1. Friday13

    U.S. pays Trump's Scotland golf resort $77,000 ahead of visit

    Yep...We, the People are STILL paying for Droomp to stay and golf at his own resorts. U.S. pays Trump's Scotland golf resort $77,000 ahead of visit There Is A Trump Doctrine And It’s Mostly About Enriching Himself How the Trump family will profit from their father's presidency Is...
  2. Tedminator

    trump in Scotland..

    ohmy.. the Scottish dailies no likey potuslut :hopelessness:
  3. bajisima

    Scotland tackles alcohol problem with minimum price law

    The land of whisky is trying to kick its alcohol problem. Scotland became the first country to impose minimum prices on booze when a new law took effect Tuesday. The measure aims to save lives by dealing with what First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called the nation's “unhealthy...
  4. Madeline

    Fit To Stand Trial In Scotland

    Watching a documentary on the killer Gary Crosson, a schizophrenic who brutally killed his girlfriend. The focus is on the Scottish law's requirements as to mental illness defenses, etc. Interesting stuff, but I don't know how they manage. The defendant claimed he was becoming severely...
  5. Spookycolt

    Scotland providing a weekly cash payment for life for citizens

    Well how about this. You can sit on your ass and make 800 bucks a month in Scotland it looks like. People on a pension get 150 a week, 16-25 get 100 and 16 and under get 50. Guaranteed. Now with a population of 5.4 million you can do the math how much that is per month. Anyone see a...
  6. Spookycolt

    Breaking: Trump was right that Scotland Yard knew about terror suspects.

    He took a lot of flack for accusing them of not being proactive but it turns out they had warnings about this. Trump was right again. Trump was right that Scotland Yard knew about terror suspect(s). Parsons Green attack: 'Iraqi' refugee suspected of trying to bomb Tube 'was spoken...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Trump FINE PRINT, MAJOR DEAL in Scotland doesn't count, its an old property??

    He can still command, demand or have people grease the skids, give him preferential treatment, special pricing, legislation, tax cuts, all round kiss his for deal on ANY property he owns, old or new. So his 'TRUST' only counts for NEW DEALS. Really? Who the fuck do we think we're kidding...
  8. L

    In Scotland trump built a wall. Then he sent residents the bill.

    "BALMEDIE, Scotland — President-elect Donald J. Trump has already built a wall — not on the border with Mexico, but on the border of his exclusive golf course in northeastern Scotland, blocking the sea view of local residents who refused to sell their homes. And then he sent them the bill...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Trump going GOLFING--in Scotland! Also says he's FOR BREXIT, 'afterall we did it'

    Says we had our own little BREXIT. I guess that's one way to look at it from a distance of 400 years. Anyway he's off to Scotland, visiting his golf course for a little 'business'. Well, we all have our priorities, right?? Other candidates travel abroad to pick up a little 'INTERN'L' cred...
  10. PACE

    Gotta love the Scots!!! Mexican flags flying to greet Cheeto Jesus when he shows up

    Such a sense of solidarity; brings tears to my eyes..... Lorna Doone gonna wax the ass of the Orange Buffoon. Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course - BBC News
  11. D

    Church of Scotland Votes to Allow Gay Marriage for Clergy

    Christian churches are beginning to realize that marriage is a sacred vow between two people who are in love and who wish to share the rest of their life together regardless of their sex. Clergy in many denominations have been allowed to marry in opposite sex unions. But now it's time for...
  12. L

    Half of Scotland's energy consumption came from renewables last year

    Scotland has met a key target for renewable energy consumption, according to official figures. Statistics published by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change show 57.7% of Scottish electricity consumption came from renewables in 2015 - 7.7% ahead of the 50% target. The SNP welcomed...
  13. the watchman

    Donald Trump threatens to pull $1 billion from Scotland if he’s banned from the U.K.

    here's the latest. This should be Trump's campaign song. Remember when the circus came to town And you were frightened by the clown, Wasn't it nice to...
  14. GordonGecko

    Scotland kicks the twally roaster Trump in the bawbag-

    Scotland shuns Trump after Muslim remarks No more business ambassador...and they took away his honorary degree. BTW, the UK petition to keep Trump upto 300,000 signature. Given even Netanyahu is calling him out...will there be ANY country left, even an old ally, that will...
  15. PACE

    Suzanne Kelly of Aberdeen Scotland has petition circulating to ban Trump

    from entering UK due to hate speech It needs 10,000 signature to be recognized, and 100,000 forces parliament to debate it. How long do you think it take before this is...
  16. bajisima

    What Scotland learned from free college

    Bernie Sanders loves to talk about Denmark's liberal policies, including free higher education. But for his plan to make tuition free at public colleges, there's a better comparison: Scotland, which abolished tuition fees in 2000. "The effects of that decision are still under debate. Cheaper...
  17. Dangermouse

    Australia - Scotland Rugby.

    Scotland stumbled to another magnificenrt defeat today, in the final minute of a nail-biting collision. We gave away a penalty which Australia converted to win by 35 -34.
  18. bajisima

    Will Scotland vote to become independent?

    The election is 2 weeks away and the polls are very close. What does everyone think about Scotland and their potential independence? Good or bad? Scottish independence gains ground in referendum polls -
  19. L

    Scotland embarrasses U.S. by planning to use only clean energy by 2020

    The countryside isn’t the only thing in Scotland that’s green. Now the home of bagpipes, kilts, and haggis will be completely fueled by clean energy by 2020. The Arizona-sized country was using 24 percent renewable energy in 2010, which it upped to 40 percent last year. By 2015, that’ll be 50...
  20. muffins

    Independence for Scotland?

    The "No" campaign just kicked off. Scottish independence would be 'one-way ticket to uncertainty', Alistair Darling warns at campaign launch - Telegraph