1. cpicturetaker12

    CO family values REP (his kids on PG1 of his site) drops out, he can't pay child supp

    Botton line, he had his priorities fucked up. The 6 kids come first. Colorado Republican lawmaker drops out of race because he can’t make child support payments DOMINIQUE JACKSON 01 AUG 2018 AT 20:40 ET Tim Leonard [Photo: Screengrab from Facebook] DON'T MISS STORIES...
  2. The Man

    Southern (US) nationalist group creates RUSSIAN site

    SOUTHERN NATIONALIST GROUP CREATES RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WEBSITE PAGE TO FOSTER RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE 'TWO NATURAL ALLIES' lol Well, these guys WOULD find plenty of ideological allies over there, God knows... A few years ago, a neo-Nazi group called F-18 even made a video where their...
  3. One

    Awesome site for space geeks

    Stumbled on to this website while wandering around the interweb. Kind of puts in perspective how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. 100,000 Stars
  4. Darkman

    North Korea demolishes what it says is nuclear test site, in presence of journalists

    North Korea demolishes what it says is nuclear test site, in presence of foreign journalists North Korea demolishes nuke test site with series of blasts --- Nobel prize for Donald! :)
  5. Darkman

    North Korea to hold ‘ceremony’ dismantling nuclear test site ahead of Trump's summit

    Great news! -------- North Korea has scheduled a “ceremony” to dismantle its nuclear testing site on May 23-25 ahead of President Donald Trump’s summit with leader Kim Jong Un next month, state media said Saturday. North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday that all the tunnels at the...
  6. boontito

    'Mass Firing' At Conservative Site RedState

    'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState "Of those who make less under their contracts, they mostly tossed those who had been openly critical of the president," the source said. "It seems to have been a cost saving measure, but the deciding factor between any two people seems to have been...
  7. bajisima

    Did NKorea's nuclear test site collapse?

    Some apparently say yes... Chinese scientists have concluded that North Korea's nuclear test site has partially collapsed, potentially rendering it unusable. The test site at Punggye-ri has been used for six nuclear tests since 2006. After the last, in September, a series of aftershocks...
  8. The Man

    Russia bans gay site

    Russia Bans Popular LGBT Website for 'Propaganda of Nontraditional Sexual Relations' General sentiment over there has indeed grown more homophobic in recent years:
  9. PACE

    Man featured in Trump dating site convicted of sex crime with a 15 year old

    Only the best, filmed himself having sex with a 15 year old when he was 25. Says he paid his dues. Never served jail time. Dont try to convince human sludge of the error of their ways. They don't deserve your time Man featured on 'Trump Dating' site has child sex conviction | Miami Herald
  10. HayJenn

    Nunes Creates Alternative News Site

    LOS ANGELES — House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a relentless critic of the media, has found a way around the often unflattering coverage of his role in the Trump-Russia investigation — by operating his own partisan news outlet. Resembling a local, conservative news site, “The...
  11. Djinn

    White House Temporarily Shutting Down Petition Site

    Excerpted from Gizmodo Seems odd that the site would have to go down until late January for upgrades. Typically, when a site is upgraded, the new version is built on a staging server. When testing is complete, and timing is right, the staging site is transitioned to the new site. The...
  12. Dangermouse

    Here's a Site To Bookmark! Trump's Profiteering from Presidency.

    Someone has set up a site to follow the money. " No modern president has jumped so directly from the world of business to the presidency as Donald Trump. And in so doing, Trump has refused to do as his predecessors have done: sever ties to the companies or financial interests that may pose, or...
  13. bajisima

    Fear of radiation leak after North Koreas Nuclear site collapse kills 200

    Experts are issuing urgent warnings of a possible radiation leak following the collapse of a tunnel at North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site, an accident that reportedly killed at least 200 people. "Should [the Punggye-ri site] sink, there is a possibility" that hazardous radioactive gas...
  14. Macduff

    Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site

    Puerto Ricans drink water from a hazardous-waste site - CNN
  15. Trish

    New to the Site

    Hi I'm Trish. PH was recommended so I thought I'd stop by and see whether I would be a good fit. Will probably ease into it as I learn the site and the members. Thx
  16. Davocrat

    Trump DOJ demands your IP address if you visited protest site

    So, conservatives, are you still good with Trump? ############################### Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance siteThe Department of Justice has requested information on visitors to a website used to organize protests against President Trump, the Los...
  17. Blueneck

    GoDaddy boots white nationalist site after protest violence

    GoDaddy boots white nationalist site after protest violence | Island Packet Can't say I'm sorry to hear this.
  18. Spookycolt

    So what is this a picture of?......taken by the rover Opportunity and on NASA's site

    It certainly isn't a rock. People are claiming its part of the heat shield from when the Rover landed. Doesn't look like a heat shield to me and remember this is an official NASA picture. Here is a video from a guy who...
  19. RNG

    A true fake news site

    I was doing a google search and caught a hit that just seemed incredulous. So I clicked it and it was professional looking and realistic and very believable. But I had never heard of the site before so I went to its home page and found this: Prank your friends! At least they admit it...
  20. T

    Sarah Palin reduced to running right-wing clickbait site where she writes about ‘hot’

    Indeed, the intellectual giant that is Palin, former 1.5 term governor of Alaska, former vice presidential candidate, now a click bait fake newser. After the demise of her TV channel, whihc never was a TV channel, her reality show, her judge show, her respectability (what little bit she had)...