1. BDBoop

    Does he have to utterly lose his shit in public though

    Some days are worse than others, but it seems like every time he knows there are tapes, you can almost picture the straitjacket. But her emails. Does everybody still think this is in the realm of normal, that the 25th isn't looming based on his behavior? Billboard It's not just you...
  2. DebateDrone

    Holy Shit! Is Trump's Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Drunk on Live TV! ?

    Watch his interview on ABC's This Week With George Stehanopoulos. Wild hand gestures. Slurred speech. Glassy red eyes. Watch the complete interview. Kudlow: The White House never anticipated a trade deal between U.S. and China...
  3. D

    Why you should give a shit about Trump’s tariffs, explained by an economic historian

    Why you should give a shit about Trump’s tariffs, explained by an economic historian “In a trade war, everybody loses and nobody wins.” By Sean Illing ==================================================== Trump needs to open his mind well enough to understand the ramifications of his...
  4. L

    Sheriff Caught Saying 'I Love This Shit' After Cops Shoot an Unarmed Man

    Clio Chang Yesterday 2:59pm Oddie Shoupe, a Tennessee sheriff, is being sued for excessive force after a body camera caught him saying, “I love this shit. God, I tell you what, I thrive on it,” after officers shot and killed Michael Dial, an unarmed man, in his car. Dial’s widow, Robyn...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    UT man beats the shit out of a woman, instructs her toddler to "stab mommy again"

    This just happens to be a story which had a 'hook' that made the news. Grotesque misogyny with a 'punch'. Think of all the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of domestic abuse cases which don't have a hook and don't make it into the news or on any boards like this. Before the WINGER crowd comes in and...
  6. BYG Jacob

    Eat sh*t roy moore

  7. cpicturetaker12

    Same shit, different day: Another vote to repeal "ObamaCare"

    What are they going to try next? GOP unveils bill to block-grant major parts of Affordable Care Act Andrew Harnik / AP From left, Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., hold a news conference on Capitol Hill in...
  8. PACE

    Facebook has a bit of shit on their shoes,
  9. knight

    Oh holy shit... Two birds with one stone here...I get to bitch slap religion and show that righties are still obsessed with President Obama. The trumpaloopa brigade should be funny in this thread.
  10. The Man

    So sick of this shit...

    Moscow businessman shot dead when jogging in park Also: No shred of evidence: ICR investigates into murder of Crocus City oceanarium co-owner Chernov Oceanarium at Crocus City, Moscow's biggest mall (the white block building on bottom right) It features a huge aquarium (biggest in Russia...
  11. jacobfitcher

    ‘So Fuckin’ Sorry To Hear About This Shit,’ Reads Outpouring Of Sympathetic Texts Fro

    WASHINGTON—Following his abrupt dismissal just 10 days after being named White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci reportedly received an outpouring of sympathetic texts Monday from friends and family expressing that they were “so fuckin’ sorry to hear about this shit.” “My deepest...
  12. Davocrat

    All this shit going on and 45 wants to privatize air traffic control

    1) Priorities, anyone?! 2) The US currently enjoys pretty safe air travel: 3) Does anyone doubt 45 has some financial interest in this? ++++++++++++ President Donald Trump is laying out his...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    The LITTLE SHIT NUNES who blabbed to Trump was on Trump's transition team!!!!!

    I didn't know that. So the little POS CA congressman given a plumb job and committee BLOWS IT! For political POINTS. Is he getting some perqs from Trump? Does he get to Mar-a-Lago? Did he get him women? He needs his ass yanked off that committee. They're going to fight like hell AN...
  14. vikingbeast

    Trump's in the Shit I close my mind,* but only for this moment that their ass got conned All my dreams pass before my colon, a viscosity Trump's in the shit If there's a God, Trump's in some shit Same old squat, just more fertilizer from and endless squeeze All...
  15. C

    Why should Atheists give a shit about Theists?

    It all comes down to politics. Were politics not infused with religious ideology, I would not give so much as a single shit what any individual's personal theology was. We could live, and let live. I like blue, you like red, mix nox. However, when governments create, and are encouraged to...
  16. Monk-Eye

    Dear Ear Dog Again , You Are A Dip Shit , Your Friend Moscow

    " Dear Ear Dog Again , You Are A Dip Shit , Your Friend Moscow " * Make King It Clear * Do you support russia to sustain as sad ? Do you support turkey to depose as sad ? Do you support russia to sustain ear dog again ? Any other comments are welcome . An interesting comment might be , it...
  17. libertariat720

    Jason Chaffetz ain't dropping shit

    Representative Chaffetz said that the Clinton e-mail probe was not political targeting, and the his investigation into the matter is not over. Probe away Jason, probe away. Chaffetz: Clinton probe ?wasn?t political targeting? | TheHill
  18. cpicturetaker12

    HOLY SHIT!! PENCE plane hard lands in NY. PILOT on the run from the law

    BREAKING: OKAY, we've got another FUCKING CRAZY STORY. Pence's plane went off the runway a little while ago. Landed, hard landed, bam--stopped dead PARALLEL to a road. Cars driving past. Gas station in full view. EVERYONE IS FINE!! 2ND HARD LANDING TO MAKE THE NEWS, apparently from...
  19. C

    Trump even lies about stupid shit that there is no reason to lie about

    So, one of Trump's more outrageous claims tonight was that there were Muslims who knew saw bombs all around the house of the San Bernadino shooters. In fact, while the police found several pipe bombs in their garage, there has been no report of anyone else actually seeing such, or of...
  20. C

    Obama responsible for shit that happened before he was even president?!?!?

    I ca't find the raw video for this, but the Wolf Blitzer video is embedded in this tweet: Someone really should explain to Trump's spokespeople that Khan died before Obama took office. Trying to blame him, on national...