1. vikingbeast

    Durst Case Scenario

    Ouch! All I can say is ouch!
  2. GordonGecko

    The Nightmare Scenario for the Right....on Trump's tax returns-

    What would happen?.....when...not "if"...they get released? and it turns out Trump has long and substantial business dealings with.... GEORGE SOROS!!!!! :)
  3. L

    Defense Sec Panetta: Obama Leaving Worst Case Scenario

    Hillary and Obama made all the worst decisions in the Middle East, ruining tens of millions lives. Do we really want to double down on her lifetime record of bad decisions? Syria just got worse than the ?worst-case scenario? | New York Post
  4. Vladimir Putin

    What is the most likely scenario which would trigger WW3 (Nuclear war)?

    What is the most likely scenario which would trigger WW3 (Nuclear war)?
  5. BDBoop

    David Gerrold: An alternate scenario for November

    An alternate scenario for November Good insights, but that's Mr. Gerrold. I'm a huge fan. If Cruz is the candidate, he’ll have to run on what a terrible job President Obama has done. This will give the democratic candidate the opportunity to point out that DESPITE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONISM...
  6. Chief

    Troubleshooting a problem in a real world scenario

    You are the OIC of Maintenance Group for a C130 squadron taking supplies and service members in and out of Afghanistan. Your 130s have started to show an abnormal spike in navigational equipment failures. The fighting in Afghanistan in ongoing. How do you respond? a) Troubleshoot/repair...
  7. W

    Same school, different scenario, no outrage, no media attention

    This allegedly occurred about a year prior to the event that spurred the perpetually selective Social Justice Warriors into action. Doesn't fit the narrative....
  8. GordonGecko

    "Harriet Tubman Bus Line"....another for the "No more Roe" scenario-

    Suppose Roe were overturned...and it went "back to the States" and certain rightwing "pro-life" states made abortion illegal.....while other states kept abortion legal as it was under Roe. Now, suppose Planned Parenthood or other pro-choice groups formed a free bus service.....that allowed...
  9. GordonGecko

    For additional insight...let's discuss the "No Roe" "decided state-by-state" scenario

    We've discussed the WILDLY optimistic (for the "pro-lifers") scenario of a "nation-wide Abortion Prohibition"..... Now, let's discuss the only slightly less fantastic idea of their often STATED goal...i.e. the overturning of Roe v. Wade and "letting the States decide it on an individual...
  10. M

    What do you think about this scenario about the second amendment?

    Suppose some conservative Nazi decided to kill off the poor, How is the poor not having guns be fair for them if the army followed the government leader's orders? Shouldn't the poor be able to get guns if they so desire? Isn't this a violation to the spirit of the second amendment? ps Okay...
  11. L

    We May Have Reached The 'Apocalyptic Scenario' With Antibiotics

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden made headlines last year when he proclaimed that the United States would "soon be in a post-antibiotic era," meaning we'd be plagued by everyday infections that our drugs could no longer handle. It appears that age is already on...
  12. R

    Theoretical Scenario:

    Let's say that the local KKK Grand Wizard's daughter is getting married to one of his Grand Dragons. In order to celebrate, he wants a nice, "white sheet-cake" with a Rebel Flag on it. His baker of choice, is a local African-American Baker, who is known for his fine wedding cakes, so, the...
  13. meridian5455

    Wall Street Isn’t Buying Obama’s Doomsday Scenario

    Wall Street Isn?t Buying Obama?s Doomsday Scenario: Najarian | Breakout - Yahoo Finance Obama seems to think that slinging bullshit will win people over to his side. He is wrong as usual. (He won't admit it, as usual, either)
  14. A

    Modern day OK Corral scenario debunked

    There is a concern here in PH among the more "gun control" minded liberals that if everyone had a gun then nobody would know who the bad guy is when he showed up and everybody would just start shooting everybody. I'd love to mention names but that would make this a top post call out and I do...
  15. Daktoria

    True American Empire Scenario

    Imagine 25 years from now that an American corporation controls a monopoly of foreign supply chains for a vital American consumer good. This corporation then issues the American government the following message: "Either you change your way of living to fit our standards, or we will embargo...
  16. Babba

    Scary Housing Scenario

    Obama's Fannie Mae failure - Housing - Apparently, Republicans are opposed to extending the tax exclusion. Bruce Judson: The Coming Train Wreck This is scary. I hope the Republicans realize they are mistaken in time to avoid the train wreck.
  17. Detective Mike Logan

    Hypothetical scenario: who would you save?

    Imagine the scene. you are in a bank and their is a hostage situation. a sadistic/psychopathic robber starts to pay sick, twisted games. the robber is holding a up a black man with a big afro and a skinny white man. he says to you he will shoot one of them in the head and let the other one off...
  18. Bassman


    Barring an October Surprise, I've all but written off the WH for 2012. However, the next best thing for this country is for the Republicans to retake the Senate with a filibuster-proof majority and bolster their majority in the House. This way, Obama and the rest of the Dems can be placed on a...
  19. M

    Worst Case Scenario

    The country literally tears itself apart over the years from the distrust of the federal government. Washington collapses and the states are left on their own. Who rises and who falls?