1. bajisima

    Key red state democrat sides with Trump on border wall funding

    One of the most vulnerable Democratic senators said he supports giving President Donald Trump billions of dollars for his border wall — a sharp break from the rest of the party planning to spurn Trump's wall in spending negotiations this fall. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), who is facing a new...
  2. Chief

    Mueller uncovering foreign influence peddling on both sides’s-digging-exposes-culture-of-foreign-lobbying-and-its-big-paydays/ar-BBLnHQU?ocid=spartandhp I want to know who's selling us down the river. I'm not fine with it from anyone or any party. Don't you all want to know too? This is why this...
  3. The Man

    US sides with Russia vs. Ukraine

    At WTO: Much more: US sides with Russia in WTO national security case against Ukraine :D
  4. The Man

    Pacific: Russia playing all sides

    Was just reading two interesting articles. More: China Is Sending Some of Its Most Deadly Bombers and Fighter Jets to Train in Russia At the same time: More: RUSSIA WANTS TO BUILD A RAIL BRIDGE TO JAPAN, LINKING TOKYO TO EUROPE So, basically, Putin maintains a military alliance...
  5. RNG

    Congress wilts, sides with Xi

    Why not just put up microphones with a direct feed to the Chinese military at military installations? Did Xi say he'd start selling off US bonds?
  6. aboutenough

    Court sides with fireman fired for his faith

    A recent ruling by the highest court in The Evergreen State is being viewed as an important reminder of First Amendment principles. The Washington Supreme Court ruled on Thursday (Jan. 25) in favor of a former Spokane fire captain who was fired for refusing to self-censor his religious...
  7. bajisima

    Voter enthusiasm is turbo charged on both sides

    Mid terms might actually be exciting for once! Voters in both parties are already fired up and ready to cast their ballots in November. Donald Trump is a big reason why. The Democratic wave is building: Voters who say they intend to support the Democratic candidate in their congressional...
  8. Dr.Knuckles

    How are all three sides happy with NAFTA progress?

    Within the last 24 hours, a beaming Canadian foreign affairs Minister happily predicted a new NAFTA deal to be complete within a week. Mexican officials went on record saying “this could happen in as little as three days. They said so looking genuinely proud. Trump himself announced that things...
  9. Blueneck

    Supreme Court sides with immigrant felons

    There's going to be some serious pissed off going on over at Fox News.
  10. bajisima

    Federal judge sides with GOP over PA gerrymandering

    Very different ruling than the gerrymandering case in NC. A panel of federal judges Wednesday effectively upheld Pennsylvania’s often-criticized congressional district map, declining to take up a novel challenge that sought to have it declared unconstitutional as gerrymandered to favor the...
  11. John T Ford

    Order to Stop Trump's Pick for CFPB is Denied

    In a victory for the Trump White House, a temporary restraining order to halt the president's pick for acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP), Mick Mulvaney, was denied by a judge Tuesday afternoon. Judge Timothy Kelly ruled in favor of Trump in his effort to...
  12. Minotaur

    Remove Politics But Add Both Sides: How Are You?

    I know that on a political board no one should expect anything but political debate but just for this moment in time and this post: Seriously - NO POLITICS if you political addicts can do that. Are you down about the non-stop chaos of disasters and mass killers attacking innocent people? I...
  13. the watchman

    Sessions says free speech rights are 'under attack' . But he sides with Trump/

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed the Justice Department into a roiling culture war on Tuesday with a fierce defense of free speech on college campuses — even as he sided with President Donald Trump in condemning NFL players who protest during the national anthem. Sessions thus...
  14. DemoWhip

    Trump sides with Democrats to raise debt limit and fund government for 3 months

    It looks good for a change to see Trump sitting comfortably with Democrats. Of course it has some Republicans fuming but so be it as they can't always win. This just goes to show the power of the Democrats in matters that matter where Trump is seeking their suggestions and to buddy-up with them...
  15. R

    Deroy Murdock: Both sides were to blame for Charlottesville violence.

    ABC-TV affiliate WRIC reported that police nabbed eight people tied to this melee. While some clearly were white-power extremists, others were anything but. These include Troy Dunigan, 21, of Tennessee. “He was arrested Saturday for throwing objects at ‘Nazi protesters,’ according to court...
  16. C

    Violence on both sides...

    For those who still don't get it - the violence in Charlottesville was decidedly one-sided - and that side was the side that wore swastikas, and carried Confederate Battle Flags. However, even if the violence were "equal on both sides", who cares? In WW II there was "violence on both sides"...
  17. DemoWhip

    Lawmakers slam Trump for laying 'blame on both sides' in Charlottesville rally

    And those are only the Democrats speaking out against Trump. There were plenty of Republicans also who expressed their opposing views and disappointment. ---------------------------------------- Lawmakers slam Trump for laying 'blame on both sides' in Charlottesville rally - ABC News...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    Senators PAN Trump's FAA plan -- BOTH sides

    No surprise, even cursory plus and minuses doesn't bode well at all. I'd have to read a whole lot more about how 'fantastic' Canada's is, how 'beautifully' it works and that's not even considering their population. Does NOT sound plausible and the con man trying to sell it makes even more...
  19. K

    I do NOT trust Dog Kickers, & the Three sides of American Politics.

    Here is an interesting article: The Antifa criminals are now abusing helpless animals? Ummm PETA, do you have anything to add? A human who kicks a dog is...
  20. syrenn

    Balance the equation on both sides

    It would appear.... we may all need to toss out everything we learned about chemistry. Helium that noble gas.... may not be so noble after all....... 2 He 4.00 A Wild New Helium Compound Could Rewrite Chemistry Textbooks A Wild New Helium Compound Could Rewrite Chemistry Textbooks