1. HayJenn

    Hannity’s rising role in Trump’s world

    The phone calls between President Trump and Sean Hannity come early in the morning or late at night, after the Fox News host goes off the air. They discuss ideas for Hannity’s show, Trump’s frustration with the ongoing special counsel probe and even, at times, what the president should tweet...
  2. bajisima

    Senators to force vote to redefine role in Yemen

    A bipartisan group of senators are seeking to force a vote on a war powers resolution for Yemen as early as Tuesday in an attempt to reign in what they say are unchecked presidential powers and to extract the United States military from the bloody civil war that has become a worsening...
  3. Eve1

    Could Trump have played a role in poisoning?

    The Russian double agent living in England was just poisoned with his daughter. He was likely outed by someone that had a high level of security clearance. Only a handful of people in two countries knew where he was and his new identity. With all the people in the WH that can’t get clearance...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Trump left 'soother in chief' role to attend a Studio 54 DISCO PARTY at MarALago

    How long was he at the hospital BOOSTING what a great job Rick Scott did? Spent SOME time with the kids, families and doctors. Trust me, someone will date stamp his time with MOURNING common people over the next couple of days. Of course the irony is Trump was PRIME TIME for Studio 54. I'm...
  5. Isalexi

    Great role model for our children

    There is something that is so disheartening. The Republicans think Trump is of good character. I guess they think good character means - paying a porn star money to shut up while your wife is home with the new baby - to refer to poor countries as shitholes - to blatantly lie over and over...
  6. the watchman

    Poll: Most voters say Trump is not a good role model for children

    A large majority of American voters say they don’t believe President Trump is a good role model for children, a poll released Thursday showed. A Quinnipiac Poll found 67 percent of voters believe Trump is not a good role model, compared to 29 percent who say he is. In total, 90 percent of...
  7. ptif219

    FBI official's role in Clinton email investigation under review

    Not only could this man be in trouble but so could Hillary and Comey and Lynch. It will be interesting to see how this plays out FBI official's role in Clinton email investigation under review | Fox News
  8. ptif219

    Democrat John Conyers steps down from senior House judiciary role

    When will democrats call for these congressman accused of sex crimes to resign? It appears Conyers time may be limited and the same is true for Franken How is it the democrats here have been silent on this all day...
  9. bmanmcfly

    What should the role of AI / robots be in war?

    I thought of the question when I saw this clip that starts off coming across like a Ted talk, but becomes clear that this is a hypothetical. If you've seen the robots like big dog, or the newer versions of it, it seems the initial robots will act more as assistance...
  10. DemoWhip

    How assault rifles have played a prominent role in US mass shootings

    How assault rifles have played a prominent role in US mass shootings - ABC News ​By M.L. NESTEL ==================================================== Those assault rifles have always been problematic due to many killers using them as their preferred weapon to murder people. That is why...
  11. jacobfitcher

    Ex-Green Beret And NFL Player On His Role In, Reaction To Anthem Protests

    Before Colin Kapernick took a knee, he actually took a seat. Last year, when the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback wanted to draw attention to what he saw as the oppression of African-Americans — specifically by the police — he decided to sit during the national anthem. And then Nate...
  12. jacobfitcher

    Cliven Bundy follower gets 68 years for role in armed Nevada standoff

    One of two men convicted in the first of several trials stemming from a 2014 standoff led by renegade rancher Cliven Bundy against federal authorities in Nevada was sentenced on Wednesday to 68 years in prison for his role in the armed confrontation. Gregory Burleson, 53, of Phoenix, was...
  13. GordonGecko

    FBI Russia investigation looking at Kushner role-

    FBI Russia investigation looking at Kushner role - Looks like Jared will soon be asking "Red" for a small rock hammer and a poster of Rita Hayworth. :)
  14. Eve1

    Sessions to have a role in picking the new FBI director

    Sessions not only got Comey fired but he will pick the next guy. Sessions is under investigation but I guess thats of no consequence. Just saw it at the WH daily briefing, link available shortly. Edit: link now available...
  15. T

    Trump Signs Executive Order Reviewing Federal Role in Education

    Ah yes, the Trump executive order. Yet another one ordering folks to look at something. Not actually doing anything, but another review. Trump's entire presidency seems to consist of golfing in Florida, tweeting, and signing executive orders ordering the review of something. Trump Signs...
  16. Singularity

    Blackwater founder had key role in Trump transition, despite repeated denials

    The Boston Globe reports that Erik Prince entered Trump Tower covertly several times and met with key aides before his secretive visit to the Seychelles to meet with Russian operates for the purposes of setting up a "back channel" to Putin. As recently as last week, Spicer denied that Prince...
  17. The Man

    Aussie MP questions Assad's role in chem strike

    More: Syria chemical attack: Andrew Wilkie questions Assad's role in strike - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) A politician using his own brain, rather than be led around by others like a fucking sheep. Finally!
  18. T

    Sean Spicer: The person who managed Trump's campaign had a 'very limited role' in it

    Spin baby spin. Indeed, after today's revelation of what was common knowledge, that being an investigation into Trump's campaign, the professional apologist for Trump, Spicer, puts an interesting version of reality forward. Apparently, Paul Manafort, the cmapaign manager, had a very limited...
  19. Dragonfly5

    Kellyanne Conway's husband tapped for DOJ role

    Kellyanne Conway's husband tapped for DOJ role - I wonder how many blow jobs this cost poor old Kellyanne?