1. bajisima

    States slow to prepare for hacking threats

    Well this is comforting.. U.S. intelligence officials and security experts have spent years urging states to shore up their elections’ digital defenses, and the latest indictments from special counsel Robert Mueller drew fresh attention to Russia’s cyberattacks on the 2016 presidential...
  2. DemoWhip

    The slow strangulation of Social Security Administration: How Republicans are gutting

    The slow strangulation of Social Security Administration: How Republicans are gutting the safety net By Joan McCarter ==================================================== America We Have A Problem! This Is A BIG Heads-Up For Everyone Who Cares About Their SOCIAL SECURITY! The...
  3. PACE

    Analysts warn of a slow down in the semi industry Valuations are overinflated due to mergers, etc. the next biggie of course is Western Digital acquisition of Samsung electronics division and Samsung is biting Intel's Achilles ankle, for the top spot...
  4. OldGaffer

    Pruitt: WH To Abandon Obama-Era Clean Power Plan To Slow Global Warming

    Back to the "Good Old Days" of corporate malfeasance empowerment. Pruitt: WH To Abandon Obama-Era Clean Power Plan To Slow Global Warming ? Talking Points Memo Unfortunately, some of us are old enough to remember "the good old days" of burning rivers, polluted and dead lakes, and...
  5. J

    The reason why small hands response was so slow for Puerto Rico

    The problem was three fold , first he had no clue where it was and secondly he didn't know this country had territory's and thirdly he also didn't know what a territory was. He is the president of the right wing and the rest of us will just wait to have a leader after this man of hate is gone .
  6. the watchman

    MSNBC Starts Slow With New Hugh Hewitt Show.

    With the addition of Hugh Hewitt's new Saturday morning show, MSNBC appears to be betting on the long-term potential of drawing more viewers outside of its liberal core audience, even if ratings for the conservative commentator aren't initially great. Hewitt's Saturday 8 a.m. show only runs...
  7. Eve1

    The Democrats threaten to slow the progression of the Senate 4 Special Prosecutor

    Democrats threaten to slow the progression of the Senate as they will not accept anything less than a Special Council being put in charge of the investigation and will not consider anybody to replace Comey until that is done. Link to follow: Edit, here it is...
  8. T

    President Trump's Voter Fraud Investigation Is Off To a Slow Start

    Really, foll., there was massive voter fraud, especially in California, where millions of folks voted illegally and every single one voted for Hillary. Mike Pence is leading up the major investigation......... Yeah, except he's not. A month after the president claimed there was some massive...
  9. DemoWhip

    Democrats, Top Ethics Official Urge GOP to Slow Down Confirmation Process

    In their penchant to rule without question Republicans are wanting to confirm all of Trump's nominees without the proper vetting that it takes. That does not allow for people to fully know what all of those people selected stand for and how their decisions would ultimately affect the American...
  10. bajisima

    GM to lay off 2000 as car sales slow

    General Motors on Wednesday announced plans to invest $900 million in three U.S. plants and also said it would lay off 2,000 workers because of slowing car sales. GM said it plans to end the third shift at its Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant and at the Lordstown Assembly Plant in Ohio in...
  11. Two If By Tea

    Record High Rents Stagnant Pay May Slow Housing Recovery

    MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — It's a troublesome story playing out across America in the 10 years since the housing bubble peaked and then burst in a ruinous crash: As real estate has climbed back, homeowners are thriving while renters are struggling. For many longtime owners, times are good...
  12. Vladimir Putin

    Mexico tortures migrants – and citizens – in effort to slow Central American surge

    Amy and Esther Juárez were edgy with excitement as they boarded the bus full of seasonal workers heading for a farm at the other end of Mexico from their home in the poverty-stricken southern state of Chiapas. Although their brother Alberto,18, had made the same journey the previous year, it...
  13. PACE

    Bill to slow the Iran Treaty fails in Congress

    137 members didn't show up to vote, your Republican Congress in action: I'm just saying. Regards Pace
  14. Two If By Tea

    Record High Rents May Slow Housing Recovery

    Record High rents likely preventing potential homebuyers from saving enough for a down payment.
  15. aboutenough

    Slow Jam The News: Debt Ceiling Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Brian Williams This is funny
  16. godlessheathen

    Things Were Going Too Well for America - SLOW DOWN!

    American Voters: Things Were Getting Too Good, Time To Crash The Economy Again
  17. justagurlinseattle

    Virginia anti-gay Christian group to FAST over gay marriage.. Will it go slow ????

    Taking a page from Mahatma Gandhi’s playbook, a Virginia anti-gay Christian group hopes to stop the legalization of gay marriage by fasting in protest. They are also realist. Recognizing that not eating is really hard and unpleasant, organizers told participants they were allowed to eat during...
  18. vikingbeast

    The Slow Death of Democrats and Republicans: A Case Study

    Our county has been dominated by Republicans for decades. We have not even had a Democrat in office since 1983. The politicians in Ohio think our county is a wrap for Republicans. Since the Democrats are hardly a factor, check this out - the beginning of the end is what I read here! (I had...
  19. Babba

    Why is US Internet So Slow?

    I remember when that bill passed and all of my Congress critters - all Democrats - voted for it I was so angry. I knew it would mean the opposite of competition and I couldn't understand how anyone would think otherwise. Most of the rest of the planet has surpassed us in innovations and speed...
  20. ptif219

    Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show

    We now know why the Obama administration are hiding the numbers of people enrolling in Obamacare. So far it is a very expensive big flop Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show - CBS News