1. Friday13

    FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station

    "Temporary" is, at least, a beginning. Alex Jones: Pariah. FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station Twitter suspends conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week
  2. bajisima

    Border Patrol shuts down highways in NH and Maine

    This is becoming a weekly thing.. For 11 hours on Wednesday, drivers who wanted to travel through a remote stretch of northern Maine were asked a simple question: Where were you born? Border Patrol agents closed off all southbound lanes of Interstate 95 north of Bangor, Me., stopping...
  3. D

    88-year-old granny shuts down her son’s casual homophobia with two sentences

    88-year-old granny shuts down her son’s casual homophobia with two sentences By Alex Bollinger ==================================================== Great KUDOS to the Grandmother for her wisdom and respect for others. Sure wish younger people were that smart and able to grasp her...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA--Trump DATA FIRM (Bannon/Mercer) shuts down operations overnight

    Seems it has been "shedding clients" after the video bragging about it's expertise in MANIPULATING DEMOCRACIES. THEN the disclosure of "ILLEGAL" use of FB data causes it to shut it's doors without warning. Let's hope MUELLER got everything he might need from it. I HOPE BANNON is invested and...
  5. T

    Trump administration expels 60 Russian officers, shuts Seattle consulate in response

    Way to go Trump! Striking at the very heart of the Russian diplomatic mission, Trump closes, the, um Seattle Russian Consulate. This apparently after finding out Bismark did not have a consulate. Seattle? Way to take a stand tough guy...
  6. R

    People will die if the Government shuts down

    According to Diane Feinstein. Who believes this is true?
  7. D

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg shuts down Gorsuch's extremist mansplaining with one sentence

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg shuts down Gorsuch's extremist mansplaining with one sentence By Joan McCarter ---------------------------------------- Ah, leave it to still wet behind the ears Coarsey Gorsey to put his foot in his mouth. That's why...
  8. D

    Spicer Shuts Down Press Briefing Following Questions About His International Incident

    There's an old but true saying: "If You Can't Stand the Heat Get Out Of the Kitchen!" Sure appears as if this is the case with Spicer! ----------------------------------------...
  9. Goofball

    Clinton Global Initiative shuts down.

    As I said long ago, once Hillary lost and she could no longer sell access to her as a high ranking Govt official, donations to the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund would dry up. Rogue regimes from around the world who routinely kill gays, and suppress women will have to find another buddy now...
  10. thrilling

    Comedian Shuts Down Heckler Cop After Joke About Police Violence
  11. texmaster

    Anti Gay/Anti conservative Twitter shuts down Gays for Trump 20 minutes before live

    No surprise of course since Twitter has a history of bigotry and hate against conservatives Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter once more just 20 minutes before his “Gays for Trump” event takes place at the Republican National Convention.The justification for...
  12. meridian5455

    Major liberal PR firm shuts down over charges of sexual harassment and assault

    Bad news for Dems indeed as FitzGibbon Media — a major public relations firm with a who’s who list of liberal clients — abruptly shut its doors yesterday amid accusations that the firm’s founder and president, Trevor FitzGibbon, sexually harassed and assaulted numerous women at the firm. The...
  13. meridian5455

    France shuts mosque, arrests man in crackdown after attacks

    PARIS (Reuters) - Police shut a mosque east of Paris and arrested the owner of a revolver found in related raids on Wednesday as part of a crackdown called after the Nov. 13 attacks on the capital, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said. He told journalists authorities had...
  14. PACE

    Anonymous shuts down KKK websites

    "you mad bro?" Anonymous Member Responds To Woman Being Harrassed Online And Shuts Down KKK Websites ? Hacked News
  15. MaryAnne

    Bernie Shuts Mitchell Down

    The first 4 questions to Bernie from Andrea was about Hillary's email. The last one was some one called Hillary a liar. What is the word that comes to mind when you think of her. Bernie shut her down by saying he had known Hillary for 25 years and found her to be honorable. He then told...
  16. Minotaur

    Benghazi Panel Shuts Down After Announcing The Smoking Gun

    Boehner announces the disbanding of the committee noting in part: "While this panel of republicans have had access to the sensitive government emails Clinton sent it came to our attention she used her private email for less sensitive information. Upon serving a subpoena for her private emails...
  17. BDBoop

    Seth Myers shuts up Ted Cruz with one simple question :welcoming:
  18. bajisima

    CDC shuts down some its own labs

    The CDC announced today it will close some of its labs temporarily and crack down on others after several embarrassing and dangerous mix ups. One involved Anthrax and another a close call with smallpox. CDC directors has imposed an immediate moratorium on all biologic shipments until the...
  19. PapaBull

    Obama shuts down the Ocean - maybe he'll shut down the moon and stars next.

    In an effort to prove he's even more of a spoiled brat than republicans have ever accused him of being, our pouting, foot stomping, hissy fit throwing president is telling park service personnel to make life as difficult as possible for people and ordering charter boat captains out of 1100...
  20. J

    Obama Shuts Down Ocean; moon and stars may be next

    Barack Obama in his increasingly humorus role as Pretend President, has shut down the ocean off Florida. Speculation is that the move is in retaliation for the George Zimmerman acquittal. Word is that Obama has ordered his staff to look for ways to restrict usage of the moon (or at the very...