1. Loki

    Small Mistake, Big Money. Shameful admission

    How many can think fit that description? I'll get it started- Spain built a submarine, however, due to a decimal point, it could sink, but not rise. Not truly a submarine. They had to add 10 feet to the snout. Whoops. Then there is France. They had spanking new trains made. Beautiful...
  2. the watchman

    trump's obscene "victims of Obamacare" moment shameful lies using kids as props. is the the type of message our president should be delivering in front of kids? In fact, why the hell are their parents presenting them as "victims"? They aren't victims. They are just the kids of parents struggling...
  3. G

    CNN Host Rips Trump for Floating ‘Shameful’ Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory

    CNN Host Rips Trump for Floating ‘Shameful’ Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory ‘Untethered to Reality’ CNN host Jake Tapper delivered a scathing monologue Tuesday afternoon aimed at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for floating a decades-old conspiracy theory about the death of a...
  4. Howey

    Nancy Reagan's Shameful Legacy

    Shared, of course, with her husband - their willful ignorance has the blood of hundreds of thousands of gay men and IV drug users on their hands.
  5. Friday13

    This is Shameful and 'Law Enforcement' is at Fault

    This man has spent 28 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. His accuser said she 'saw him in a dream', police destroyed the evidence that would have proved his innocence, and now the man originally identified by the victim has confessed. New trial for man jailed 28 years after...
  6. B

    A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt

    A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt - Rich Lowry - POLITICO Magazine libs... flummoxed by,well, pretty much everything.
  7. Cotton2226

    It's shameful and appalling what some here are saying about Nelson Mandela!

    Nelson believed that people who hate can love... obviously he never visited PH.
  8. M

    Shameful Fox News Producer Coaches Crowd

    A Fox News producer encourages audience to make more noise during an interview with Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins. Obviously she did it to make the 9/12 people look bigger and madder than they really were, but we will leave it for Republicans to spin...
  9. L

    Was Iraq the most shameful chapter in our history?

    This is an excerpt fron an article published in The Guardian. Is this an over-reaction, or indeed, the darkest chapter in our island's history? I remember when we had a day off from school to march against the invasion of Iraq, together with...
  10. M

    Ron Paul Cosponsors Bill to End Shameful Practice - Combat Veterans Debt Elimination

    Washington, DC -- Congressman Ron Paul has signed on as a cosponsor of legislation that would prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from collecting certain debts owed to the United States by members of the Armed Forces and veterans who die as a result of an injury incurred or aggravated on...
  11. R

    Shades of shameful past in anti-immigrant agenda

    By Peter Schrag Article Launched: 12/31/2007 01:38:55 AM PST Who said this? "Immigration to this country is increasing and is making its greatest relative increase from races most alien to the body of the American people and from the lowest and most illiterate classes among those...
  12. B

    The Shameful Smoking Gun: Extraordinary Rendition

    Source: The Blotter: CIA Rendition: The Smoking Gun Cable It's this sort of shameful suspension of basic human rights in the name of expediency that has earned the US nonstop and well deserved criticism. Torture. Rendition. What next in the name of freedom and security?
  13. D

    Shameful Photo-Op After Shameful Veto

    The following article contains the details surrounding Bush's latest deep six of vital stem cell research. From all of us who this research could potentially benefit I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the POTUS for kicking us in the groin once again. Isn't that a cute baby he is...