1. HayJenn

    Courts Slap Down Trump Again

    A federal appeals court has ruled that an undocumented pregnant minor being held in a federally-funded shelter in Texas can receive an abortion. The full bench of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an earlier ruling last Friday from a three-judge panel of that court that gave the...
  2. thrilling

    Hollywood will slap Trump tonight. Aloch

    Lexi Alexander- Oscars tonight! Folks who made Islamophobic movies & never hire women, Arabs, Muslims will make great anti-Trump/anti-xenophobia speeches
  3. Eve1

    1st slap to "average Americans"

    Trump undid a mortgage-fee cut under a government program that’s popular with first-time home buyers and low-income borrowers. The new administration on Friday said it’s canceling a reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s annual fee for most borrowers. The cut would have reduced the...
  4. DebateDrone

    Disrespectful Fort Worth Cop Gets Slap On the Wrist

    Disrespectful Fort Worth police officer— who told a mother making a complaint of assault against her child — she should teach her child not to litter, was suspended for 10 days from work over the incident. Texas Police Officer Suspended For 10 Days Over Woman's Forceful Arrest : The Two-Way ...
  5. Goofball

    Obama ignoring the Constitution again. Will the courts slap him down again?

    He has no regard for the Constitution whatsoever. Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself during trip to China: report - Washington Times
  6. BDBoop

    Feds slap huge steel tariffs on China

  7. mrmike

    Sweden: Muslim migrants let off with wrist slap for violent gang rape

    Sweden is lost to Islam of its own doing. *removed wrong link* Of course, I realize there are those who are in Sweden courtesy of being with a migrant who will defend the Islamist migrants without pause, but reality is reality and Sweden has seeded its own destruction. TEENAGE MUSLIM...
  8. The Man

    Slap to Putin's face?

    Even as the Russian consul is expelled from Ukraine's Odessa (Acting Russian consul in Odessa declared persona non grata | Russia Beyond The Headlines), the region's new governor, former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, appoints a well-known Russian Opposition activist, Maria Gaidar, as...
  9. Friday13

    Another slap at women... the totally clueless GOTP...
  10. meridian5455

    Koreans Slap Bill Gates for 'Rude' Handshake

    Koreans Slap Bill Gates for 'Rude' Handshake | ABC News - Yahoo! Imagine the uproar if he slapped her on the backside? (I thought it was funny that ABC had this on their "Top Stories" page. Apparently they can't find enough important topics to fill space. But if they say it is important, then...