1. bajisima

    Four dead in Canadian shooting

    Whats with New Brunswick? Wasnt there another shooting there a bit back? Canadian police say a suspect is in custody after at least four people - two of them police officers - were killed in a shooting in the eastern city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. The city police confirmed the...
  2. Friday13

    Paper Faces Contempt for Story on School Shooting Suspect

    Transparency is now "contempt"? The public, and especially the victims' families, deserve to know these 'details'. Paper Faces Contempt for Story on School Shooting Suspect
  3. bajisima

    Las Vegas hotel sues shooting victims

    This is screwy legal mumbo jumbo. The owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against more than 1,000 victims of a mass shooting that killed 58 people in 2017. The MGM Resorts International's lawsuit does not seek money and appears to be a judicial bid to avoid...
  4. Goofball

    Fake News "journalists" falsely blame Trump for Annapolis shooting.

    And they wonder why America considers them to be a joke.
  5. Goofball

    Today's shooting has nothing to do with Trump or politics.

    Sorry will have to wait for the next tragedy to politicize.
  6. M

    Newsroom shooting

    Multiple fatalities per Baltimore Sun. Annapolis Md. Suspect in custody, threat believed to be over. Shooting occurred at Capital Gazette newspaper.
  7. John T Ford

    Officer Charged in Shooting Death of Antwon Rose

    A Pennsylvania police officer was charged with one count of criminal homicide in the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy in East Pittsburgh who was fleeing a traffic stop, according to court records released Wednesday. Pennsylvania police officer charged in shooting death of Antwon Rose | Fox...
  8. gamewell45

    Mass Shooting At New Jersey Arts Festival

    A mass shooting occurred this morning at the New Jersey Arts Festival leaving one dead and 17 injured. The gunman was reportedly shot dead by police on the scene. One person was killed and at least 17 people were shot early Sunday morning at an all-night arts festival in Trenton in what may...
  9. KnotaFrayed

    You want open carry? Police want to be protected from shooting you.....

    Not sure how this is even thought of, but in a nation where some people want to be able to carry arms openly, many of the same people may also be the ones that support the suggestion, as this appears to, that law enforcement should be able to, without accountability to themselves, shoot you...
  10. T

    Trump ahead of visit with Texas shooting survivors: We are going to have a little fun

    Absolutely and totally clueless, among a myriad of other things. That is my assessment of Turmp overall, and in particular this occasion. Indeed, on his way to meet family of children killed in a school shooting, Trump takes a moment to say they are going to have a little fun. Really...
  11. Southern Dad

    The Fatal Shooting of Marcus-David Peters by Richmond Police

    The police released the body cam video of this officer involved shooting.
  12. DemoWhip

    Teen, adult taken to hospitals after shooting at Indiana middle school

    Teen, adult taken to hospitals after shooting at Indiana middle school By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== The American Bloodbath continues! WASHINGTON and STATES: When are you finally going to come to your senses and enact strong gun control...
  13. DemoWhip

    Houston police chief battles NRA in vicious Twitter feud amid school shooting fallout

    Houston police chief battles NRA in vicious Twitter feud amid school shooting fallout By EVAN MCMURRY ==================================================== Chief Art Acevedo is correct in what he says. He obviously cares more about the safety of school children and citizens, just as...
  14. bajisima

    NH teachers could get 100K if they die in a school shooting

    School shootings in this country are becoming so depressingly common that lawmakers in New Hampshire just passed a bill that would give the state's teachers a $100,000 death benefit if they're "killed in the line of duty" -- a phrase generally used when talking about police or firefighters...
  15. carpe diem

    Major Networks ignore school shooting

    There was a school shooting Wednesday the 16th. Most people did not hear about this because it doesn't fit the Major Networks and the liberal/progressives narrative. 19 year old with a gun starts shooting and an armed officer takes him down immediately. Dixon High School Shooting: Officer...
  16. Two If By Tea

    Oh my Gosh another School Shooting... yet again

    First off can we all take a moment of silence... Offering Thoughts and Prayers
  17. Crusher

    The Truth vs. What the Media Reports - Santa Fe Shooting (Video) ^^^ That is what responsible and professional journalism looks like. So many people have forgotten; it's refreshing to see a professional do the job right. Thank you Tiffany Craig. The guns were a shotgun and .38 Revolver (6 shooter)...
  18. Friday13

    Georgia high school shooting leaves 1 dead, two hurt, police say

    Two in one day...more "winning" for tRumpmerica....more losing for America. Georgia high school shooting leaves 1 dead, two hurt, police say
  19. Devil505

    Today's school shooting is not a gun control law issue

    Other than legislating much stricter laws for securing your guns, I see no legislative solution to this type of tragic incidence. Limitting accès to military weapons, on the other hand, will save innocent lives.
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Man wearing a gun & Trump hat, bearing a flag was at TX school shooting to "MAGA"..

    He was there to make America Great again by offering his support. Brilliant. Put this fool in the middle of the chaos of a school shooting. Funny thing is, no one STOPPED HIM! Imagine if he had been brown or black? ​Man carrying American flag, sidearm approached Texas school after...