1. Friday13

    [GW99] Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public

    This guy Jones is dangerous. His hatred and cruelty know no bounds. He is ruining the lives of innocent people and putting them in danger. Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public.
  2. RNG

    Mueller seeks immunity for 5 witnesses in Manafort case

    So things keep getting better or worse, depending on your hopes and desires. I suspect this is the prelude to many more cans of worms being opened.
  3. The Man

    Trump seeks "deal" with Putin on Syria

    More: Trump privately floats plan to make a deal with Putin on Syria Previously: So, basically, Trump is gonna...
  4. bmanmcfly

    McCabe seeking immunity deal. First one to call for immunity... isn't this going to make it more difficult to argue that nothing criminal was happening?
  5. cpicturetaker12

    JARED seeks $100mil from Saudi bank for a STARTUP deal!!

    JESUS, is every GD one of them on the take? Is there any limit? A STARTUP, as in new venture? Since he has been an advisor to his father inlaw. And by the way, I can't keep track, I assume this isn't the same money scramble for his 666 Building in NYC!! Of course he and 'his people' KNOW...
  6. excalibur

    Mueller seeks delay in case alleging Russians interfered in U.S. presidential electio

    Interesting few days for Robert 'Anthrax' Mueller and his band of Dims. Mueller seeks delay in case for Russians interfered in U.S. presidential election
  7. Friday13

    Oversight panel seeks details on Interior's pricey doors

    Just another tRump pig at the trough...isn't that a tRump thing, "manipulating contract terms"? Oversight panel seeks details on Interior's pricey doors
  8. Mister B

    Trump Lawyer Seeks Deal To End Investigation

    This won't go anywhere without Trump's resignation. WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller that uses an interview...
  9. Darkman

    'No chaos': Trump says more staff will leave as he seeks 'perfection'

    Trump says more staff will leave as he seeks 'perfection' Times Colonist-3 hours ago President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House, Monday, March 5, 2018, in Washington. Trump is denying his White House is...
  10. L

    Trump again seeks to end funding for earthquake early warning system

    By RONG-GONG LIN II FEB 20, 2018 | 5:00 AM | SAN FRANCISCO Mexico City got a substantial warning before the shaking from a distant earthquake arrived Friday — some 30 to 60 seconds broadcast over loudspeakers from an earthquake early warning system. It was another success for Mexico...
  11. Friday13

    WH seeks 72% cut to clean energy research

    GOP: Still going backwards WH seeks 72% cut to clean energy research, underscoring administration's preference for fossil fuels
  12. HayJenn

    Trump Seeks to Slash Counterterrorism Funding

    President Donald Trump has insisted that he will be tougher on terrorism than his predecessor, but a new report indicates that the White House may be planning to reduce funding for key U.S. counterterrorism programs and to eliminate one program altogether. The administration is seeking a total...
  13. the watchman

    Trump seeks border wall, crackdown on unaccompanied minors for 'Dreamer' deal

    UPDATE:*Congressional Democrats rejected President Donald Trump's requests on Sunday that renewed protection for "Dreamers" - people brought illegally to the United States as children - include funding for a border wall and money for thousands more immigration officers. “We told the President...
  14. Djinn

    Justice Department Seeks IDs of Protest Website Visitors

    Seriously... WTF? Maybe Trump's investing in VPN providers? Sources: New York Times (quoted) Snopes Fox News (quoted) CNN The Hill
  15. the watchman

    NAACP Lawsuit seeks to have Trump declared a "racist" ?

    A lawsuit filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Legal Defense Fund against President Donald Trump and his newly launched voter fraud commission in part centers around the argument that the commission is racist. The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Breaking: Trump atty QUIT. His others exploring PARDONING himself & family NOW

    What happened? What ARE THEY GETTING CLOSE TO?? Scarborough said this morning, he's scared to death. He got wind of something they've found. Trump’s lawyers explore pardoning powers and ways to undercut Russia investigation President Trump’s lawyers are actively building a case against what...
  17. T

    Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

    Look at for number one, don't step in number two. Someone in the administration is looking out for Trump's bottom line. Indeed, cutting funding for housing, but not the funding that trump made $5,000,000 off of last year. That part stays...
  18. T

    Ivanka Trump's firm seeks new trademarks in China, reviving ethical concerns

    Business as usual for the plastic princess? Indeed, despite being employed through sheer nepotism in the administration, the oldest daughter of the president seems to be conducting private business with foreign countries. Weird how this entire "family" of Trumps seem to constantly not...
  19. the watchman

    Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Cooperate With Congress.

    Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch once close to President Trump’s former campaign manager, has offered to cooperate with congressional committees investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but lawmakers are unwilling to accept his conditions, according to congressional officials...
  20. Dragonfly5

    Former Trump campaign aide seeks legal help -- from Trump

    Former Trump campaign aide seeks legal help -- from Trump - The wheels are coming off the Trump chariot. He is now sticking it to his own supporters. Told ya he was a jerk.