1. cpicturetaker12

    PENCE throws red meat in AZ, shout out to ARAPIO & "Yes, we'll build that WALL"

    Sycophantic gushing to Joe Arapio last night, praising him to the "heavens". Crowd shouts build that wall. Pence, "yeah, we'll build that wall." Even REPS are ripping on PENCE!!
  2. Ginger

    GOP strategists shout down CNN’s Jeff Zucker

    “Bullshit!”: GOP strategists shout down CNN’s Jeff Zucker defending Trump coverage CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — On Wednesday November 30, almost every campaign strategist from the 2016 election - most unsuccessful - were in one room, listening to CNN president Jeff Zucker’s attempt to explain...
  3. B

    WATCH: Following Moment Of Silence, Democrats Shout Down Speaker Ryan

    WATCH: Following Moment Of Silence, Democrats Shout Down Speaker Ryan : The Two-Way : NPR Nasty ass man.
  4. M

    What will Donald Trump shout about now

    that he has finally peaked in the polls....and is actually losing support ? Seems to me he has been nothing more then a carnival barker about "Polls" What will he shriek about now ? Carson is surging and Fiorina is at a steady climb (I think she could be the Democrats worst nightmare).
  5. lucyflyinginthesky

    Christians shout down Muslim kids singing National Anthem at rally: ‘Islam is a lie' The so-called "Christian" group should be ashamed of themselves. To shout down kids who are singing the national anthem in Texas is the height of cowardice, bullying, and disrespect. Religious freedom certainly means that human beings have the...
  6. jackalope

    NY Beat Cops shout down Lynch - "We don't want an apology, we want better equipment!"

    That Lynch guy sure sounds like an asshole. A thug, really.
  7. R

    I say we have a SHOUT OUT for Cops and Firemen!

    I am not trying to deflect from the problems going on in Fergusson, MO, in ANY WAY, but...let's take a moment on our own to shout out our appreciation for public servants who courageously put their asses on the line for their fellow Citizens. I will start: HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT AT THE TOP...
  8. R

    A shout out for Lane Kiffin!

    ROFLMAO!!!!! HAHahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Could not have happened to a more deserving person! But, fortunately for Kitten, he's going to land on his feet. I hear he already has an offer from Tarmac Middle School in South Dakota.
  9. meridian5455

    Egyptians shout 'Monica!' at Clinton

    Protests as Clinton holds meetings in Egypt - :highly_amused: Damn that's funny!
  10. nonsqtr

    shout out to the righties

    Hey righties, what's up? Um... I've been questioning fundamental assumptions a lot lately. Yours, mostly. That's what I've been doing here, not trying to tell you you're wrong, just questioning the fundamental assumptions that go into your models (economic models, mostly, but political models...
  11. Koios

    Shout out from the Peoples Republic of Seattle

    A big hey howdy to all ya'll from a shameless Liberal. I look forward to kibitzing. Short bio: raised Republican but have grown out of that group-think mindset. Now dyed-in-the-wool Dem. Thus none too pleased with Obama, a Rep in Dem drag, IMO.
  12. V

    Liberal Protestors Terrorize Trig Palin At Phoenix Rally: Shout "Go Home","You Stink"

    What utter disrespect to do this. This clearly shows the blind hatred and diseased brains the liberals ate afflicted with. Do you people approve of something like this? Code Pink was there at the Tea Party Phoenix rally. Palin is not running for anything so why are these people so uptight at her...
  13. kmiller1610

    Shout out to the Yemeni government

    Keep it up guys. Whatever the reasons and whomever gets the credit, when countries police their own terror issues, it's better for everyone involved.