1. bajisima

    Bankruptcy soaring among senior citizens

    For a rapidly growing share of older Americans, traditional ideas about life in retirement are being upended by a dismal reality: bankruptcy. The signs of potential trouble — vanishing pensions, soaring medical expenses, inadequate savings — have been building for years. Now, new research...
  2. DemoWhip

    Mike Pence's hometown to host its first gay pride festival, with high school senior a

    Mike Pence's hometown to host its first gay pride festival, with high school senior at helm By Maureen Groppe, USA TODAY ==================================================== Is Pence going to attend the celebration? He should! The LGBT Community has invested much not only in his...
  3. bajisima

    Spending bill addresses backlog of disability claims and senior services

    Well this is good news. Tucked inside the sweeping $1.3 trillion spending bill passed late last week by Congress was an item that has not been in a budget for nearly a decade: a funding increase for the Social Security Administration, an agency bedeviled by staff shortages that have...
  4. Crusher

    CNN Ambushes Senior Citizen at Home on Russian Trolls The video is set to start at 2:03 with the top link, where the ambush starts, but you can watch the whole video. It's amazing that CNN sent a reporter to ambush this old lady at her home. What producer thought...
  5. cpicturetaker12


    Face to face. (Video in article) Mueller seeks to question Trump about Flynn and Comey departures With indications that special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking an interview with President Trump, here are some burning questions his team will want to ask.(Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post)...
  6. ptif219

    Democrat John Conyers steps down from senior House judiciary role

    When will democrats call for these congressman accused of sex crimes to resign? It appears Conyers time may be limited and the same is true for Franken How is it the democrats here have been silent on this all day...
  7. DemoWhip

    State Department senior ranks being depleted at 'dizzying speed

    ' State Department senior ranks being depleted at 'dizzying speed' - ABC News ​By Conor Finnegan ==================================================== Well after all, Trump IS the State Department right? So, why spend money in hiring diplomats and other personnel when he can handle any...
  8. DemoWhip

    Senior House Republican resigns

    Senior House Republican resigns By Rebecca Savransky Senior House Republican resigns | TheHill ==================================================== A whole lot of Republicans are sure jumping ship at this time. And who is their leader at the White House? Perhaps that has something...
  9. Amelia

    Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials

    Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials This is getting interesting. Trump may live to regret making such a big deal about the unmasking. Lots of details at the link, in the text and in the video. And most telling is that even Republicans are saying that...
  10. GordonGecko

    Trump exempts senior staff from ethics rules-

    Trump exempts senior staff from ethics rules | TheHill Now, naturally, somebody will be along shortly to say that Trump RE-FILLING the swamp is... "Obama's fault"...or "Hillary's fault"...or "the Media's fault" ....or "Democrats' fault".....or MY fault. :)
  11. DemoWhip

    Senior House Democrat plans to skip Trump's speech to Congress

    Democrats will be showing true diplomacy unlike their Republican counterparts during President Obama's speech. And of course Trump will attempt to take credit for all through his egotistical self-aggrandisement. Let's see how he handles that tonight...
  12. DemoWhip

    Senior Trump appointee fired after critical comments

    And what was that that Trump said about being tolerant on what his staff says even when they disagree with him? Evidently, yet another faux message to the people because we sure haven't been seeing any tolerance from him to date. =========================================== Senior Trump...
  13. M

    State Dept Senior Officials resign

    A bunch of em just quit. Just breaking on radio news. Draining the swamp?
  14. the watchman

    Trump White House Senior Staff Have Private RNC Email Accounts.

    Making use of separate political email accounts at the White House is not illegal. In fact, they serve a purpose by allowing staff to divide political conversations (say, arranging for the president to support a congressional re-election campaign) from actual White House work. Commingling...
  15. the watchman

    Jared Kushner Named Senior White House Adviser to Donald Trump

    WASHINGTON — Jared Kushner will become a senior White House adviser to his father-in-law, Donald J. Trump, cementing the New York real estate executive’s role as a powerful and at times decisive influence on the president-elect. Mr. Kushner, 35, who married Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka in...
  16. Dittohead not!

    Senior GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out

    Senior GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out I thought the VP nominee would automatically take over the ticket, but it seems that's not so. According to the article, he'd have to drop out by early September in order for the party to have time to get the new candidate on...
  17. G

    Klamath Falls OR. ballot drop box at senior center broken into

    Klamath Falls, Ore. — If you cast a ballot at the Klamath Basin Senior Center over the weekend, you’ll want to call the county clerk. A drop box at the senior center was broken into over the weekend, and ballots were removed. A large number of ballots were later found in a dumpster of a...
  18. TennesseeRain

    Trump's Senior Advisor Speaks about Trump's Sexist Remarks and It's not Pretty

    I didn't know Trump's senior advisor was a former contestant on his reality show. This is unbelievable. Will his cabinet be comprised of former contestants as well? And then, the stupid woman came out and said this in defense of Trump's sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton...
  19. Sparta

    Should senior citizens have to pay child support?

    If everyone goes into this situation eyes wide open it shouldn't be a problem to suggest that seniors shouldn't be financially obligated to babies because they are practically babies themselves. At the very least there should be a senior discount.
  20. bajisima

    Senior class gives trip money to principal battling cancer

    The graduating class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem made a heartfelt decision to give the money raised for their senior class trip to the school’s principal, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. "Principal Courtney Vashaw said they work hard to teach the students about...