1. Amelia

    Sad funny

    Pollsters Find Hillary Rodham Clinton More Trustworthy Than Donald Trump Hopefully you see why that's sad funny. Preemptive comment about it being an unscientific poll: It was reported as news, which is sad funny in and of itself.
  2. Howey

    A Gift for Our Sad Conservatives

    Didn't our most rabid conservatives scream at me for accusing Teddy the beady eyed creep of photo-ops at the Scalia funeral?
  3. KnotaFrayed

    Trump and a sad commentary on where some Americans are in their heads....

    "WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM" Or The dude that didn't want to be president, but just to see how dumb, naive, easily conned, greedy, absurd, or "empathetic", "caring" and "compassionate Americans might be and the place America or at least a part of it, has become. (<-----My interjection) June...
  4. Rasselas

    Strikingly Sad Moment for Christian Higher Education
  5. GordonGecko

    Oh, jeez...this is just sad and pitiful....

    This is the Jeb Bush Campaign Headquarters in Miami's "Debate Watch Party" last night-
  6. BDBoop

    Elder abuse; the sad story of Mickey Rooney's final years

    Tears and Terror: The Disturbing Final Years of Mickey Rooney - Hollywood Reporter Family members and Augustine tell THR that this arrangement continued for years, with Chris committing his stepfather to performances, appearances and interviews in return for cash payments, most of which he...
  7. The Man

    Hilarious... and sad

    Investigative Committee starts probe into murder of Russian in Tallinn riots in 2007 | Russia Beyond The Headlines Ganin had a Russian passport, like many ethnic Russians in Estonia, but he was a local resident. The riots I wrote about here...
  8. Use Caution

    Daytona 500, Sad Day! Gee. If we don't give the viewers actions, will they still cum?

    Sadly no died today at this lower level racing of left hand turns only! F1 RULES, AS REAL RACING! Can any worthless NascarCrap drivers win in real racing, like F1?. NOPE! That's why they call it Nascar. The losers that can't drive in real racing. No Actual Skills Comparing Actual Racers...
  9. Friday13

    A Very Dark, Sad Chapter in US History

    Strange Fruit, indeed...
  10. meridian5455

    Sad Joe Biden is sad

    What is Vice President Biden thinking? Oh wait, that is a trick question. Some possibilities: Come on, squirrel... just a few steps closer... Why doesn't the ice cream truck come by? “Nobody puts #Biden in a corner” "I love a good nap. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me out of bed...
  11. Use Caution

    ISIS got Israeli-Canadian female Gill, Sad no Beheading for her,or using toilet again

    A Jew in Syria? Can you say "moron?" That's like a naked drunk woman staggering down Harlem, expecting not to get raped. She's dead already. Going to a place that makes females slaves, outright to the animals dogs of islam insane folks. Well she wanted to help, FRESH MEAT for the DOGS of Islam...
  12. mrmike

    So sad about student. I wonder if there will be riots?

    Of course not... Cops: Remains may be those of missing UVa. student By STEVE HELBER, Associated Press CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Police searchers found human remains on Saturday that could be those of aUniversity of Virginia sophomore who has been missing since Sept. 13. Further forensic...
  13. TrueMan

    The Sad Truth

    Our current government is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country, INCLUDING Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Under these people, the U.S. economy has performed worse than it did under any other officials since the end of the Great Depression.
  14. Madeline

    The Strange, Sad Death of Cory Barron

    By all accounts, Cory Barron was a terrific guy. At 6'2", 225 lbs., he was an imposing figure but remained a very likable guy. He had just graduated from Bowling Green University and had already landed a job. Last Friday, July 18, 2014, he went with his parents and both siblings to a Jason...
  15. R

    A sad day in the Seven Kingdoms......

    Who did the deed?
  16. Oscarb63

    another sad story

    Police Find Corpse Sitting on Sofa Watching TV what a sad and lonely life it must be if you can die and no one misses you for 6 months.....
  17. yuri zhivago

    I am sad to be correct

    but an awful lot of what passes as modern conservative in this country is emotionally and temperamentally fascist, totalitarian, Bolshevik. Some guys who post here , are just a brown shirts in search of a führer. I pointed out many times that the Tea Party and most modern cons bear...
  18. Mordent

    So funny and so sad at the same time.

    I'd link to the source, but it was an email chain letter.
  19. A

    Another sad gun story. DC of course.

    The D.C. Gun Raid You Won?t Believe with an Ending You Might Not Be Able to Stomach | If they're coming after you for ammo, it's a gun grab. If they're coming after you for possession of a spent shell, it's a gun grab. Remember this story when a liberal gun banner with a...
  20. Davocrat

    Another sad gun story. Texas, of course.

    Child shoots himself with his napping babysitter's pistol. 5-year-old Texas boy accidentally kills himself with napping babysitter's gun - U.S. News