1. T

    Trump says public availability of 3D-printed guns 'doesn't seem to make much sense'

    Among this morning's Twitter victims of the president are "3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public". His words, not mine. Now, I am not aware of any printed guns being sold to the public. Perhaps there are outfits doing so in compliance with federal laws. Perhaps there are folks selling them...
  2. Friday13

    Horse Sense

    Wishing more humans had it... Triple Crown Winner won't visit the White House
  3. the watchman

    hannity bizarre defense then apology of Roy Moore...try to make sense of it.

    Sean Hannity dismisses sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore - Business Insider so...did he misspeak and apologize for that...or , is he saying he didn't misspeak and was taken out of context, which begs the question...what's he apologizing for?
  4. PACE

    In a sense, he IS dead

    Harvard Law alumni directory lists Scaramucci as dead | Reuters
  5. vikingbeast

    "Covfefe" Made More Sense

    Dude! deadspin-quote-carrot-aligned-w-bgr-2
  6. BigLeRoy

    Do Trump Supporters Have NO Shame? No Sense of DECENCY??

    News item Number One: Russia is now arming the Taliban Top U.S. general in Afghanistan sees Russia sending weapons to Taliban | Reuters News item Number Two: The Taliban is KILLING American soldiers in Afghanistan. No need to link to the news reports on this; if you're not aware of it...
  7. GordonGecko

    Post-Trump-speech poll- 70% of those who watched had a sense of optimism.

    Donald Trump Shocks the World...Again, Sends Optimism Soaring In Post Speech Polling | RedState Now.....the fun part. It was a CNN poll. So, let's see the twists, turns, and SOMERSAULTS of the Trump fans here on this news story. Anybody need a guess as to their reaction? :)
  8. Rasselas

    Will Dems have the good sense to lay off Melania Trump?

    The knee-jerk reaction is to bash her in some way. Will Dems forbear to attack her?
  9. L

    Common Sense Gun Control

    If a business restricts the right of a citizen to defend itself, then the business is responsible for their safety, just as it should be. TENNESSEE SENATE BILL 1736: If a Theater, for example, forbids CCW, and something happens to the Gun Owner, the Theater is Legally Liable (including to and...
  10. heirtothewind

    The GOP has left no sense of decency

    ‘’You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?’’ With those words, Joseph Welsh, the lawyer for the Army, silenced Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954 and brought an end to the maniacal witch hunts that Republicans had condoned since 1950...
  11. T

    Does ISIS have a sense of humor?

    You read just a sampling of quotes from our nation’s current administration and alleged “leaders” of the free world and you want to cry. Yet, I think in between beheadings and slaughters some ISIS militants might check out the internet and actually have a good raucous laugh amongst themselves...
  12. T

    Trump security speech on Monday. Most common sense ever. Donald Trump's Full Speech on National Security/Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16) Lots of immigration issues discussed.
  13. libertariat720

    Gov. Brown Admits $15 Minimum Wage Does Not Make Economic Sense, Approves It Anyway

    Gov. Brown Admits $15 Minimum Wage Does Not Make Economic Sense, Approves It Anyway - Hit & Run : Jerry Brown: Bullshit. Heaven Help California?s Non-Urban Cities Under a $15 Minimum Wage - Hit & Run : Cut of some lyrics from a 1979 song referencing Jerry Brown...
  14. Amelia

    Public servants, in the best sense of the term

    Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has tutored these D.C. schoolkids for years Please don't turn this thread into bashing anybody or talking about politics. This thread is for examples of public officials doing good, especially the kind where they do it for 18 years without cameras...
  15. Monk-Eye

    Possessed Buy Electrical Sense Sing Phantom Emanations Bound Within Lines

    " Possessed Buy Electrical Sense Sing Phantom Emanations Bound Within Lines " * Absolute Individualism Infinitesimal Monad Surd Guided Cautiously Independent Statuette * Given a mean and extremes paradigm : one extreme may be ( I ) individualism and one extreme may be ( S ) statistism ...
  16. PACE

    Rand Paul is the only one making sense on foreign policy

    He's hitting it on the head. Regards Pace
  17. L

    Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation

    Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation Gun silencer legislation would make them cheaper and easier to buy - Oct. 23, 2015
  18. Sassy

    Did this police action make any sense?

    I don't know who to ask, so I will see what people here have to say. I called 911 after being badly bitten by a feral cat I was trying to befriend. I can't remember exactly what I wanted but it had to do with animal control. Maybe I thought they would try to catch him and then he has to...
  19. Sassy

    Trump makes NO SENSE on FP

    OMG! I sort of get that he is saying things that people want to hear. (listening to his PC now). But how do they not understand he has no actual solutions? He doesn't make ANY SENSE! We're going to have the strongest military in the world but never use it. Really? What about the plan to take...
  20. A

    Does It Make Sense?

    I've found this in the famous social network. And...It made me wonder. What is really strange- there is no information about this event in the Internet, besides this link AJKF and previously mentioned facebook page...