1. B

    Shuttle Diplomacy all over...

    In this thread: I said: "So, I suspect there will be a flurry of activity in the Congress - starting even this week behind the scenes, with lots of wheeling and dealing." It has begun: Kerry, Hagel to testify at U.S...
  2. R

    New Challenger Video: Super 8 Film Of Space Shuttle Disaster Uncovered

    Rare film of the 1986 Challenger explosion, taken by Jeffrey Ault of Orange City, Fla., has emerged. It is perhaps the only amateur recording of the event on film, and online it has been made available exclusively to The Huffington Post. New Challenger Video: Super 8 Film Of Space Shuttle...
  3. Oscar99

    Herman Cain condemns Obama for cancelling the Space Shuttle program

    Cain criticizes Obama on space exploration - Yahoo! News funny thing is, it was done by Bush...not Obama. sorry Cain, but you iz an idiot. :)
  4. jackalope

    Tamron Hall Gut Check: Should Hertz have suspended Muslim “airport shuttle bus driver

    Tamron Hall on MSNBC's News Nation does a 'Gut Check' question each day. Today's question is, should these Muslim drivers have been suspended?
  5. M

    Shuttle Wreckage Found in East Texas Lake

    BBC News - Columbia shuttle debris found in drought-stricken lake My town made the news. This has been a long and arduous drought. It even put me in the hospital for a few hours after a soccer game due to heat exhaustion. I suppose this is at least something to take our mind off the heat.
  6. Ronin Tetsuro

    Perry ignorantly blames Obama for end of NASA Shuttle program

    Obama actually extended the program by two flights after the Bush Admin decided to shut the program down. Oh, yes. This article is from the paper of record in the liberal stronghold of Dallas, TX. Perry launches on Obama for cutting NASA | Trail Blazers Blog |
  7. R

    Final Shuttle Landing at 5:56 ET

    Shuttle landing in about 16 minutes.
  8. R

    Shuttle Launch Photo

    Way cool. click on photo.
  9. N

    new Space Shuttle snafu

    BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Nasa considers shuttle shelf-life You can't make this stuff up! So, here's the sitch: NASA has already started phasing out shuttle flights. The Russians were supposed to be flyin' Soyuz's up to the space station till 2015. 'Course now, there's a little...
  10. N

    Shuttle launch delayed until July

    NASA managers delay the space shuttle Discovery's launch from May until at least July 1 while engineers replace four fuel-level sensors in the shuttle's external tank. Read more...