1. Singularity

    'It's very simple. First time he said what he thought then... realized he overdid it'

    Russian state media ain't buying the would/wouldn't correction. Funny how Republicans like Rob Portman and Marco Rubio insist on doing so. The Man, if you have any other insights from the full video seen in the Twitter feed, I'd appreciate it. It's in Russian.
  2. C

    Simple question.

    Do we live in a causal universe? That's it. Nothing too difficult. Just, do we live in a causal universe?
  3. kmiller1610

    A simple lens for understanding Trump

    I don't know many authors of "Trump is insane," "Trump is Hitler" threads are serious about their Trump profiles, but the evidence of consistent, transparent behaviors are not hard to find. You may hate Trump, but you are pretending a lot if you think he isn't following a clear pattern of...
  4. ProgressivePatriot

    A Simple Question for Those Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage

    I have a simple question for those who oppose same sex marriage on the grounds that it is detrimental to children -which will come at the end of this post. But first allow me to present a senerio that is quite common. The setting: A time and place where same sex marriage is not possible and...
  5. Dr.Knuckles

    The simple brilliance of Consensus Government.

    Happened by a TV while a news anchor was mentioning an election in a Northern Territory. They’re electing a Premier and a legislature in Nunavut. But their electoral system there, and in their neighboring Territory (NWT) too, is utterly brilliant Nunavut is a Territory under Inuit self-rule...
  6. Dittohead not!

    Fox News guest storms off show after host refuses to accept simple tax math

    Fox News guest storms off show after host refuses to accept simple tax math Numbers don't count, according to Fox, if they draw conclusions that they don't agree with.
  7. C

    Simple 5 minute video demonstrating why Blacks feel differently

    This is a simple 5-minute video demonstrating why Blacks feel they have a different experience with police than whites: By all means, please keep telling us how blacks have no reason to be angry.
  8. Spookycolt

    Can you find the second solution to this simple math problem?

    The first answer is easy but there is a second way to solve it which requires thinking outside of the box. Can you figure it out what the final answer is in both equations?
  9. Puzzling Evidence

    Simple common mineral increases testosterone by average of 28%

    I have been taking Boron for over a week now and I swear that it is working!!! Health Benefits Of Boron Prevents Arthritis: Boron is a successful treatment option for arthritis and in more than 95% of cases, significant improvement was noticed by effectively increasing calcium integration...
  10. GordonGecko

    Simple, basic question for supporters of "school choice" (aka school vouchers)---

    A great deal of talk is made in support of the idea of "giving the parents' choice", but I'm curious.... does the SCHOOL get a choice? Can they CHOOSE.....WHICH vouchers from which families they will accept and which ones they won't? ((Opponents? the responses...
  11. GordonGecko

    As I've shown many times...Most "pro-lifers" can be tripped up by simple questions

    As I've noted before, with simple direct questions, most "pro-lifers" (especially the men) can be easily shown to be- 1. Dishonest or disengenuous or even refusing to answer them or dodging the questions, or eventually dodging them. 2. giving...
  12. C

    A simple question of medical ethics.

    Is a medical doctor required to be honest with their patientws about their medical conditions? Should a medical professional be allowed to lie to their patients about medical questions?
  13. GordonGecko

    Simple question to the Border Wallers.....

    How do you protect the Wall from being damaged or sections destroyed by "coyote" smugglers or drug smugglers?
  14. GordonGecko

    It's the simple question, the Right won't answer...."Why?"

    WHY....did Putin want Trump to become the next President? Dodge, deflect, deny, attempt to subject change....but they'll never answer it. Because, like us, they KNOW the answer but cannot say it.
  15. Amelia

    Racism is big, subtle, and messy. “Basket of deplorables” made it seem too simple.

    There are oh-so-many things to say about Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment -- including a simple observation about how whatever point she wanted to make was lost because of her word choice. Whatever generous, insightful thing she was trying to get around to was as if it never happened...
  16. KnotaFrayed

    Simple question.....but perhaps a very important one...

    Because minimum wage appears to be a politically aligned concern and we often hear from "conservatives" how CEO's and high wage earners deserve all of their compensation and bonuses, if not more and how they would not be motivated to work hard or harder, without incentives, how does the same...
  17. CEngelbrecht

    Three simple questions for the 2016 presidential election

    A Rock Star And Two Ex-Politicians Hope To Save America From Trump Quote: The three issues that Inglis, Novoselic and former Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) think really matter are climate change, the federal debt and a dysfunctional political system corrupted by money. These are the three...
  18. L

    This simple calculator tells you how each presidential candidate's tax plan affects y

    The presidential candidates have wildly varying tax proposals. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz propose massive cuts that would greatly reduce federal income taxes on everyone, especially the wealthy, while cutting a wide host of government programs. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders proposes virtually the...