1. C

    PORP - The Party of Reason and Progress

    Fascinating. I'm intrigued. What do you think? Home | The Party of Reason and Progress
  2. GoaTlOver

    The Science About When Life Begins

    The Science About When Life Begins Makes Pro-Choicers Look Terrible So, when does life begin? It has always been pretty obvious to me that it begins when the male and the female juicy bits set off that spark inside the mama and it would also seem that science agrees. If you don't believe...
  3. OldGaffer

    The best science fiction on television

    The third season of The Expanse starts tonight, the first two seasons were groundbreaking, based on the novels by James Corey
  4. BigLeRoy

    Science Is OUT At The EPA I guess we should probably just go ahead and BAN science as long as President Donald Trump is in the White House. Who needs it, anyhow? It's complicated, and hard to understand, and back in high school, only...
  5. jacobfitcher

    Remarkable Photo of a Single Atom Wins Science Photography Contest

    Ever wonder what an atom looks like? These building blocks of ordinary matter are a million times smaller than a strand of hair, making them impossible to see, even under a microscope. That is, until now. David Nadlinger, a Ph.D. student in University of Oxford Department of Physics, just won...
  6. Puzzling Evidence

    The science behind the knockout punch. I have seen a ton of videos about fighting and training.....there are some really good ones on slipping punches, etc. This one involves the power punch. Sorry guys, you might think that your a bad ass, but MOST PEOPLE have no idea how to throw a...
  7. Friday13

    HS science fair project "questioning" African-American intelligence

    Racism rears its ugly head once again...probably learned at home. High School science fair project questioning African-American intelligence sparks outrage
  8. Darkman

    Trump says Earth is cooling and warming at the same time, contradicts climate science

    Trump says Earth is cooling and warming at the same time, contradicts climate science 19h ago Trump knows best .. Scientist Trump! ))
  9. Puzzling Evidence

    Extinct Animals That Can Be Brought Back With Science

    These Are the Extinct Animals We Can, and Should, Resurrect. Resurrecting extinct animals is both “exhilarating and terrifying,” says Beth Shapiro, an expert in ancient DNA and a biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Exhilarating because of the unprecedented opportunities to...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Anti science, anti choice/birth control quits HHS abruptly, escorted out of the bldg

    Abrupt resignation and escorted out of the building... Controversial anti-choice Trump appointee to Health and Human Services escorted from the building: report SARAH K. BURRIS 12 JAN 2018 AT 22:14 ET Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story! Teresa Manning, the anti-choice activist...
  11. RNG

    Trump to announce computer science education initative

    Even more surprising: Looks like Dot.Don is doing something good for a change. But before I get too excited I want to see the details and more importantly, what his crazy Ed Sec will twist this into...
  12. Madeline

    Harvard Psychiatrist Uses Crappy Science To Attack Trump In psychiatry, "compulsion" has a defined meaning. A person suffering from such a disorder CANNOT resist the urge, even when it propels him to act against his own self-interest. Trump's lies, OTOH, are unified by the degree to which they SERVE his...
  13. Djinn

    Trump’s science envoy quits - hides sentiment in resignation letter

    (Source) - Use Chrome / Incognito mode to skip paywall Note the first letter of each paragraph.
  14. Detective Mike Logan

    Can SCIENCE and RELIGION ever compliment eachother?

    first we had religion! for centuries, millennia people all over the world lived their lives in accord with the principles and teachings of an ancient book(s). whole entire nations and cultures were permeated by archaic philosphies and folktale. then around half a millennia ago...
  15. L

    The New Science of Sex and Gender

    Why the new science of sex & gender matters for everyone By THE EDITORS | Scientific American September 2017 Issue snip Less visible perhaps are the changes taking place in the biological sciences. The emerging picture that denotes “girlies” or “boyness” reveals the involvement of...
  16. Friday13

    Eclipse: Science v the "Flat Earthers"

    What millennium are these people living in? Pleez, read the whole article...
  17. kmiller1610

    Interpreting Trump with the Science of High Motivation Roles

    According to the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) each person has a limited number of motivated abilities. These are different than a variety of learned or "can-do" skills that a person can call on, but has less interest in actually using when they have the choice to use their...
  18. RNG

    Trump administration plans to challenge climate science

    I'm amazed this wasn't already posted. Particularly disturbing to me is the terminology they have chosen to use, specifically "debates between scientists on climate research, known as red-team, blue-team exercises" I'm sure it is totally a coincidence that red and blue are the colors of the...
  19. zam-zam

    Settled Science Update

    A nostalgic look back at what was said, and who said it: Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, the father of Earth Day said before the first Earth Day in 1970 that “the secretary of the Smithsonian Institute believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living...
  20. O

    March for Science

    The March for Science’s main event will take place in Washington, but there will be more than 600 satellite events in over 60 countries. In addition to Washington, major turnouts in the United States are expected in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Denver. ----a global event on six...