1. bajisima

    Clean energy sector swings GOP with campaign donations

    U.S. solar and wind energy companies have donated far more money to Republicans than Democrats in congressional races this election cycle, according to a Reuters analysis of campaign finance data, an unprecedented tilt to the right for an industry long associated with the environmental left...
  2. kmiller1610

    Private Sector managing space exploration..

    Watch the whole thing. This is how you sell space exploration. Go to 8:35 to see the booster rockets re-enter and land!
  3. N

    The Eminent Libertarians Who Might Save Public Sector Unions

    The Eminent Libertarians Who Might Save Public Sector Unions The Intercept Rachel Cohen Feb. 2, 2018 While I personally would like to see public unions, as they currently function, disappear from the face of the Earth, I am concerned that this argument concerning free speech doesn't land. I...
  4. Æthelfrith

    The perceived superiority of the private sector...

    The invisible hand, despite being a minor issue for Adam Smith, is used by right wing pressure groups to suggest the market is necessarily best. However, the practical nature of privatisation suggests that underhand techniques are needed to coerce 'market solutions'. Chomsky summarised it...
  5. ptif219

    Private sector job growth rebounds to ‘rip-roaring’ pace in May, ADP says

    Funny how the democrats are silent on this great news. We need this kind of job news to continue Private sector job growth rebounds to ?rip-roaring? pace in May, ADP says - MarketWatch
  6. L

    Navigating like a Norwegian: How Norway Dispels the Private vs Public Sector Myth

    The balance between free markets and strong government It’s no secret that the Scandinavian nations are doing something right. They consistently lead the world in measures of happiness and quality of life. Political guru Francis Fukuyama called the search for the good society “getting to...
  7. N

    All private sector insurance is a scam and should be governmentalized

    It may appall my fellow conservatives that I am saying this, but I encourage them and everyone else to sit back and really contemplate it without jumping to judgment. I don't know who this guy is but I feel compelled to start a thread on this and link to his argument: The Big Insurance Scam...
  8. GordonGecko

    So the Right hates the Federal bureaucracy and public sector unions....but?

    They will need a massive influx of manpower to accomplish their goal of "Kicking out all the illegals"..... and those new Government employees will want to join the public sector unions, to demand higher wages. And naturally the Right doesn't want to pay for any of this with tax increases...
  9. B

    Illinois Governor Acts to Curb Power of Public Sector Unions Good for him. Now, cue the usual libturd masses to come in and suddenly claim EO's are 'bad'.
  10. Amelia

    Public sector versus private sector unions

    Interesting piece on the rise of public sector unions, how they changed the ideological orientation of labor, and how the interests of public and private unions eventually seemed to converge but how they're diverging again. State of Disunion by Steven Malanga, City Journal Winter 2015
  11. N

    Abolish public sector unions

    This article asks the question I would like to pose for this thread:
  12. GoaTlOver

    Public Sector Cuts Part-Time Shifts to Bypass Insurance Law When do we cut our loses and get rid of this horrible law. Democrats are distancing themselves from it, this obviously has an effect on the economy, and it is hurting millions of people. I...
  13. HenryPorter

    The Private Sector Always Gets It Right.

    UPS, FedEx draw fire after Christmas delivery problems - U.S. News The USPS does a great job. They get balled up by partisan (Republican) politics and we would be crazy to get rid of it.
  14. NonPartisanCapitalist

    Prove that government spending is more econ. stimulating than private sector spending

    Can anyone tell me, with both conceptual and historical types of evidence, how government, taking money out of private sector hands via taxation, and then spending that somehow any more effective at stimulating the economy..than if those same private hands, were not taxed, and thus had...
  15. Stefan Bandera

    Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience:

    Paul Ryan’s Private Sector Experience: Driving the Weinermobile in College*Pensito Review Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience: Paul Ryan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Driving the Weinermobile in College sums up Ryan’s Private Sector Experience...
  16. M

    Harry Reid has NEVER had a private sector job.

    He has worked for the taxpayers all his working life. He is a multi-multi-millionaire. did his wife make all that money? Or was it insider trading. we will never know, he has released 0 tax returns.
  17. Divine Wind

    To President Obama, the private sector isn't fine enough

    An excellent article clearly pointing out the holes in President Obama's "Stimulus Strategy" The Private Sector Isn’t Fine Enough | Swampland |
  18. Cicero

    Now that the uncertainty over the ACA is ended, the private sector can create jobs.

    Right GOPEONS? Wasn't that one of your arguments, that the "uncertainty" about "Obamacare" was holding up the creation of jobs? Well, the uncertainty is over. The ACA is legal. Time for all the "job creators" to start creating jobs, STAT, or we should roll back their tax breaks until they do.
  19. Cicero

    A question of private sector ethics

    Agencies blasted for ignoring contractor role in human trafficking By Charles S. Clark November 3, 2011 The State and Defense departments are doing too little to help prosecute criminals working for U.S. subcontractors who trick foreign nationals into indentured servitude...
  20. nonsqtr

    republican economic myth #3: the private sector will make it all better

    What has yet to register on many Republicans is that the private sector is not one entity, but two. A McKinsey Global Institute study shows that between 2000 and 2007 the US ha5 its weakest period of job creation since the Great Depression. Nobel laureate Michael Spence looked at which US...