1. K

    If the GOP is to thrive, it NEEDS a new, viable, slightly left of center, opposition

    Hillary was far too corrupt... Obama was far to anti-American and Anti-White... Bernie is too socialist, kookie and Far-Left... So, we ended up with a Trump Victory, as the candidate who was just a bit less corrupt, extremist, and crazy, than the worse alternatives. So far, Trump appears...
  2. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Could be worse than trump (although only slightly), this guy actually got elected

    Philippine president-elect says 'corrupt' journalists will be killed | World news | The Guardian I'm sure Trump would approve He also made a joke about the rape and murder of a woman that is just horrendous Philippines Presidential Candidates Soars After Rape Joke And he was...
  3. Madeline

    Movies I Am Slightly Afraid To See

    Anyone seen any of these? Did you cry? I hate crying.
  4. GordonGecko

    Trump praises (if slightly) Hillary in the Debate last night-

    By Jeff Poor 14 Oct 20152 Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump reacted to Tuesday’s Democratic debate broadcast on CNN. According to Trump, his counterpart, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton did what she needed to do...
  5. lka

    Republicans’ Senate Chances Rise Slightly to 60 Percent, Data Show

    Learn more, Whatcha think? Say it's not true? Should be an interesting Mid-Term I'm looking forward to the show, the meltdowns, the bickering, the meanness, and all the "wars" on...
  6. the watchman

    Coservative racist only slightly worse than liberals ( my lastest rant).

    The southern strategy is alive and well. We saw it in the last presidential election when GOP operatives were caught plotting to use the Rev. Wright to launch racially inflammatory attacks against Obama. We saw it when Romney was booed by the NAACP and later claimed that it was by design. From...
  7. K

    New claims for unemployment benefits drop slightly

    Dispatch This number is just not dropping fast enough.
  8. Amit

    Job numbers today are slightly worse than expected

    down 20,000. stock futures took a big drop. will post more info when i crosses bloomberg