1. Blah

    Separation of Pelosi and State?

    Separation of Church and State... not if your the Queen of America and a Democrat. http://www.foxnews.c...ation-overhaul/
  2. michaelr

    Separation of church and state

    Can anyone show me where the constitution where the words "separation of church and state" exists???
  3. N

    separation of gubmint and business? Forget about it!

    This post gets better towards the end, so.... follow my logic for a minute.... INTERNAL REVENUE TAX AND AUDIT SERVICE (IRS) For Profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation Date 7/12/33 File No. 0325720 FEDERAL RESERVE ASSOCIATION (Federal Reserve) Non-profit Delaware Corporation...
  4. N

    separation of business and state!

    Look here folks, I'm on to something. Here's the concept: Impairing the obligation of contracts [/B] Now, I'm noticing, that this "Contract Clause" pertains to States, and not to the Federal Government! Hm.... Now, here's an interesting tidbit: Contract Clause - Wikipedia, the free...
  5. T

    Separation of Church and State

    What is the most important part of this "separation". Do you believe that It means tah t all religon shoud be verbotten, or do you believe that it has been talen too far, or do you beleive that those who believe are wrong if they interpret things by what they beleive. This open to discssion...
  6. J

    Separation of church and state

    Did the lawmakers intend for the Constitution of the United States to separate religion from the authority of the U. S. Government?
  7. J

    Separation of Church and State

    Separation of Church and State is Strange Is it strange that we have "In God We Trust" on our coins, a taxpayer funded Chaplain in the Senate, Biblical Quotations on the Supreme Court building, to name a few, and yet the display of the "Ten Commandments" is a violation of the separation of...
  8. J

    Separation of Church and State: True or False?

    Is the following true or false? The First Amendment prohibits Congress from establishing a national religion and from interfering in “the religious policy of individual states – including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire – that retained their colonial religious establishments.”...
  9. J

    Separation of Church and State

    Religion is not—much less is Christianity or any other particular system of religion—named in the preamble to the Constitution of the United States as one of the declared objects of government... --Board of Education of Cincinnati v. Minor (23 Ohio State Rep 211) (1872)
  10. J

    Separation of Church and State: What’s wrong with the following statement?

    Separation of Church and State: What’s wrong with the following statement? The Court distorts existing precedent to conclude that the school district's student-message program is invalid on its face under the Establishment Clause. But even more disturbing than its holding is the tone of the...
  11. C

    Romney tells truth on separation of church and state

    Mitt Romney dissembles at Anti-Globalism Blog I believe this to be basically an accurate critique. How can you be a member of a faith, and not have that guide your actions? It's part of your value system.
  12. R

    Separation of Church and State: Fact or Fiction?

    Over the past three decades an increase in debate over the five words "Separation of Church and State" has been increasingly ramped up due to pressure from America's religious and political right, as their agenda is to see that Christian theology play a vital role in the governing and in the...
  13. C

    Three degrees of Separation...

    Often times Americans look at their history as ancient history...when in the context of world history it is very, very young. Here is an example: 1st Degree Lemuel Cook (September 10, 1759 – May 20, 1866) was the last verifiable surviving veteran of the American Revolutionary War...
  14. C

    Separation of Church and state: For Christians only

    School to install foot baths for Muslims Students at a Michigan university have been washing their feet in bathroom sinks before prayers. Critics see preferential treatment. By P.J. Huffstutter, Times Staff Writer July 30, 2007 When Majed Afana needs to pray while attending classes at the...
  15. T

    Separation of Church and State

    I am confused as to how people can argue against US tax dollars from going to religions. The first act of Congress and the President was to establish the pay of Chaplins whom must be ordained priests. Therefore your tax money has gone to pay for religion ever since the beginning. I understand...