1. C

    Testimony reveals grisly details in Madison County double murder

    Own it democrats....THIS is what you invite with your open boarders desire. OWN IT! Testimony reveals grisly details in Madison County double murder. 13 year old girl decapitated by illegal. HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A preliminary hearing Thursday gave more information into a grisly...
  2. Devil505

    If Canadians were sending families across our northern border...would this be happen?

    Be honest with yourselves and with your fellow members please.
  3. DemoWhip

    Trump accuses Democrats of sending him Russia probe memo they knew he would reject

    Trump accuses Democrats of sending him Russia probe memo they knew he would reject By BENJAMIN SIEGEL, Alexander Mallin and MAIA DAVIS ==================================================== That's called playing an unfair game when Trump can declassify the Republican memo but not the...
  4. Lunchboxxy

    Nunes Changed Memo Before Sending to the White House

    Unfuckingbelievable [ Pictures are of Schiff’s statements. Mobile is being a butthole direct link to Schiff’s twitter
  5. PACE

    Tom Cotton starts sending cease and desist letters to constitutents

    A prominent Republican senator just started sending cease-and-desist letters to constituents Snowflake.
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Trump finally gets around to sending letters to 'Gold Star' families, "rush delivery"

    Jesus! What an insult. I'd rather not get one. Gold Star families receive condolence letters from Trump months after sons' deaths: report BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN - 10/21/17 08:07 PM EDT 431 7,278 © Getty At least three families of service members killed months ago said that they have now...
  7. P

    Trump’s policies are already sending jobs to canada Sounds like those fairly vocal Canadian fan groups supporting Trump are finally paying off.
  8. DemoWhip

    Voter fraud panel tells states to hold off on sending data

    And THIS can only go to show how clearly unprepared Trump's Election Fraud Commission is! Now they have to wait until a Court rules on the challenges presented due to those dissatisfied as well as impending state challenges including the RED ones. Trump has not presented any valid data to...
  9. ptif219

    Trump says he is sending federal help to fight Chicago crime

    Trump is doing what Obama refused to do. It is time this country started enforcing the law and stopping the illegals and gangs from killing people Trump says he is sending federal help to fight Chicago crime | Reuters
  10. bajisima

    Trump sending feds to Chicago to combat violence

    President Donald Trump said Friday morning he’s sending in federal assistance to Chicago to help curb its crime problem. “Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!” Trump tweeted. While it was...
  11. TNVolunteer73

    President Trump hates blacks so much that he is sending fedeal agents to prove BLM

    President Trump hates blacks so much that he is sending federal agents to prove BLM Trump is sending federal agents to save Black lives in Chicago, Black Lives that obama left to be under constant threat for 8 years. Trump's 'feds' now in Chicago to fight gun violence, report says | Fox...
  12. bajisima

    US sending two more carrier groups to North Korea

    The US is sending two more aircraft carriers towards the Korean Peninsula, it has been claimed. Reports in South Korea claim the US President is bolstering the deployment by sending the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz to the Sea of Japan next week. US 'sends two more aircraft carriers...
  13. The Man

    Is EGYPT sending troops to Syria?

    Some Iranian and Turkish media are claiming Egypt is sending forces to Syria to aid Russia and the Assad government: Egypt sends forces to help Assad, report claims - Daily Sabah First Egyptian officers supposedly already on the ground in Syria, being trained and briefed by the Russians...
  14. Goofball

    Political reporter caught sending another story to Clinton campaign for approval.

    Hack. Read more: Thrush Gets Caught AGAIN Emailing A Staffer For Approval | The Daily Caller
  15. Madeline

    What Next For Prosecutor Disbarred For Sending Innocent Man To Death Row? I think it is impossible to read the facts of the above case and not conclude, this prosecutor is guilty of attempted first degree murder. What say...
  16. PACE

    Hannity's "feel good" story about Trump sending his plane to help stranded Marines

    EARNS FOUR PINOCCHIOS Basically, Trump was on the balls of his financial ass, and had contracted out his planes from his failed airline attempt to the military, he didn't...
  17. bajisima

    Sparring over legality of sending mental health records for background check

    Interesting situation, Does a state have the authority to hand over mental health records to the federal govt for a background check for guns? Seems maybe not. "New Hampshire's judicial and executive branches are locked in a conflict over whether the state has new authority to send mental...
  18. jacobfitcher

    Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms

    It turns out that anti-LGBT activists are right that men are taking advantage of a transgender-inclusive policy at Target to go into women’s restrooms — and those men are anti-LGBT activists. In an interview this morning with “Breitbart News Daily,” the American Family Association's director...
  19. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Larry Flynt (American Hero) produces Donald Tramp porn parody. Sending free to GOP

    Larry Flynt (American Hero) produces Donald Trump porn parody! LOL! Ted Cruz, eat your heart out. Donald Trump has inspired a porn parody produced by Larry Flynt, who brought us “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin” eight years ago. This one, “The Donald,” stars Evan Stone (in a hideous blond wig) with a...
  20. Devil505

    Does Anyone think sending 10,000 U.S. troops back into Iraq is a good idea?

    That's what Lindsay Graham is promising if we elect him. With ISIS attacking all over the world now, what the hell good is sending our men back into Iraq and then Syria gonna do for us. And who pays for this?