1. Arkady

    The joy of watching Trump screw his minions.

    There isn't much joy to be had in this very dark age of American politics, but one thing I have enjoyed is watching how, time and again, Trump does things that leave his supporters looking all kinds of stupid. Generally it plays out this way: (1) Trump does something outrageous. (2) Trump's...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Playmate watched Trump screw her roommate when Marla was pregnant with kid #4

    This one shouldn't count anyway, right? He didn't want the kid. Marla would not consider an abortion, even though Trump asked her "what are you doing to do about this?" He told Stern, he knew he was making a mistake as she was coming down the aisle. So I guess she trapped him. (And the...
  3. HayJenn

    Senate Votes To Screw Over Consumers

    Oh yeah, this is really "draining" the swamp Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday to strike down a sweeping new rule that would have allowed millions of Americans to band together in class-action lawsuits against financial institutions. The overturning of the rule, with Vice President Mike...
  4. PACE

    And the screw turns slowly......,

    When asked if the transcript of Glenn Simpson is to be released, Grassley says it will be put to a vote. it's a TEN HOUR discussion..... The turning of the screw,,,,,
  5. cpicturetaker12

    BREAKING: RED PHONE used to tell PUTIN do not screw with our election, OCT 31...

    NBC exclusive. Just breaking. I didn't even know there was still a RED PHONE per se, but a HIGH HIGH LEVEL line. It appears that was specifically telling them it was a breach of international lawand don't screw around on election day based on what we knew BEFORE. They were anticipating a...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Screw tradition--Trump plans to stay at HIS hotel not Blair House (see WHY)

    When I saw THIS title, I didn't think much about it. NO big deal, right? Until I read the 3rd paragraph. I doubt very (very) seriously you can bring your DONORS into a tax paid-for property used by diplomats, VIPS, POETUS', past presidents etc. So Trump wants to have a big ol party the night...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Screw your ancestors, Oil Co sics dogs on Native AMs over burial sites along pipeline

    I can't think of a LESS powerful demographic in this country. I would have thought this would have been worked out way before, BUT according to the article, the folks weren't allowed on the property until recently, I'll assume after the permits were granted. Anyway, why are DOGS allowed to be...
  8. Devil505

    Trump: 'A screw loose'

    Libertarians make their case at CNN town hall By Eli Watkins, CNN Updated 10:10 PM ET, Wed August 3, 2016 Washington (CNN)Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld, on Wednesday pledged a less polarized political process if they were elected. "If either...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    #LOGOFAIL, Trump dumped LOGO within 24 hours of roll out of his SCREW YOU brand

    Boy, I missed the point of the bruhaha of this yesterday. I didn't get the subliminal message. I was looking at color and composition etc. Missed the 'other message'. It's been removed apparently. #LogoFail: Trump/Pence campaign scrubs “screw you” branding after one day of massive...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    SCREW the military: GOP kills funding for climate control contingency plans

    SUPPORT THE MILITARY MY ASS! The entire time the GOP was screaming about CLIMATE CHANGE fraud, the Pentagon, for all branches of the military, were working up contingency plans for the effcts of a warming planet. Every branch had their plans posted as far back as 10 years ago on the internet...
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    All GOP Nominee's WAFFLING on the Loyalty Pledge. Nope!All say SCREW IT!

    All three GOP candidates backed away from their pledge to support GOP nominee - Mien DrumpFrer is holding the line, Maybe? Trump Takes Back GOP Loyalty Pledge, Cruz And Kasich Also Back Away Trump Takes Back GOP Loyalty Pledge, Cruz And Kasich Also Back Away Republican...
  12. Babba

    Red States Spent $2 Billion in 2015 to Screw the Poor

    What is this compulsion to punish the poor that conservatives have to the point that they'll screw themselves to accomplish it? :think: Red States Spent $2 Billion in 2015 to Screw the Poor | Mother Jones
  13. mrmike

    Progressive Lib Screw Up: Kelly Osbourne

    A simple Freudian slip illustrated just how the self-serving Progressive Liberals really view minorities. One day the Progressives will find themselves on the outside looking in at the Democrat party as their useful idiocy runs its course and they're no longer needed as those minorities they've...
  14. BoiseBo

    NY Times police reporters screw the pooch

    Enjoy their ridiculous meme that "the witness testimony is sharply conflicting". Yep -- that's what the cops and their apologists want you to believe and you shamefully swallowed it .. hook, line and sinker. :rolleyes: Lawrence O'Donnell explains: Rewrite: Bad police reporting by the...
  15. NiteGuy

    No Wonder Conservatives Screw Up The Economy...

    They can't add to save their fucking lives:
  16. Monk-Eye

    Apple's Screw The Customer Business Model

    " Apple's Screw The Customer Business Model " The WiFi antenna on one of the I-phones on my plan , a 4S , no longer functions ; all trouble shooting methods have been completed through technical support and they claim that there is nothing that they can do except replace the phone at $200 as...
  17. meridian5455

    ObamaCare screw up sends callers to cupcake shop

    Problems with the Obamacare website? Well, don't call the Help number unless you want some cupcakes! ObamaCare screw up sends callers to cupcake shop | New York Post
  18. BDBoop

    SCotUS just made it easier for big business to screw the little guy

    I hope everybody hears about this, and just doesn't bother taking AmEx ever. The Supreme Court Just Made It Easier for Big Business to Screw the Little Guy | Mother Jones Yes, it's the SCotUS, law of the land, yada-yada, blah-blah. I resent that they would further stack the deck in favor of...
  19. Daktoria

    Obama's Benghazi Screw Up

    Four State Department officials resign following investigation of Benghazi killings that found 'grossly inadequate' security at U.S. Consulate - NY Daily News Report here: Looks like he really screwed up after all.
  20. meridian5455

    How many Liberals/Democrats does it take screw in a light bulb?

    Q: How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Just one, but it really gets screwed. Q: What's the difference between a Democrat and a prostitute? A: The prostitute gives value for the money she takes. Q: What's the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead...