1. L

    Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroi

    Glenn Greenwald Sep. 11 2016, 8:59 a.m. ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER the 9/11 attack, while bodies were still buried in the rubble, George W. Bush demanded from Congress the legal authorization to use military force against those responsible for the attack, which everyone understood would start...
  2. aboutenough

    Pope says Mother Teresa to be made a saint on Sept. 4

    In this Aug. 25, 1993 file photo Mother Teresa, head of Missionaries of Charity, is photographed, in New Delhi, India. (AP) VATICAN CITY – Mother Teresa will be made a saint on Sept. 4. Pope Francis set the canonization date Tuesday, paving the way for the nun who cared for the poorest of the...
  3. Tedminator

    EU to put more sanctions on Russia by Sept 12

    European Union Pushes Forward With Tougher Sanctions on Russia SEPT. 11, 2014 BRUSSELS — European leaders agreed on Thursday to go ahead with additional economic sanctions meant to punish...
  4. LibSlayer

    New Audio: Clinton admits on Sept. 10, 2001 that he let Osama Bin Laden go!

    Bill Clinton admits a day before the infamous attack, that he could have killed Osama but decided not to. He, and anyone that supports the democrats, are as guilty for those 3,000 deaths as the terrorists who brought down the planes. It shows the love affair that liberals have with...
  5. michaelr

    TEXT-FOMC statement from Sept. 17-18 meeting

    TEXT-FOMC statement from Sept. 17-18 meeting Man these people sure can lie. Obama lost 10 million jobs, demand and confidence is in the tank....below the tank, home ownership is an 18 year low, and all the rest. Here is a complete sentence, and man is it a doozy... Are you fucking kidding me...
  6. GordonGecko

    Anybody believe GOP will "defund Obamacare" before their deadline of Sept. 30th?

    (Note: The deadline is self-imposed, as they say after the budget process...even with a will be "too late" to stop the full January implementation of the PPACA and little chance to ever repeal it after that) I vote no.
  7. GordonGecko

    End of Sept. fast approaching, and the House GOP still has no majority plan to defund

    Obamacare.... By Elise Viebeck - 09/12/13 04:25 PM ET Forty-three House Republicans on Thursday endorsed legislation that would keep the government open while defunding ObamaCare. The sponsorship total reveals that there is a significant bloc of opposition to a plan from GOP leaders...
  8. B

    Obama's "Syria" address to the Nation: Sept. 10, 2013

    Complete video: Transcription HERE. The speech was about 16 minutes in length. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be interested to see how this...
  9. B

    Sept. 22, 2013: German Parliamentary Elections

    The German national elections are coming up on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The first thing to understand about German elections is that it really is an indirect election for the Chancellor of the Republic, who currently is Angela Merkel (CDU). The election is for the membership in and control...
  10. B

    Bonncaruso's electoral landscape no. 4 - Sept. 29, 2012 (current events)

    Bonncaruso's Electoral Landscape: Obama vs. Romney September 29, 2012: Obama 332 / Romney 191 / Tossups 15 This is my fourth major electoral landscape prediction-output for the 2012 election. Electoral Landscape no. 1 was on July 15, 2012, which you can see HERE or HERE. Electoral...
  11. Koios

    Sept. 27: The Impact of the ‘47 Percent’

    Pretty interesting analysis, by Nate Silver ... Sept. 27: The Impact of the '47 Percent' -
  12. B

    Bonncaruso's electoral landscape no. 3 - Sept. 15, 2012

    The complete analysis is in the Library. It encompasses four postings and includes a new table I have not used yet in PH. For people who like to read numbers, this stuff is cool. Make sure you read the legend before the table. If you want to comment on the prediction, please make sure to read...
  13. Cicero

    After Sept. 11 and two wars, no way for GOP to defend tax cuts

    By Matt Miller, Published: September 10The Washington Post Among the many ways the United States went berserk after the September 11 attacks, the least remarked upon, but most morally revealing, is what happened to Republican thinking about taxes during wartime. Since that awful morning...
  14. (I) Doomsday

    If someone told you WW3 would start between Sept 1st & Jan 31st... would you believe?

    If someone told you WW3 would start between Sept 1st & Jan 31st... would you believe them?
  15. jackalope

    GOP debate - Thurs Sept 22 - Who's watching?

    This week's debate has an additional candidate - Gary Johnson was a late addition to the roster. Also, I didn't know Google was co-sponsoring the debate. Interesting. Tonight is the Fox/Google/Florida Republican Party GOP debate in Florida. Brett Baier will be moderate, and Megyn Kelly...
  16. P

    Israel Livid: Russia Officially Will Back Back Palestine's Bid For Statehood Sept 20

    Jews and Zionists are livid and are probably frothing at the mouth of any nation or party who dares to recognise the Palestinian state. Norway's ruling party Labour Party had backed Palestinian statehood and signed and official document recognising the Palestinian ambassador. Medvedev and Russia...
  17. jackalope

    GOP debate - Mon Sept 12 - Who's watching?

    Same candidates participating as participated in last week's NBC/Politico debate at the Reagan Library (took Politico's pic, b/c CNN doesn't have a pic with all the candidates ... ) Tonight is the CNN/Tea Party Express GOP debate in Florida. Who's watching? Social Security marks the battle...
  18. jackalope

    The day before everything changed - Sept 10, 2001

    Someone on the board was asking in one of the threads what the news was covering right before the planes struck. Just saw a blurb on what was in the news the day before 9/11/01: edit: I'm reading the larger linked story, it's about what was in the newspapers the day OF September 11, and...
  19. jackalope

    GOP debate - Wed Sept 7 - Who's watching? I'm watching. Probably live. Want to see what all they Perry hype is about =)
  20. jackalope

    Leon Panetta Tours Sept 11 Memorial Park,Says Threat Of Another Terrorist Attack Real

    Haven't heard much lately about the threat of another large attack still being a very real threat. Wonder what's up?