1. bajisima

    The top democratic senate recruit ditches Chuck Schumer

    All over the country, Republicans are attacking vulnerable Democratic senators as pawns of Chuck Schumer, the most polarizing Democratic leader second only to Nancy Pelosi. Kyrsten Sinema, one of the party’s most-prized recruits and a keystone of Democrats’ long-shot hopes of capturing the...
  2. Goofball

    Chuck Schumer: OUR RIGHTS HANG IN THE BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Two things: First, Cryin' Chucky is using blatant scare tactics to get his window licking followers to chant this nonsense along with him. Expect more dumbass "rallies" once a nominee is picked from the libwinger lemmings running thru the streets screaming about all our right that will be...
  3. excalibur

    Schumer Doesn't Want a Fix

    More regressive deceit, and wholly expected from this rat. POTUS cannot sign an EO that would contravene several consent decrees. They really do not care about children...
  4. Goofball

    Chucky Schumer describes the NK deal...

    This goober was whining about the lack of details (demonstrating his lack of knowledge of how these things work).....and he said "What Texans call all cattle and no hat". Srick to NY sayings, you buffoon!
  5. Bronwyn

    Schumer votes against South Carolina federal judge nominee because he's white

    This shows a democrat leader and his racism. This is political correctness run amok. Not to mention discriminatory on it's face.
  6. TNVolunteer73

    How did Trump do it. Dreamers Cheering him and Protesting Schumer.

    The art of the deal.
  7. Goofball

    Why isn’t Shutdown Schumer touting getting CHIP funded with his Shutdown?

    Oh yeah, because he didn’t. The bill he filibustered had 6 years of funding CHIP in it. 95% of Republicans voted for it. 95% of Dims voted against it.
  8. ptif219

    Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall

    Imagine that the democrats lied. Will the democrats say the same things about Schemer they would say about Trump? There goes any deal hoped for. More obstruction from the democrats
  9. Minotaur

    Schumer Shutdown - Russian BOTS

    They are at it again. The object is to shape weak minds. It works. Welcome to the new world where ignorance rules. One day the target will be republican and the republican voters may finally take this seriously: "As government closure reaches day three, it emerged that President Donald...
  10. Goofball

    Shutdown Schumer on the floor now.

    He has said nothing about the budget. No complaints about "gutting" programs as some here say is holding all this up. No objections to the bill at all. What did he spend all his time on? Dreamers. Does anyone need any further evidence Schumer shutdown the govt in favor of illegals...
  11. Goofball

    2013 Shutdown Schumer on shutting down govt over immigration....

    What a fucking hypocritical tool.
  12. Goofball

    Shutdown Schumer blocks healthcare funding for poor American kids in favor of illegal

    Why did Shutdown Schumer refuse to fund CHIP for 6 years and hold poor, sick American children hostage to his desire to grant amnesty to illegals?
  13. M

    Schumer Shutdown

    Looks like it could happen.
  14. bajisima

    Chuck Schumer calls cops after fake sex assault claims

    This man isnt fooling around... Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office says the Senate Democratic Leader was the target of an attempted smear campaign in which someone forged a sexual harassment claim against him and shopped phony court documents to major media outlets. Schumer’s office told ABC News...
  15. DemoWhip

    Schumer warns Trump: Don't interfere in Mueller probe

    Schumer warns Trump: Don't interfere in Mueller probe | TheHill ​By Jordain Carney ==================================================== Trump needs to start exercising better judgment on important matters such as these. He needs to listen to an experienced senior lawmaker such as...
  16. Madeline

    Schumer, Pelosi & Clinton Attack Universal Health Care

    "Forced"? By whom? Because speaking up for the 99% is so "terrible". [/B] Whose side are these three REALLY on? Yours...or the US Chamber of Commerce's? NO ONE can be a liberal and fight to defeat the interests of the 99%...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    BREAK'G: Pelosi, Schumer mtg. with Trump--no wall, DACA will 'be enshrined' in policy

    ODonnell on MSNBC just read a statement from Schumer and Pelosi after the dinner with Trump. I'm paraphrasing in the title. I'll post as soon as available. So he has given up on the WALL and is going to go through with DACA? That's what the statement read to me... Anyone see it 'in...
  18. BYG Jacob

    Trump and Schumer agree to deal that would repeal debt ceiling

    Not sure if this was posted, but this is major news. The GOP base hates raising the debt ceiling even temporarily
  19. Spookycolt

    Chuck Schumer SLAMS President Trump : “It’s Racist To Only Allow Citizens To Vote”

    Here it is folks, the way liberals think. You are now a racist Nazi if you don't let illegals vote in our elections. Democrats have passed the point of no return now.
  20. TNVolunteer73

    Trump made fool of Schumer again, Democrats cave and are joining rebublican in HC.

    Lamar Alexander gets bi-partisan help from Democrats in his committee. The THREAT of holding insurance bailout money, Dims jump into line. Thanks Trump for the Art of the Deal.