1. Madeline

    Manafort's Defense Rests w/o Calling a Single Witness

    http:// Whut dafuq? This tactic is very, very rarely used when the defense believes the prosecution failed to prove its case, but Manafort's lawyers never even made a motion to...
  2. bajisima

    Drug and insurance companies band together to stop single payer

    Powerful health-care interests worried that a Democratic “blue wave” could give new energy to single-payer health-care legislation have created a new group to take on the issue. The formation of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future is a sign of the health-care industry’s alarm...
  3. excalibur

    Why Should a Single Federal Judge Be Able to Make Law for the Whole Country?

    Yeah, the left really cares about children. So does this judge. Why Should a Single Federal Judge Be Able to Make Law for the Whole Country? In another ruling that came down the same day the Supreme Court acted on the travel ban, a federal district judge in California overturned an...
  4. Devil505

    Let Trump plead to a single felony, serve 5 years and be done with it

    All of us honestly know that Trump has committed so many heinous crimes that he could well face what amounts to a life senntance in prison......not to mention that Don Jr. could be convicted of many crimes and spend the rest of his life in prison as well. If I was Guilliani, after hearing what...
  5. T

    Republican Congressman Denies Trump Has Ever Lied a Single Time

    In an absolutely shocking and hilarious exchange, one Turmp stooge claimed that he has never heard the president lie. Jim Jordan, personal Trump crusader, hemmed and hawed, tried to change the topic, then ultimately let one out. He said he has never hear the president lie. GOP Congressman...
  6. jacobfitcher

    Remarkable Photo of a Single Atom Wins Science Photography Contest

    Ever wonder what an atom looks like? These building blocks of ordinary matter are a million times smaller than a strand of hair, making them impossible to see, even under a microscope. That is, until now. David Nadlinger, a Ph.D. student in University of Oxford Department of Physics, just won...
  7. PACE

    Imagine, if you will the ability to find one single breast cancer cell

    Ladies, here's the future: Is this doable? of course, convergence of these...
  8. D

    So painful: Watch a Trump U.S. District Judge nominee fail to answer a single basic q

    So painful: Watch a Trump U.S. District Judge nominee fail to answer a single basic question of law By Jen Hayden ==================================================== D'Trump really should think things out more carefully before sending someone for confirmation who cannot even answer...
  9. Goofball

    Not a single mass murderer has been a member of the NRA.

    Another Dim meme destroyed.
  10. bajisima

    Has single payer become a political graveyard?

    Interesting piece by Steve Rattner, was surprised to hear his views. Thoughts? Is he right or wrong? Repeal-and-replace may be done for now, but for Senator Bernie Sanders, the war is just beginning — and it has already become a fracas that is dividing the Democratic Party, to its...
  11. T

    Ivana Trump advised president to tweet so news outlets couldn't twist 'every single w

    I mean, wouldn't you take advice from an ex wife whom you cheated on and once accused you of raping her? Oh, you don't have one of those? Nor do I. However, the president does, and she claims it was her behind the evil beast that is the Trump tweet machine, the thing spewing juvenile and...
  12. bajisima

    Sen Kamala Harris to co sponsor Bernie Sanders single payer bill

    This is interesting. Sen. Kamala Harris is the first Democrat to announce she'll co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' single-payer health care bill when it's introduced in September. The California freshman -- seen as a rising star in the party and a 2020 presidential prospect -- revealed her...
  13. bajisima

    Republicans try to bait democrats into single payer vote

    A single-payer health care system may be the holy grail for many progressives, but a Republican plan to put Senate Democrats on the record voting for it couldn’t get support even from Bernie Sanders. Democrats on Thursday afternoon sat out a vote on a proposal for a completely government-run...
  14. bajisima

    Nurses Union pushes single payer in California

    To some, the California Nurses Association’s political tactics in pushing for a single-payer health system seemed a bit, well, New Jersey-ish. Never mind the raucous demonstrations it brought to the state Capitol in recent weeks, the “shame on you” chants in the hallways, the repeated...
  15. T

    President Trump Was on a Diplomatic Call. He Paused It to Single Out a Female Reporte

    Creepy. Uncomfortable. Awkward. Unprofessional. Unpresidential. All words I would use to describe Trumps bizarre antics with a female reporter, saying that she must treat the taoiseach (pronounced tee-shaw just for us non PhD's to say correctly) nice because she has a nice smile. It just came...
  16. bajisima

    Single payer bill halted in California

    Advocates of the single-payer healthcare proposal which has been steadily advancing through the California legislature were voicing outrage and disappointment on Saturday after Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, announced he was pulling the bill from further consideration this year...
  17. L

    single payer bill would reduce costs for most businesses and households

    *** Comment: By Don McCanne, M.D. This meticulous economic study of the the Healthy California single-payer health care proposal (SB-562) reveals that it would provide health care for all Californians while reducing net costs for almost all households and businesses. This study is much...
  18. bajisima

    Amid F-Bombs, CA dems face demands to get behind single payer

    Will single payer pass in CA? I didn't realize it was controversial there.. California Democrats on Friday kicked off their three-day convention with a "raucous start" in Sacramento, where a wave of single-payer advocates demanded the party work towards a system that makes healthcare a human...
  19. MaryAnne

    Single Payer In Maine?

    If Democrats have their way. Maine Democrat's bill would create single-payer health care system - Portland Press Herald
  20. bajisima

    Republicans are accidentally paving the way for single payer

    So was Susan Sarandon right when she claimed we would get single payer faster if Donald Trump was elected??? Sooner or later, we will have universal, single-payer health care in this country — sooner if Republicans succeed in destroying the Affordable Care Act, later if they fail. The...