1. The Man

    Rusal moving back to Russia

    Rusal says board backs change of domicile to Russia Also: TASS: Business & Economy - Rusal mulls re-registering company in Russia Deripaska's Sanctioned Company Will Move to Russia Many in Russia have long wanted the oligarchs to fully bring their business back to the Motherland, to pay...
  2. Friday13

    Trump gears up to strip more clearances from officials tied to Russia investigation

    Abuse of power, obstruction of justice, sedition...mimicking Putin. When does he start calling them "enemies of the state", or even poisoning them? This should be too far for even the corrupt GOP congress.
  3. The Man

    Russia's 1st Pride Parade...

    ...ain't happening after all: Gay Pride Parade in Russian Village of 7 Residents Gets Canceled Previously, a Pride event was approved... in Teriberka, a half-frozen, half-abandoned town in the Far North, above the Polar Circle and, then, in February, even that permission was withdrawn...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Roger stone aide held in contempt for refusing to testify in RUSSIA investigation!!

    I was on my cell earlier. Just ASSUMED this was covered and I was missing it but I don't see a thread. Not even worth an 'honorable mention'? This is a BIG FUCKING DEAL (to quote Biden) or the PRELUDE to a really big fucking deal. STONE has been giving interviews for MONTHS telling everyone...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    RUSSIA state TV: "Do what we say if you want us to support YOU in the ELECTIONS"

    Sure, they can say anything they want, they don't have any control or influence in US elections? You believe that right? Sounds like a pretty damn direct threat to me! Russian state TV warns Trump to ‘do what we say’ if you want ‘support in the elections’ ] BRAD REED 10 AUG 2018 AT 10:14 ET...
  6. The Man

    A Mormon temple, in Russia?

    U.S.-Russia relations make Russian LDS temple no small feat It's not exactly true about Buddhists. A Buddhist spiritual center was opened in Moscow last year Elista, the capital of Kalmykia, a republic populated by ethnic Mongols on the Caspian sea...
  7. rwb72

    Mexico Is the Main Election Problem, Not Russia

    Yes, we certainly DO have a problem with the security of our elections, the cornerstone of our democracy. We have a huge problem. And part of that problem is our US officials are dropping the ball by looking in the wrong direction, and addressing a relatively minor problem (Russia), while flat...
  8. The Man

    Steven Seagal becomes official rep for Russia

    TASS: Society & Culture - Steven Seagal appointed by Russian foreign ministry as envoy for humanitarian ties with US Putin gives Seagal his passport back in 2016 They are real close friends, had been for a long time, even before he had the beard...
  9. The Man

    More NK workers to Russia

    Violation of UN sanctions: Russia Allows Entry of Thousands of North Korean Workers, Media Reports Many, many North Koreans employed in Russia. Especially in the Far East. In Vladivostok, they arrive all the time They are actually very, very decent, highly skilled builders...
  10. The Man

    Alaska man sailed to Russia

    Alaskan Sails to Russia, Requests Political Asylum A member of the Palin family, perhaps? :D
  11. T

    Trump slams 'Russian hoax' hours after administration says Russia is meddling in midt

    Today is August 2nd, 2018. At this time, the president has reversed his position for the n+1 time. Yes, as of a few hours ago, the Russia thing is again a hoax. A hoax hindering a good relationship with Russia. Just today, members of the administration stated, unequivocally, that Russia...
  12. Goofball

    Ranking Dem says Russia didn't favor any one candidate.

    Oops! Just keeps getting worse for the Russiatruther crowd.
  13. R

    Russia dumps 84% of US debt.

    The responses will be interesting.
  14. The Man

    US sides with Russia vs. Ukraine

    At WTO: Much more: US sides with Russia in WTO national security case against Ukraine :D
  15. DebateDrone

    Issa: ‘Nobody’s Going to be Surprised’ If Trump Lied About Russia Meeting

    Let me clarify which Russia meeting Issa is talking about. I know it's confusing with Trump...and all the Russia meetings. Issa and this thread is about the meeting at Trump Tower in which Trump sought to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. That Russian meeting. Now on to the sad...
  16. The Man

    US vs. Russia, key difference

    To me, anyway. US actress Olivia Wilde joining a protest against the Trump Administration I am using this service photo as just one example, among plenty other US celebrities who have spoken out against and protested Trump. On the other hand, Russia, the who is who of Russian showbiz...
  17. C

    New Poll: 55% of democrats believed Russia tampered

    with votes in the 2016 election. I swear, what a bunch of bat shit crazy loons. A perfect look at just how utterly out of touch your party has become. I love it... Poll: Majority Of Democrats Believe A Straight-Up Conspiracy Theory | The Daily Caller Actual poll...
  18. Crusher

    Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China

    Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China Henry Kissinger suggested to President Donald Trump that the United States should work with Russia to contain a rising China. The former secretary of state—who famously engineered the tactic of establishing diplomatic...
  19. RNG

    Majority believe Russia has something on Trump

    More data from this poll: The faithful (?, I can think of other words but decided to be polite) are hanging in there. Excerpt from...
  20. The Man

    This is an "extremist" in modern Russia

    Lidiya Bainova, 30 from Abakan, the capital of republic of Khakassia, in southern Siberia Bainova is a member of the native Khakas people, and well known locally as an outspoken activist fighting to preserve and promote the indigenous language and culture Days ago, she wrote an...