1. KnotaFrayed

    The speaking out, continues.....

    John Brennan speaks to Trump's character and integrity. John Brennan: I will speak out until integrity returns to the White House "My first visit to the Oval Office came in October 1990, when I was a 35-year-old CIA officer. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait two months...
  2. bajisima

    Man berates employees and customers for not speaking English

    A man berated employees and customers for speaking Spanish in a New York restaurant, describing them as undocumented and threatening to call immigration officials in a rant captured on video. "Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English," the man says...
  3. the watchman

    melania speaking right now at WH.

    so glad to see that we're back to showing the first lady the respect she deserves. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/melania-trump-platform/
  4. cpicturetaker12

    COMEY can't write a book BUT FLYNN can 'sell' himself on a SPEAKING TOUR!!

    Excuse me, Flynn has COPPED TO CHARGES, right? Took a deal, right? Might be going to jail, right? Comey has been charged with WHAT? Comey can't write a book (vetted by all necessary agencies) and make a buck after being FIRED and vilified by Trump? Yet, FLYNN can 'sell' himself? Explain...
  5. knight

    Speaking in tongues

    https://youtu.be/_Tp4ENcSvFc Yeah kid, you're really saying something there. You're full of the holy spirit, along with other things, as well. Why do Xians do this? They are not saying anything but gibberish. It's the Xian faith distilled to its most basic level of stupid...the purest form...
  6. MaryAnne

    Flake Speaking Now

    On Senate Floor."
  7. Minotaur

    Politically Speaking...

  8. KnotaFrayed

    Thank goodness more and more people are speaking up and not putting up with the BS...

    The only sad thing is how long it has taken some to come this realization and the question remains. Will there be enough people like this, to turn the tide? "Why I No Longer Can Call Myself an Evangelical Republican"...
  9. DemoWhip

    Speaking About Republicans...!

    Celebrity Speaker HAL SPARKS Is On NOW! He is discussing Trump, Moore, Tax Cuts and Republicans! You can call in as well! Hal speaks every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1 PM Central Time. LISTEN NOW! WCPTAM - Triton Digital Standard Live Radio Player
  10. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP & MCCONNELL not speaking! Trump pissed over Obamacare & Russia investig'n

    Not a bit surprised! McConnell will talk to him when he HAS TO! The GOP has it all and they still can't get shit done and are eating their own! McConnell and Trump haven't spoken in weeks: report BY MAX GREENWOOD - 08/22/17 05:52 PM EDT 8 © Greg Nash President Trump and Senate Majority...
  11. PACE

    Fox news host gets death threats for speaking out against Trump

    Eboni K. Williams Has Received Death Threats Since ?Docket? Segment | Variety Yes, the free speechers are at it again, death threats? enough for Fox to add extra security to escort her into the building? Okay, reconcile this one one folks, do you condemn those who do this?
  12. the watchman

    Video shows how Anthony Scaramucci matches Trump’s speaking style almost perfectly

    Video shows Anthony Scaramucci matches Trump?s speaking style almost perfectly - Business Insider :smiley_ROFLMAO:
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Class, character, INTELLIGENCE and HUMOR --Hillary speaking to her alma-mater

    Will put up a link as available. ON MSNBC real time. Don't know how long she has been into it.
  14. KnotaFrayed

    Speaking of crazy Bizarro World......

    Is there something in the food, soil, water in parts of this nation? How all of the sudden, does a 70 year old narcissistic, greedy, gluttonous, lying adulterer, become the "Dream President" for ANY Christians, considering their stances on homosexuality and abortion, at the same time...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    MELANIA SPEAKING now at conference...

    Bless her heart, she's trying but this is painful to watch.
  16. the watchman

    Hillary Clinton Says She's Back: 'I Will Never Stop Speaking Out'.

    Speaking at a conference for professional business women in San Francisco on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she is back. “I am thrilled to be out of the woods, in the company of so many inspiring women," she said to a enamored crowd of about 3,500 at the...
  17. DemoWhip

    Dreamer detained after speaking out may be deported, attorney says

    So much for Trump saying he would not target those who were not criminals! Of course he would as he is now doing. That is outrageous especially since even undocumented people who are in the United States are entitled to a fair hearing before deportation. So much for the Fourteenth Amendment...
  18. Frank

    Speaking of snowflakes...

    "Republicans are the true snowflakes (they're all white, they're cold, and if you put enough of em together they'll shut down public schools)" https://twitter.com/mrbenwexler/status/828820081320816641 They also meltdown easily given a bit of heat.
  19. MaryAnne

    Kelly is now speaking.

    Homeland Security nominee.
  20. BAZINGA DrumpF

    A Proud Trump supporter, RANTS on good. Speaking FULL Orangutan Slang in public.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR2DjKYf8uA Woman's racist rant at JCPenney goes viral. Woman tells Latina shoppers to 'speak English' in racist rant at Kentucky JCPenney store The incident follows numerous viral racist tantrums captured on video in the weeks since Donald Trump's election Woman...