1. meridian5455

    Alaska Town rooting for Mayor after attack

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The honorary mayor of a tiny Alaska town is noticeably absent this week, when he should be hanging out at the general store or sipping his water-catnip concoctions from a wine glass at the pub next door. Instead, Stubbs the cat is sedated and under veterinary care after...
  2. aboutenough

    Rooting for Mother Teresa

    POPE FRANCIS last week approved two of his predecessors for sainthood — John Paul II and John XXIII — fast-tracking the latter in spite of his having only one miracle to his credit rather than the usual two. Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, has not been given the same exemption (she also has...
  3. michaelr

    Liberals rooting for war.

    Disgusting, but no fear peace loving libs, you ain't seen shit yet. You people will have your wars, you and the neocons can celebrate.
  4. A

    up rooting of olive trees

    good read... Uprooting Olive Trees