1. Singularity

    Russian shill Marine Le Pen blasts Trump for reversal on NATO

    Embecile! Zis was not part of ze plan, Don-ahld! Le Pen criticizes Trump's new found NATO stance -
  2. B

    Conservative shill HuffPo ragging on Hillary

    Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating - Polls - HuffPost Pollster Currently tracking 291 polls from 35 pollsters UNFAVORABLE: 52.3% FAVORABLE: 41.1% The whole Dem field catching up, leads over GOP field shrinking daily, favorability down the shitter, new revelatioons on her emails fuck up almost...
  3. Ronin Tetsuro

    Diary of an Israeli Shill So I ask you. Does this sound like anyone YOU know on
  4. Telecaster

    Think Rush Limbaugh is a GOP shill? Think again.

    Today's Limbaugh monologue reminded me of all the times his critics have accused him of being a Republican tool. I've heard him rip the GOP many times, and here is another example. In his own words he is a conservative, not a Republican. Just thought you all should know for the next time you...
  5. O

    another neocon shill for AG

    Introducing.... Mike Mukasey, Yale Graduate and current advisor to Rudy Ghouliani. Bush says Mukasey "knows what it takes to fight terrorism". I feel so reassured!