1. D

    4-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old cousin; grandfather arrested: Au

    4-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old cousin; grandfather arrested: Authorities By JULIA JACOBO ################################################################################ Once again we have yet another tragedy happen in these United States concerning the taking...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Angry RACIST shoots a white guy defending a BLACK MAN from harrassment.

    So we have a new model for racial violence? Shooting black men by proxy? I haven't seen this version before. Angry racist fatally shot a white man who defended a black friend from being harassed: police BRAD REED 23 JUL 2018 AT 09:44 ET n angry racist this weekend...
  3. bajisima

    Gunman shoots 14 in Toronto, 2 dead

    A gunman opened fire on a Toronto street filled with people in restaurants late on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 12 others, including a young girl, authorities said. The suspected shooter was later found dead. The young girl was in a critical condition, Toronto Police Chief Mark...
  4. aboutenough

    Pastor shoots armed carjacker hours after Sunday sermon

    A Washington state pastor fatally shot an armed carjacker in a Walmart parking lot — hours after delivering an impassioned sermon about stepping in to help others, reports said. David George, pastor of the Assembly of God Church in Oakville, Wash., was standing in the checkout line of an area...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Florida man who killed four kids during standoff got a gun despite domestic violence

    Holed up most of yesterday, a cop was called out on a domestic disturbance in Orlando with 4 kids being held hostage--he took a shot at the cop. Police didn't know if the kids were alive when I saw it last night. He shot all 4 kids and himself. He has a long rap sheet including several...
  6. B

    Woman shoots husband for beating cat

    I'm really not sure what I'd do. I know I'd do my damnedest to stop him. My mom El Kabong'ed my dad with a cast iron skillet once - he was threatening to take my baby sister on a road trip while he was drunk on his ass. Star Telegram What would you have done in her shoes?
  7. Davocrat

    How do you stop a good dancer with a gun? FBI agent accidentally shoots patron

    Personally, I think the agent should lose his job and face a big fine for injuring someone with his weapon. A couple weeks in jail might be nice, too. ------------------------------------------- An off-duty FBI agent's gun went off accidentally while he was dancing at a nightclub in Denver...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    3 year old accidentally shoots her pregnant mother in the car

    Were you playing with Daddy's gun?': New details on 3-year-old's shooting pregnant mom By MEGHAN KENEALLY Apr 20, 2018, 2:05 PM ET Rob Earnshaw/The Times via AP The 21-year-old father of the 3-year-old girl who accidentally shot her pregnant mother faces felony charges for allegedly...
  9. D

    Mother accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old daughter: Police

    Mother accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old daughter: Police By Mark Osborne ==================================================== Hey Gun-Loving Republicans -- There's Another One For You. Keep On Worshiping Deadly Weapons!
  10. D

    3-year-old girl accidentally shoots pregnant mother from backseat of car: Police

    3-year-old girl accidentally shoots pregnant mother from backseat of car: Police By Emily Shapiro ==================================================== Guns! Guns! Yet another senseless tragedy committed with a gun. When will parents ever learn not to even have a gun around...
  11. bajisima

    Flat earther shoots himself into the air to prove Earth is flat

    What struck me about this is, who knew it was legal to build a rocket and launch it by yourself??? A self-taught rocket scientist who believes the Earth is flat and wants to run for California governor shot himself up about 1,875 feet in the air in his homemade rocket on Saturday. “Mad”...
  12. Eve1

    Man shoots himself in front of White House

    A man shoots himself in front of White House and the WH is put on lockdown. Nobody else hurt, it appears it was an old fashioned suicide or at least suicide attempt but he did it in front of the people's house. He was taken to hospital, he may or may not still be alive. No updates immediately...
  13. Friday13

    Trump shoots down another bipartisan immigration bill

    It doesn't include $25 Billion for his ridiculous wall... Bipartisan immigration bill surfaces (Mon 2/5), Trump knocks it down
  14. PACE

    deputy fatally shoots 16 year old in courtroom during altercation this is a shit stain on the sheriff's shoes.
  15. cpicturetaker12

    LMAO! Road rager in FLA pulls out gun & accidentally shoots himself!

    TOO FUCKING BAD he didn't finish the job. Only in my state... PS And read the highlighted sentence! WTF not?? Florida man accidentally shoots himself during road rage incident TRAVIS GETTYS 27 NOV 2017 AT 10:24 ET Angry businessman road rage (Shutterstock) DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Packing MI TODDLER shoots 2 toddlers before gun is torn from his cold tiny hands

    2 little kids SHOT. They were both upgraded from CRITICAL. Thank God. An NRA member in training pants?? I'll remind people, MY STATE doesn't allow pediatricians to ask if there are guns in the home. Wonder if the home also serves as a daycare center if pediatricians are allowed to ask...
  17. Macduff

    Man shoots neighbor trying to drown his children Now the District Attorney is considering filing charges against Freeman. That's crazy. The man is a hero.
  18. Djinn

    Shopper Shoots at Robber - Hits Security Guard

    Source - Philadelphia Inquirer "Not expected to face charges." Not sure I agree with this. The robber did not have any sort of gun - or even a bladed weapon. No lives were in jeopardy. And IMO, if you take out a gun and pull the trigger, you are responsible for wherever the bullet winds up...
  19. Snikitz

    Passerby shoots, kills motorist assaulting deputy after traffic stop.

    This is what we need - make the shooter a national hero. Passerby shoots, kills motorist assaulting deputy after traffic stop | Fox News
  20. Madeline

    Elder Shoots Neighbors At Elder Housing Facility

    Wyoming senior resident 'shot 3 people before himself over poker game dispute' | Daily Mail Online Seems to me, this population presents some unique 2nd Amendment challenges. What say you? Should advanced age, alone, warrant closer scrutiny of gun ownership?