1. boontito

    Outside The Box Gun Control Solutions

    Let's get creative, people!
  2. vikingbeast

    The Chris Rock Solutions

    Not a bad idea - $5,000.00 bullets!
  3. Idiocracat

    Free Market solutions that Republicans embrace

  4. K

    The American Left: All Trump-HATE, all the time, no solutions, no ideas, no policies

    ... No Hope, No Compromise, No Appreciation for the things done well, No Respect for the Office, the Nation, or the Voters... No Concern for the damage being done to the Nation and its PEOPLE! Just a shrieking maniacal diatribe to "Make you be sorry! You'll regret defying the LEFT and...
  5. GordonGecko

    The old solutions to economics....won't work anymore-

    We face going into the 21st Century a MASSIVE economic shift....probably unseen since the start of the Industrial Revolution and move away from agrarianism. To a lesser extent, the loss of jobs like coal mining. Eventually the move away from fossil fuels will also hit oil and natural gas...
  6. Meursault

    Feasible Solutions; A List

    1. Reform or abolish World Bank/IMF and other financial institutions in favor of localized, decentralized development. 2. Limit capital mobility when it comes to massive multinational corporations. 3. Help foster a global labor movement and set universal labor standards in order to end...
  7. Six

    Solutions for Greek Debt Crisis

    The Greek debt crisis seems to be reaching its inevitable end. And that is Greece defaulting on their debt, leaving the Union, adopting their own sovereign currency and their Banks losing much needed liquidity from outside Banks. Greece is responsible for this mess and in my opinion the only...
  8. W

    Solutions, and killing a few birds with one stone.

    About eight years ago, I attended two...well, three... funerals within 10 days. One was for the 30 year old pregnant wife of a very good friend, the other was for a close friend. All were killed in automobile crashes. One crash was alcohol/speed related, and the unhurt drunk driver was 19. He...
  9. Cicero

    House GOP gives up on conference committee. Hope dims for long term solutions

    House GOP Appropriators in a Budget Conference Pickle By Emma Dumain and Niels Lesniewski Roll Call Staff Nov. 20, 2013, 5:37 p.m. Democrats on both sides of the Capitol wonder if House Republicans would be able to pass a one-year continuing resolution that holds spending at the...
  10. S

    How To Fix Really Healthcare FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS

    Healthcare is VERY EXPENSIVE right WHY IS HEALTHCARE SO EXPENSIVE I'll tell ya why because government, insurance, or some other THIRD PARTY is paying the costs. Eliminate Medicare and Insurance or the THIRD PARTY and bring back the personal relationship of patient to healthcare...
  11. S

    Liberalism Only Offers Excuses, Excuses, and MORE EXCUSES but zero solutions

    You read a liberals thread its just SO DEPRESSING Instead of offering SOLUTIONS for Americas problems they just MAKE EXCUSES High Unemployment- Blame offshoring not even once mentioning the MILLIONS of UNFILLED JOBS open due to LACK OF SKILLS DEFECITS- oh my god the EVIL.RICH are...
  12. ChoppedUpLiver

    So... What Are The Solutions To School/Mass Shootings?

    A lot of people seem to have no solutions to school/mass shootings other than to grab all the firearms in America and/or throw lots of money at mental health issues mostly. The latter of the two don't even come close to saying what this money will actually do and the former is absolutely...
  13. johnflesh

    Mental Health - Gun Bans - Your Solutions

    So I've noticed a lot of discussion based on emotion, speculation, and diagnosing the affect of the problem as a solution. But we all know that the problem is much bigger than weapons bans, mental health, mag sizes, or even coming together as a populace to watch over each other with compassion...
  14. muffins

    It's Too Late for Solutions HyperINflation or hyperDEflation, as I keep saying. Print infinite amounts of money to bail out the imploding banking system, and to keep governments funded ... or allow the banking system to implode and governments to go bust. In the end, they will chose to print.
  15. The Man

    Aggression in children, causes, solutions

    You know, that New York bus incident probably was half of my inspiration to think about this, but also some other things. In Russia, recently, there have been troubling cases. A group of boys, 8th Graders, in one school in the Ural mountains actually filmed themselves going around the school and...
  16. E

    The Solutions For 2012 The Collective System

    Well let me begin with this everything is about our world and its problemes if the world has major problemes we our selves have them aswell,i am pointing by this at the unrest on the world and aroud is.I dont know if you are watching the television and on it the news or read the newspaper,but i...
  17. M

    Healthcare Solutions

    In the end, solutions are all that matter. What are some ideas that everyone has to fix our healthcare system, and what kind of system would you rather see. I'll provide a poll with some broad concepts for healthcare, but please provide whatever input you wish.
  18. M

    Solutions in our Healthcare Crisis

    Why the hell not try this again. Simply ignore the first page or so, for I didn't think it would have garnered much interest not too long after posting it and so that left it open game for, well, everything on the first page. So, what are some solutions you would like to see put forth for the...
  19. D

    An idea for capitalists to stave off government bail-out solutions

    About five minutes ago I read that Home Depot is laying off 7000. Obviously, that's just one in a long stream of layoff announcements. In most cases when layoffs happen, it's to ensure that the company is profitable, (sure, sometimes it's about survival and totally necessary, but often it's...
  20. C

    The Problems with Higher Public Education and Some Solutions

    The purpose of this thread is to follow up with my thoughts on how the government could make public education more efficient and in turn provide a better value to students (from Burning Giraffe’s recent “Efficiency†thread) as well as to follow up to Davo’s thread/poll which asked who on...