1. Two If By Tea

    Airlines Embrace "SOCIALISM" And Wealth Redistribution With Free Snacks In Coach

    All these years I hadda pay EXTRA for snacks in coach class and now they're just "Giving' it away for free... That's not FAIR ...what about us who worked hard to BUY our snacks Freaking MARXIST airlines . . ........ TODAY IN THE SKY Free snacks now back at all 3 big U.S. airlines, even in...
  2. C

    which snacks to send to an Oregon militia

    O' Golly can we stand by when those in Oregon die in want of a snack... but, but which snacks to send to send to help these poor guys make it though their dark nights and freezing cold days... which snack would you want on your side while you battled them feds.. ???????? Best snacks to...
  3. DebateDrone

    Chris Christie eats more that $80 thousand in Snacks at NFL Games.

    Say it ain't so Joe. How can anyone~Politician waste 80K in snacks and drinks at NFL games. Damn son...what happened to having beers and a dog at the game...