1. The Man

    Law society won't accredit homophobic Christian law school

    B.C. lawyers vote against accrediting Trinity Western University law school | Metro Good for BC, proud to live here. Alberta is a bunch of rodeo rednecks and oil workers anyway :D The good part is, TWU lawyers now won't be able to work in Ontario, Canada's largest and richest province, which...
  2. heirtothewind

    Constitution Society - Primary Source Documents

    Constitution Society :: Home Under ''Quick Links'' is a very extensive list of links to documents of English and early American history. History Sourcebooks [Fordham University] is also a fantastic site for documents of ancient, medieval, and modern history and culture.
  3. TrueMan

    The Main Enemy Of Civil Society

    American police system - the main enemy of civil society. It stands between the government and the citizens, and don't let people be heard by officials. Obama: Mistrust Of Police Corroding American Society
  4. Friday13

    "Post racist" society? Not so much.

    It's only Tuesday, and this has happened... 1...Racist supervisor in cotton warehouse tells black workers not to use "white people" fountain or microwave, mentions hanging... 2...Dummy wearing Obama mask found hanging from freeway bridge...
  5. A

    Excctly what do you mean by a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY

    Look this is the way the system works in our democratic society: (1) You can only in practice choose between the 'main' parties. All other parties will be deliberately ignored by the media particularly the BBC. The only time they will be mentioned is when there is something negative about them...
  6. J

    One of the "great advantages" of a Libertarian society is

    You can refuse to hire any blacks or Mexicans or women and nobody can ever sue you for it. You can even fire women for not bending over and, well, you know. And they can't sue you. A worker gets killed by machinery? That's okay. Replace them with any one of the other 10 people trying to...
  7. Spookycolt

    Lady Gaga knows her role in society.

    Although she may be in charge of her career and directing her daily professional activities she realizes that a truly happy relationship results from letting the man be in charge. It is good to see old fashioned values still alive in some people who we may not even imagine would still feel that...
  8. meridian5455

    Clarence Thomas: Society is overly sensitive about race

    Americans today are too sensitive about race, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a gathering of college students in Florida on Tuesday. Speaking at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Fla., Thomas, the second black justice to serve on the court, lamented what he considers...
  9. Mordent

    What should society owe you?

    Multiple choice, have at it.
  10. meridian5455

    If Everyone Dropped Out of School, Society Would Be More Intelligent

    Jaden Smith Hasn't Properly Learned the Rules of Using Capitalization in Sentences. Nevertheless, the After Earth star, 15 -- the son to Will and Jada, brother to Willow, and boyfriend to Kylie Jenner -- thinks school is very uncool. Last week, the budding singer and actor took to Twitter to...
  11. Devil505

    What is the proper balance between security vs personal liberty in a free society?

    Something that all Presidents must grapple with but to which there's no easy answer. Thoughts?
  12. michaelr

    so we live in a trigger happy society.....

    We can post our narrow escapes that we had on a daily bases. You victims of these battles can do it here. I would imagine we will get some exciting stuff. You are all welcome. I admit, I can't drive much, and I had no need to dodge bullets, so I can not start the string of exciting...
  13. Davocrat

    Is an armed civilian society more or less civilized than an unarmed civilian society?

    Do we lose some aspect of civilization if our laws and society encourage carrying firearms for self defense? Or, does carrying firearms enhance society and advance it, making us more civilized? How would civilization change with more publicly carried firearms? How would civilization change...
  14. G

    In a safe society who's "rights" should we honor first?

    While living in a "safe" society in the supposed most advance nation on earth....who's rights should be honored first and foremost? A student, young adult or anybody for that matter right to go to school or a theater or a mall and be in a safe environment? Especially young children..they have...
  15. Oscar99

    More guns means a safer society

    They are some folks out there who believe that the more people who carry guns, the safer a society will be, because criminals will be in fear of robbing or attacking someone who may be packing. So, what is the evidence that when a society becomes more becomes safer? I live in NYC...
  16. Leo2

    Universal Health Care - a must for any civilised society ... yes, no, maybe ?

    It is my considered opinion that universal health care - funded by taxation (no exemptions - other than those on minimal incomes) is the most efficient, and most socially just, way of providing for the health of any nation - capitalist, communist, and everything in between. Discuss.
  17. Chief

    Roman Catholic Church: It's Society's fault

    Critics slam study that US priest abuse in the past - Yahoo! News CHICAGO (Reuters) – A church-sponsored study on Wednesday blamed poorly trained priests and a deviant society for the Roman Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis, but victims dismissed it as a whitewash of an institutional coverup...
  18. jackalope

    Tonight’s GOP Pre-Debate Rally Sponsored By Extremists: John Birch Society And The Oa

    Why are the GOPers re-embracing the Birchers, anyway? edited to ask: Is anyone watching tonight's GOP debate? I watched almost all the debates last time, GOP and DEM. But I have no interest at all in tonight's debate. The candidates don't even seem like real candidates. Even...
  19. I

    Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

    Could these comments incite violence? Um...Germany haven't you gone down this road before, and the results were disastrous. I'm not saying another Hitler is lurking around the corner, but doesn't it seem like nationalism is starting to rear its ugly head in Germany again? Merkel says...
  20. K

    Are the needs of an individual class more important than the whole of society?

    Are the needs of the ruling business class i.e. CEO's and upper management more important that the needs of the workers? I have watched as the upper class has siphoned money and benefits away from the working class. The profits of a business in no way are fairly distributed to all of the...