1. orangecat

    Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made Enemies At Work Over Greedy Behavior

    Typical socialist hypocrite. One standard for everyone else, one standard for herself. The funniest part is she worked at the Street Taco bar.
  2. M

    The Socialist Utopia

    The Socialist Utopia of Venezuela is on a roll! 1,000,000% Venezuelan Inflation Seen Venezuela's inflation will skyrocket to 1 million percent by the end of the year as the government continues to print money to cover a growing budget hole, the International Monetary Fund predicted on...
  3. Goofball

    Dem Socialist Cortez thinks capitalism will not exist.

    Folks, this is what the Dim party has become. Good luck selling that to America. She is also a blithering idiot on Israel......... Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Capitalism Will ?Not Always Exist? | The Daily Caller
  4. BoiseBo

    Hannity: London protesters were angry, liberal, socialist freeloaders!

    I swear - He actually said that. Oh, and he also said THIS! :) "The Man" - As in SERIOUSLY Sean? :smiley_ROFLMAO: Hannity: Timing of indictment announcement is suspect | Fox News
  5. John T Ford

    Democrat Socialist Threaten Mitch McConnell

    “A group of Louisville residents, including several @DemSocialists members, had a message for Mitch McConnell as he left a local restaurant today,” Louisville DSA tweeted. “Powerful people like Mitch deserve no peace while they enable the imprisonment of babies in concentration camps...
  6. C

    Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For DoJ

    Socialist Activist Who Harassed Homeland Security Secretary Works For The Department Of Justice | The Daily Caller One of the activists who chased Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant Tuesday night over the Trump administration’s immigration policies is an employee...
  7. RNG

    The Republican President is a socialist and statist

    His actions: Attacking major corporations - socialist and statist. Massive, taxpayer funded infrastructure program - socialist and statist. Attempts to subsidize industries - socialist and statist. Protecting workers in uneconomic industries - socialist and statist. And the list...
  8. L

    How To Be A Socialist Without Being An Apologist For The Atrocities Of Communist Regi

    Opposing economic exploitation doesn’t mean supporting authoritarianism… by Nathan J. Robinson It’s incredibly easy to be both in favor of socialism and against the crimes committed by 20th century communist regimes. All it takes is a consistent, principled opposition to authoritarianism. I...
  9. Spookycolt

    Socialist Utopia of Venezuela Tells People to Eat Their Pets

    So how many liberals are here again? I sure hope you guys don't have any pet rabbits because apparently socialism leads to starvation forcing governments to create programs for people to eat their pets. Go Sanders 2020 huh? Socialist Utopia of Venezuela Tells People to Eat Their...
  10. Goofball


    No doubt a member of the Sore Loser Brigade.
  11. Goofball

    Trump paid higher tax rate than Socialist Bernie..25% vs 13%

    Ouch! Oops! MSNBC Reveals Trump Paid 25% Tax Rate - Socialist Bernie Sanders Paid 13% Tax Rate
  12. GordonGecko

    On health care, Trump is either LYING or a "SOCIALIST"...

    There is no third option. He's promising universal coverage...and said (quite clearly and it can be QUOTED) that "Government will pay for it." So.....either he is, by the definition of "socialist" the Right has flung out for decades, a socialist. Or he's lying and it won't be...
  13. Dutch

    Trump's election from a socialist perspective

    The myth of the reactionary white working class - World Socialist Web Site .......Clinton’s electoral defeat is bound up with the nature of the Democratic Party, an alliance of Wall Street and the military-intelligence apparatus with privileged sections of the upper-middle class based on the...
  14. M

    Socialist Utopia of Venezuela

    Update: Kimberly Clark Corp. the consumer products giant that owns Kleenex and Huggies, said it will close its Venezuela operations after years of grappling with soaring inflation, and a shortage of hard currency and raw materials. Shoppers in Venezuela now routinely spend long hours in...
  15. heirtothewind

    Why I call myself a socialist

    I call myself a socialist because I was neither born into wealth nor, in my career as a lawyer, acquired great wealth. In working for the government and for small law firms representing social security claimants, I came to believe in a social and economic order that promotes human dignity and...
  16. L

    Bernie Sanders, First Libertarian Socialist?

    Could he be two thirds of the way there? Terry Michael | September 15, 2015 Ground-breaking research by political science experts (actually me, Googling) reveals that a new breed of American politician has been discovered, the first ever "libertarian socialist." And it has a name: Bernie...
  17. Goofball

    Hillary is still losing states to a senile, old Socialist.

    And yet the board Dims think she is a lock in November. Why can't she finish this gnat off?
  18. Babba

    Republicans Like the Thought of Running Against a Socialist.

    Yep. If Sanders won the nomination the Republicans would hang him with that label socialist. Despite Polls, Republicans See Sanders as an Easier Opponent - Bloomberg Politics
  19. meridian5455

    Socialist Hypocrite Sanders chartes private 767 jet after climate speech

    A day after Bernie Sanders claimedhe 'introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation' and saidhe would tax carbon use, the Democratic presidential candidate chartered aDelta 767 to fly him to Rome and back for less than 24 hours. After attacking rival Hillary Clinton forher stance...
  20. aboutenough

    What happened to Democrats? Are they evolving into Socialist?

    If you compare the thinking of JFK in his Inaugural Address where he is asking Americans to give service to America vs Bernie demanding American should give free education to everyone. What happened to Democrats, they are evolving into Socialist. They want to equality in restraint and...