1. ptif219

    Globalist Obama Trashes American Sovereignty

    Obama shows his hate for this country. Obama wants to weaken us and wants us to give up our seventy. Obama has no clue as to what this country is what the people believe. Good thing Obama is almost gone Globalist Obama Trashes American Sovereignty | LifeZette
  2. Singularity

    In desperation, Netanyahu completely repudiates Palestinian sovereignty

    All opinions on the actual issue at hand aside... this one has to rank pretty high in the annals of instances where a politician grasps a white-hot lever to try to prevent defeat. In essence, by vowing that no Palestinian state will ever exist under his rule, Netanyahu has repudiated 10...
  3. Carls

    Finland Will Lose ‘Sovereignty’ if Joins NATO - Putin

    . Putin he is mad becuase of situation with Israel and Iran. Russia is ally to Iran but USA and UK support Israel. Israel want t o attack Iran but till USA and UK agree to this there will be no war. Putin he sees Finland to be used as NATO base against Iran. . Finland will lose sovereignty ...
  4. Mr. Neo-Con


    One of the Left's reasons why our war of liberation against Iraq was illegal is because Iraq was a sovereign country. They will say that the wonderful UN didn't approve of it. They want to try to pretend that somehow that that so-called sovereign country called Iraq wasn't responsible for...
  5. L

    US refuses to recognise British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

    US refuses to endorse British sovereignty in Falklands oil dispute - Times Online There has been a British presence on the Falkland Islands since 1766, when Captain John McBride established a British settlement at Port Egmont. Due to the pressures of the American War of Independence, British...
  6. michaelr

    Wyoming Governor Signs Sovereignty Resolution

    Wyoming Governor Signs Sovereignty Resolution It is about damn time. I believe this is the first state to actually sign the resolution into law. This will hopefully speed things along for the other states with simular legislation.
  7. F

    WARNING! Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government !

    This Video talks about what is going to happen in December, scary
  8. J


    The question has arisen as to whether the States are in fact sovereign. The first thing one needs to understand is that the federal govenment is a creation of the states, and without the states there would be no federal government. When we read the Declaration of Independence we find that...
  9. michaelr

    Ohio Senate Affirms State Sovereignty

    Ohio Senate Affirms State Sovereignty This keeps up and Obama and gangsters will have no one to punk around. I am surprised Ohio went this way, but I am happy. Now they need to follow it up. They can start by telling the admin that the good citizens will take no part in health care...
  10. I

    Say Goodbye To State Sovereignty....

    The ATF has issued letters to Montana and Tennessee telling them the laws they each passed governing firearms manufactured for sale within their sovereign state borders are moot. The federal government seems to believe that federal law trumps states' rights, individual rights, and the...
  11. H

    State Sovereignty from a Liberal Perspective

    This is a great article to show that states' rights is a nonpartisan issue: Charleston City Paper | Jack Hunter | Progressives make fun of the 10th amendment at their own peril Progressives make fun of the 10th amendment at their own peril States' Rights and the Left by Jack Hunter...
  12. H

    Gov. Perry from Texas speaks on sovereignty resolution

    This is a great video! Texas versus the Federal Government? | Tenth Amendment Center
  13. H

    Indiana's Sovereignty Resolution to be Taken Up This Afternoon

    Let's hope they pass it, so that 8 states will now be on-board.
  14. H

    North Dakota joins the sovereignty movement

    Its House just passed the resolution 52-40.
  15. H

    Idaho Senate joins the sovereignty ranks

    Very cool. Sorry for the lack of discussion, but the title says all that is required.
  16. H

    Alaska House declares sovereignty

    Alaska's House just passed its sovereignty resolution unanimously, 37-0. Journal Text for HJR27 in the 26th Legislature
  17. H

    Georgia Senate overwhelmingly passes Sovereignty Resolution

    Another state joining the ranks of sovereign states. Look at the margin by which it passed! Amazing! Georgia Senate Passes SR632 Affirming States’ Rights | Tenth Amendment Center
  18. H

    G-20: A Sell-Out of US Sovereignty

    Here you go. This is the Leaders’ Statement issued from the G-20 yesterday: Below are some provisions relevant to new foreign oversight and regulation of our markets in the US. Please note, while you can see there are some laudable goals expressed...
  19. M

    Popular state sovereignty bills draw comparison to Civil War posturing

    Popular state sovereignty bills draw comparison to Civil War posturing The states do not want civil war, they just want to be left alone by the criminals in D.C. If that does not happen then they might want war, but I think it is easier to break up the federal government.
  20. H

    South Dakota Leads Sovereignty Movement

    SD's sovereignty resolution passed both their House and Senate, so it goes to their governor from here. Shepard on Politics and Policy: South Dakota Passes 10th Amendment "Sovereignty" Resolution - Goes To Governor