rogue FBI employee married ISIS terrorist she investigated - If you ask me, she ought to be executed for treason, like that spy couple way back when. The Rosenbergs.
  4. excalibur

    House Intelligence Committee... Compromised By Rogue IT Staff

    Oh my. And John Podesta's password was password. House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committee Members Compromised By Rogue IT Staff ] Imran Awan with Bill Clinton House Intelligence members' IT staffers fired in security probe | The Daily Caller
  5. G

    A ‘rogue’ group of staffers is tweeting secrets from the White House

    There’s no question about it, technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to the way we consume news. Social media — and especially Twitter — was an important weapon for Donald Trump as he ascended to the ultimate position in the country...
  6. D

    Michael Moore Appeals to GOP Electors: Go Rogue and I Will Pay Your State Fine

    Mr. Moore is a wonderful man who obviously believes that the vote of the people should prevail! In so doing, he has most generously made an offer to the electors who want to vote for Hillary Clinton but who might be penalized for it. ********************* Michael Moore Appeals to GOP...
  7. L

    Rogue One

    OK, I expected this to suck big time. But it was actually very good. Anyone else see it yet?
  8. NightSwimmer

    Smart phone video nails another rogue LEO

    Arizona Woman Arrested While Nude Is Now $125K Richer Access to information technology is allowing ordinary citizens to finally begin to address an issue that our governments have long been unwilling to countenance.
  9. Madeline

    Rogue Cop Shoots 3 Officers Dead In Police Station

    Three Puerto Rico cops shot and killed by fellow officer - NY Daily News
  10. Dr.Knuckles

    Local United Congregation Goes WAY Rogue

    There pretty much no further rogue they could have gone. The Minister of a Toronto church has decided she doesn't believe in God, and that the church can get along quite well without Him. "How you live is more important than what you believe" The majority of her congregation abandoned her...
  11. Dangermouse

    Rogue Nation Playfully Plans Murder of Scientists.

    Need I say more? Ya'alon: Israel 'not responsible' for Iran nuke scientists' lives | The Times of Israel Five died in car-bombings in the last decade.
  12. aboutenough

    Rogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away

    Photo Close By RACHAEL BADE | 11/3/14 5:04 AM EST A record number of rogue Christian pastors are endorsing candidates from the pulpit this election cycle, using Sunday sermons to defiantly flout tax rules. Their message to the IRS: Sue me. Continue ReadingAt the same time, the number of...
  13. K

    A strategy to deal with Obama, the Rogue Administration, and Race Card Immunity

    The problem is quite severe. Every time Obama is caught doing something illegal or unconstitutional or lying about event, or his actions, policies or orders, and "We-the-People" speak out against him, the Lefties, amplified by the MSM, rejoin with a chorus of "You're a Racist, you are only...
  14. Detective Mike Logan

    could rogue star systems exist?

    Ive heard of things like rogue stars which exist outside a galaxy BUT could entire planetary systems exist? in other words could a star have several planets orbiting it even if its outside a Galaxy?? could life even form on these planets or would inter-galactic space be too extreme and...
  15. Detective Mike Logan

    Scientists discover ROGUE PLANETS!!

    wow- this is amazing. there are lots of planets out there that aren't even part of a solar system. they are not attached to a star at all. this means theres probably around 200 billion more planets in our Galaxy than we even realised- WOW. i reckon theres probably around 250 billion stars and...
  16. G

    Sarah Palin’s advice to Mitt Romney: 'Go rogue'

    Sarah Palin’s advice to Mitt Romney: 'Go rogue' Mitt Romney has been getting lots of gratuitous advice from fellow Republicans worried about what they see as a presidential campaign slipping toward defeat. Some want Paul Ryan to play a more active role. Sarah Palin says the Romney campaign...
  17. Tedminator

    "Last Resort" tv series about a rogue submarine.

    hah awesome first episode. Rogue boomer sub, nuclear war, pacific island hideout.. whats not to like? :) Watch TV. Watch Movies. | Online | Free | Hulu The pilot episode will be available 9/17-9/25 as a special offering, ahead of the on-air premiere on 9/27.
  18. Dittohead not!

    U.N. Declares Florida a Rogue State

    In Emergency Session, U.N. Declares Florida a Rogue State
  19. Tedminator

    US Catholic Nuns gone rogue

    Catholic Nun Group Rejects Vatican Report That Found Them Afoul Of Doctrine :: NPR June 1, 2012 The board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which represents most nuns in the United States, rejected a report from the Vatican that found they were running afoul of church...