1. pragmatic

    2015 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread

    OK.....for the sake of clarity/separation lets get the 2015 season started off with a clean slate. Plus the fact that the 2014 season really, really, sucked and in Chicago we would sorta like forget about it. Immediate topic is Jets and his loss of a quarterback (which was prolly a blessing...
  2. excalibur

    5th Circuit Upholds Immigration Injunction

    Good news. Appeals court deals blow to Obama amnesty - Washington Times
  3. the watchman

    Baltimore Councilman smack down of Fox News

    Baltimore City councilman speaks out on looting | Fox News Latino Video this fox news reported just wouldn't listen.
  4. BoiseBo

    Federal judges smack down Virginia redistricting

    Republicans overreach at every opportunity, drawing happy little willy-nilly, illogical & very creepy lines around predominantly black neighborhoods. Why? ... cause they're a-holes! ;-) A panel of federal judges on Tuesday declared Virginia’s congressional maps unconstitutional because they...
  5. pragmatic

    2014 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread....

    2014 PH Fantasy Football League "Hotwire Challenge" - ROSTER 1 CMAF Canadian Mafia East Dr.Gently Seraphima 2 ALOP Team alope East jackalope @mrjack 3 Joe Dumpster Divers East metheron 4 STIE Team Stiemsma West steezer 5 PMPK Lordof Pumpkins West @pumpkin I mean Mordent I mean...
  6. sparty

    suburban teens are turning to smack

    We recently lived in the Chicago suburbs for awhile and there was a special drug/alcohol awareness program for parents. Honestly, I was shocked to learn herion is the "new drug". :( The laws in Illinois are extremely strict for teens drinking, you would be a fool to allow your kid to drink or...
  7. Amit

    Paul Ryan lays the smack down

  8. F

    Clinton is going to smack Obama around on this one.

    AP Interview: Obama pledges cleanup of Washington's 'muddy waters' The Associated Press Published: August 16, 2007 DES MOINES, Iowa: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, who accepts special interest money and played poker with lobbyist friends as an Illinois lawmaker...
  9. B

    DNC Puts the Smack Down!

    link Don't screw with the DNC. Thats the message. The question is, how will this effect Floridian voters in the long run? I'm curious about how democrats feel about the DNCs action here.