1. Use Caution

    Rep Cantor loss seat! YES!

    bye bye asshole. Eric Cantor suffered a stunning and embarrassing loss this weekend. No he didn’t lose his seat, but with 30 days to go before the primary, that now becomes a very open question. The conservatives are on the warpath and may be about to count coup with Eric Cantor...
  2. BoiseBo

    I agree with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn -- seat ONE Dem on umpteenth BENGHAZI panel

    My pick.. Elijah Cummings. He did a magnificent job of making Dirty Darrell look like an idiot, and he'll do the same with Curt Gowdy. Top Dem lawmaker proposes seating just one lawmaker on Benghazi panel | Fox News
  3. GordonGecko

    This is a pretty easy prediction, right? IF the GOP gets even a ONE seat majority

    in the Senate after 2014 midterms.... "Impeachment" posts by rightwing bloggers will spike up atleast 2000% or so. :)
  4. johnflesh

    Raging passenger duct-taped to seat on international flight

    Raging passenger duct-taped to seat on international flight - Zap2it So what do you guys think? Too far? Not enough? Just right? At first I was thinking it was too far, then after second thought, what else are they to do? Pretty crazy regardless.
  5. Oscar99

    South Carolina Senate seat up for grabs

    Jim DeMint to resign Senate seat to run conservative Heritage Foundation | The Ticket - Yahoo! News any chance the Dems can win this won?
  6. HenryPorter

    Barber Declared Winner for Giffords House Seat in Arizona

    "Democrats celebrated a victory on Saturday in Gabrielle Giffords’s former Congressional district in Arizona, while a recount of early-voting ballots began in a closely watched House race in Florida. The races were in two of the few remaining districts where winners were still undecided...
  7. Devil505

    I think Scott Brown just lost his Senate seat

    I just watched the Brown v Warren debate & I think Brown came across as nasty & a card carrying Republican. (a word he's never used in 2 years btw) Warren managed to hang the Republican elephant around his neck.Anyone else see it?
  8. Mr. Neo-Con

    Hollywood ole Hollywood. Is your liberal buddy in danger of losing her senate seat

    Are you in denial about Claire McCaskill and her chances of winning a second term this year? If one knows Missouri, and I do. Missouri is a Neoconservative State. We don't embrace weakness abroad. We don't vote for whining and those that blame others for their ineptitude (like Obama)...
  9. B

    Google Self-Driving car test, with a blind man in the drivers seat...

  10. L

    Interesting, a Republican could win Anthony Weiner's Congressional seat.

    After Anthony Weiner pissed away his political career and resigned from office, this opened up a special election for his 9th Congressional seat. This is an area that is heavily Democrat, with registered Democrats outnumbering registered Republican by a 3-1 ratio. This will be a fun special...
  11. jackalope

    Gaffes Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner’s Seat

    Sounds like the Dems have got themselves a lousy candidate for the special election. I don't remember how he was chosen. Was it primary? Or did the local officials select him?
  12. G

    Democrat takes GOP House seat in New York

    In a special House election carefully watched by national political strategists, Democrat Kathy Hochul won what had been a Republican seat Tuesday in upstate New York, lifting Democrats’ hopes for the 2012 campaign. As her campaign’s centerpiece, Hochul attacked changes in the Medicare program...
  13. Divine Wind

    Check your toilet seat

    This should teach people look before they leap: Prank leaves man superglued to public toilet seat at WalMart -
  14. Singularity

    Obama Announces Support for Permanent (Veto Power) India UNSC Seat

    This is a pretty big step. China has always crapped its drawers at any notion of Japan becoming a permanent Sec Council member, wonder how they will respond to this. This also is sure to alienate Pakistan something awful.
  15. USA-1

    After Obama's former seat

    We're illinois? Obama's former seat? What say we Republicans could pull off Obama's former seat, after Ted Kennedy's former seat, and then get Byrd's former seat, and toss out Harry Reid...would that not be just so swe........ Just dreamin for a second there. Poll: Ill. Senate...
  16. Seraphima

    Canada loses vote for UN security council seat

    Canada defiant on U.N. loss, blames opposition | Canada | Reuters Thoughts?
  17. Granite

    WH Correspondents Association awards Fox News front-row seat

    LOL!!! This must really chap the hides of all you Faux News haters, eh?
  18. USA-1

    Best way to respond to a his or her Congressional seat.

    GOP Looking for Big Win in Capture of Murtha Seat in Pennsylvania I have another thread started about Repubs coming back strong in November, and I ain't singing songs with the fat lady quite yet, I'm not even gonna smile as of yet, the American People are too fickle and unpredictable...
  19. P

    Inouye's clout may cost Dems a seat

    The Hawaii heavyweight's staunch support of Hanabusa is the root of the split vote in House special. More...
  20. P

    Fossella mulls bid for former seat

    If he does make a move, it would roil an already intense GOP primary field. More...