1. BDBoop

    A song that damn near made me go into shock

    I'd heard this song frequently, just never saw who was singing it. I really liked her voice though, so went and looked it up. Ever had same/similar happen to you?
  2. Rasselas

    Is this song racist.....

    ... or is it an extended joke about racism? You need to listen to the music to get all the context. Here are the lyrics: he two-step it drug like a ball and chain While the band was playing something like "Moon River" or :"Somewhere Over The...
  3. T

    Trump sits, talks through song lowering the flag at military base

    In a shocking, though predictable bit of fate, the commander in chief sat and talked through a flag lowering ceremony. Fire the SOB. Indeed, seemingly totally unaware of everyone else and the ceremony, the man who whines incessantly about NFL players protesting racism did indeed not stand...
  4. MaryAnne

    Eric Church New Song Dedicated

    Why Not Me?
  5. cpicturetaker12

    White superamcist radio station sent a cease/desist order for using Johnny Cash song

    Amazing how over and over and over and over CONSERVATIVE candidates and their groups STEAL music. Don't bother to get rights to play or ask permission. Just use them. Then legally told don't. You don't have permission. And how many, even if they are willing to pay, the artist says NO. This...
  6. DemoWhip

    Queen Elizabeth’s favorite song is a fabulous gay anthem

    A Great Salute to the British Monarch! Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth is really with it! She deserves high acclaim and many KUDOS for her stance on this! ---------------------------------------- Queen Elizabeth’s favorite song is a fabulous gay anthem By Dan Tracer...
  7. L

    Whoopi Wants Song of the South Brought Back

    and I agree with her.
  8. Macduff

    Alex Jones as an indie folk song

    This is amazing! All the lolz.
  9. Amelia

    Best song of any group?

    I listened to a KISS song. Not my bag, but someone posted this as hands down their best, so I figured I could listen to one. Do you have any "if you only listen to one of their songs, let it be this" recommendations for musical acts whom you like? Black Diamond...
  10. vikingbeast

    Covfefe - The Song

    Had to pen my own................. Sing along! Covfefe You're Idiot Elect Too messed up, I can't look He plans his come back now 4 months of grabbing puss So daring, circus guy Such cannon fodder, fly He'll blow us up I'm sure And...
  11. RNG

    The 59th Street Bridge Song revisited

    This is worth three minutes of your life.
  12. GordonGecko

    Trump Administration finally gets its Official Theme Song-
  13. MaryAnne

    New Trump Theme Song

    Any one remember this guy? They have changed "Hail to the Chief" to a new theme song for Trump - Democratic Underground
  14. K

    The Rock Can Sing! Who knew!? The Hillary Song!

    I guess this might just sum up 2016: And the Progressives STILL don't get it! Well, Pop Culture has turned against the Left... finally! Quesiton for Debate: Is this the final Nail in the Progressive Coffin? The loss of Popular Culture Respect? -
  15. Minotaur

    Jay Z Has A New Nasty Rap Song Out

    Please join me in protesting him on Tuesday November 8th. Here are his lyrics and anyone with an ounce of morality will be outraged: Moved On Her Like A Bitch I did try and f— her. She was married, Moved on her like a bitch. Sheesh, your girl’s hot as s—. In the purple, Whoa! Whoa! Grab...
  16. Madeline

    Suggest A Theme Song For The HRC Campaign
  17. Davocrat

    I asked Tim Kaine what his favorite Replacements song is and it's...

    "I Will Dare" Let's hold him to it. Can you guess his favorite Replacements album? Photos from Greensboro NC stop at the city's depot, about 200 yards from my office. I was being jostled on the second one. Shook his hand and asked the big question! Seems like a great guy!
  18. cpicturetaker12

    GOP RIPPED MORE ARTISTS! Queen, TRUMP "unauthorised" use of our song.

    Jesus, these fucking assholes do this every election cycle. THEY HAVE TO BUY THE RIGHTS. They're the 'law and order' BUSINESSMEN! They don't know?? ROB SOMEONE ELSES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? We don't play by the rules! We want it, we're taking it! I thought about this IMMEDIATELY when they...
  19. L

    Britain's fabulous Brexit song is even better than the Trump Girls Freedom song Britain is to hold a referendum on leaving the European Union, and the "Brexit" group—largely represented by the country's nativist UKIP party—have a fabulous music video to promote their cause. skip UKIP ("U.K. Independence") is often said to...
  20. Monk-Eye

    Beyonce Formation Song Panders To The Mentally Challenged

    " Beyonce Formation Song Panders To The Severe Mentally Handicapped " * Sofa King Stupid Clown Shoes * Really , who panders this shit off as credible ? * Some Excerpts * Caution : Reading could cause...