1. Singularity

    Netanyahu is probably screwed: Confidant turns state's evidence

    After all the grief he has caused basically everyone around him, I'm hardly surprised by this.
  2. N

    Millennials Are Screwed

    Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post " the real reason millennials can’t seem to achieve the adulthood our parents envisioned for us is that we’re trying to succeed within a system that no longer makes any sense. Homeownership and migration have been pitched to us as gateways to...
  3. Monk-Eye

    Wake Up We Are About To Get Screwed Out Of Net Neutrality

    " Wake Up We Are About To Get Screwed Out Of Net Neutrality " * Better Speak Up Now *
  4. Singularity

    Most likely, you're getting screwed by the Senate tax bill

    Dunno about you guys, but I really can't afford this.
  5. Singularity

    Al Franken is screwed

    This could kick off a whole new wave of scandals. Behavior like this is all too common in D.C. And it's about time.
  6. cpicturetaker12

    FLAKE, R-AZ UNLOADS on TRUMP--We created him now we're in denial (& we screwed OBAMA)

    FLAKE, R-AZ UNLOADS on TRUMP-We created him, now we're in denial (& we screwed OBAMA) A REPUBLICAN who admits they created the monster now they have to live with him, rationalize his behavior and live in denial. And types out loud how they screwed over Obama--screwing over the American people...
  7. Isalexi

    The trumpers are getting so screwed

    Calls for transparency are not new to the administration. The White House faced a backlash after saying it would no longer share visitors logs, effectively barring the public from knowing about the access offered to activists, lobbyists and political donors, even as Mr. Trump fills top jobs with...
  8. Djinn

    Anonymous Alt-Right Trolls Screwed Themselves

    Source - Spin In other words, the anonymous alt-righties who spent the election season promoting Trump while spewing all manner of bigotry, misogyny, and hatred, are now watching their leader unlock the doors for their unmasking and public identification. #schadenfreudemuthafucka
  9. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Paul Ryan “Fully Confident” Election Will Be Carried Out Fairly, WOW? GOP is screwed!

    Paul Ryan “Fully Confident” Election Will Be Carried Out Fairly, WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed back against Donald Trump’s claims that the election is being rigged through a spokesperson on Saturday. “Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is...
  10. LFD

    Why Detroit got screwed?

    I have heard countless times from conservatives why Detroit got screwed, but I never really got to hear the answer from liberals. The main argument *I have heard from non-natives on why Detroit got screwed is because of Democrat policies and being dominated by black Americans. I personally...
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Please Welcome: The USA Freedom Grown-Ups Trump screwed the kids? Ohhh Myyy! funny as hell.
  12. TNVolunteer73

    Trump right Sanders screwed over

    Leaked DNC emails reveal secret plans to take on Sanders Isn't this the guy that hacked Hillary's server she promised was 100% Secure?
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Sexually harass women--AISLES gets $40ML. (Women 'get screwed' because they wouldn't)

    You know it's quite amazing, this PIG is being negotiated to go away. BIG BIG BIG BUCKS. Worse case below, $40million. No penalties, no shame, BIG BANK ACCOUNT! It's a stacked deck out there folks. BAD BEHAVIOR MEANS BIG BONUSES! Wonder what Gretchen got? I hope she goes the distance and...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    NYT--How TRUMP got rich but screwed workers, bondholders, shareholders of his casinos

    But by GOD, HE CAME OUT RICH! Do you really think YOU will become rich under TRUMP?? How? This is ONLY the first few paragraphs to set the tone of the story. It is long but worth the read. I said it before and I'll repeat--I CAN NOT AFFORD DONALD TRUMP! FINANCIAL reporters are now digging...
  15. BYG Jacob

    China is screwed

    And as a result, so are we, this is a video from Vice detailing how China is going to crash and burn. This is a two part video, and the second part is talking about Egypt, but that isn't relevant to the first half of the video.
  16. bajisima

    Millenials have gotten royally screwed, thats why they want Sanders

    Interesting article. Thoughts? ".. it’s easy to forget sometimes that the Millennial generation is also the one that faces staggering levels of debt, a bleak job market (even when one does get a college degree, which has become ever more important), and the overall prospect of having a less...
  17. M

    Do you think political correctness is a reason why America's population is screwed up

    Every day there are more articles revolving about racism allegations, gender inequality, discrimination of one sort or another. Every time someone feels wronged, it immediately MUST be racially motivated. I think we as a people are more divided than a nation about to have a civil war...
  18. P

    5 Ways the Middle Class Is Getting Screwed

    1. Obamacare 2. College Loans 3. Immigration 4. Free Trade 5. Exploding Debt 5 Ways the Middle Class Is Getting Screwed - John Hawkins - Page full For the past 50 years, and particularly the last six, the Middle Class has been the main target for destruction by the Democrat Party...
  19. Raoul_Duke

    CBO Director says we are fiscally screwed...

    Democrats want to just keep taxing and spending us into a Eurosocialist economic funk: CBO Director: Important to Give Advance Warning About Coming Changes to Social Security | CNS News They will misdirect your attention with class warfare aimed at the (evil) "millionaires and...
  20. A

    Screwed. Line up and be counted: Is our economy saved or screwed?

    Is our economy saved because of Obama's policies (or Bush's. I don't give a damn) or are we screwed because of the same? I'm not talking about forever. The sun will always rise and people will always employ their talents to better the lives of themselves and their families. Maybe we'll...