1. bajisima

    How Catholic bishops are reshaping healthcare in rural America

    In a growing number of communities around the country, especially in rural areas, patients and physicians have access to just one hospital. And in more and more places, that hospital is Catholic. That sounds innocuous — a hospital is a hospital, after all. But Catholic hospitals are bound by a...
  2. bajisima

    NH chairman calls rural, disaffected workers white supremacists

    Not going over very big here in New England. Calls for his resignation now. The chairman of New Hampshire's Democratic Party has come under fire for comments suggesting some unregistered voters in the state are white supremacists. Ray Buckley was responding over the weekend to news that a...
  3. Madeline

    Trump's Proposed Budget Slashes Rural Infrastructure & Development Funding Well, this is a huge betrayal of Trump's promises to the people of Appalachia, at the very least. Obviously he is proposing to rape...
  4. GordonGecko

    Less than half of white men and rural Americans support Trump--

    Fewer than half of white men and rural Americans approve of Trump in brutal new poll Plus he's collapsed 11% in Leadership Index, which measures favorability, job approval, and leadership. (((BTW, I'm sure the Usual Suspects will attempt their Usual Spin on this from "fake...
  5. N

    Trump budget eliminates Essential Air Service to rural communities

    Trump budget cuts air service in rural communities | TheHill "President Trump’s budget would end federal support for air service in rural communities, many of which voted for him in the election. The spending blueprint, released Thursday, proposes entirely eliminating funding for the...
  6. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Rural, blue collar workers, you know why you are suffering?

    Because you never adapted to changing times. Because the very candidates you elected have royally screwed you. THey have cut taxes on the rich, which haven't lead to better pay and better jobs, and have lead to increase tax burden on you. They have destroyed unions preventing you from being...
  7. Ginger

    Rural Dems: Party Ignored Us, Suffered Consequences

    Democrats in rural America have a blunt message for the rest of their party: We saw the electoral disaster coming — and it’s your fault.Strategists and party officials say their warnings about the party’s lackluster outreach to rural voters went unheeded by Democratic leaders for years...
  8. FrankCoil82

    Is this the average Republican or rural person?

    This is Phil Chalmers. He goes to schools to talk about teen killers. He says violent video games and movies are creating a generation of killers. His favorite TV shows are reality TV, Sports and Sitcoms. He appears on Fox News. He enjoys stock car racing, MMA, the UFC, NFL Football, and fast...
  9. L

    Big trouble in rural China: Data reveals greater the wealth gap the higher the crime

    A growing wealth gap, an ageing population and the lack of a social safety net could be driving crime in some of China's poorest areas. Hong Kong has been hit by a spate of high-profile robberies and kidnapping cases, and many of the suspects hailed from Wengan county in Guizhou, one of...
  10. BoiseBo

    Rural Oregon county votes to give Shuriff power he doesn't have

    What is with these sovereign citizen idiots who believe that a county shuriff has the power to ignore state & federal gun laws :confused: They'll get smacked so hard on this one .. heads will spin like tops. Oregon County Passes Measure Directing Sheriff To Block State And Federal Gun Laws
  11. bajisima

    Sheriffs in rural America refusing to enforce federal gun laws

    There is a growing list of sheriffs in the US that are refusing to enforce any federal gun laws. Some have even gone as far as joining radical groups such as the "Oathkeepers" while on the force. Sheriff Mike Lewis considers himself the last man standing for the people of Wicomico County...
  12. Davocrat

    Rural counties can be such a pain in the ass

    With their provincial dumbassery... "Oh...we're so put-upon. We like being ignorant but city people keeping making us aware of stuff we don't like! WAAAAAAAAAA!"—Rural Person Colorado county to vote on secession [/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  13. Oscar99

    Rural white people prefer Iran's President Ahmedinajad to Barack Obama

    Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama | The Onion - America's Finest News Source well, isn't that special....
  14. R

    Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores

    this is a reason why rural america can't stand the federal government. A proposal from the Obama administration to prevent children from doing farm chores has drawn plenty of criticism from rural-district member of Congress. But now it’s attracting barbs from farm kids themselves. ------...
  15. Babba

    Third-world Country in Rural Virginia

    The Washington Monthly This is pathetic and embarrassing. But it's the logical outcome of our trade and tax policies. It doesn't help that VA is a Right to Work state. Or as I like say, a Right to Work for Slave Wages state.
  16. Blueneck

    Defunding NPR and it's affect on rural EBS

    So now we have this: Maybe they could just replace everything on the radio with "All Rush, all the time". I'm sure he'll clue his listeners in if a tsunami is coming. :rolleyes: FOX News - Politics - State & Local News - NPR Member Stations Preparing for Budget Ax to Fall
  17. A

    Thai Red Shirts rally rural support It's interesting to see poorer people so involved in politics in some developing countries, compared to Western countries where most lower classes are more apathetic.
  18. M

    Government spying targets Rural America

    Government spying targets Rural America This is something that the criminals have been working on for some time now, they have nano technology down pat as a result. The have RFID chips down to the size of dust, it can and is put into plastics, paint rubber, just about everything, hell I...
  19. D

    Democrats in rural strongholds refuse to give backing to Obama

    Democrats in rural strongholds refuse to give backing to Obama | World news | The Observer :laughing:The Demoncratic party has really shot itself in the foot this time. I would never have imagined a year ago that not only the Republicans, but John McCain would actually have a serious chance of...