1. Spookycolt

    Black Man Praised After Slapping White Woman For Calling Him A Ni**er

    Now you can take this a number of ways. Is it right for a man to ever slap a woman to make her shut up? Did she deserve it for the racial hatred she was spewing? Do some women deserve to be slapped? Should be an interesting discussion. Black Man Slaps White Woman After Racial...
  2. meridian5455

    Woman charged for slapping police horse at KC Trump protest

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman in the midst of the protests outside the rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 12 was arrested on Friday for abuse of a police service animal. According to a police report, an officer mounted on horseback was involved in police crowd control outside...
  3. PACE

    Good to see the "Adults" in the Senate, slapping down the kids

    it's almost Thanksgiving, whose setting up the kid's table for them??? Cruz has used all his political capital in the Senate, remember, on September 29th, he couldn't even muster the power for a protest vote, on defunding Planned Parenthood. He spoke for one hour to two people,,,, everyone...
  4. Babba

    Slapping Jonah Goldberg Down

    This blog post is in response to Goldberg's "A Year of Liberal Double Standards" and it's brilliant. The whole post is well worth the time it takes to read. The Rectification of Names: "You're always using tu quoque arguments, Jonah!" "No, YOU are!"