1. bajisima

    Blue wave is coming but that doesnt spell doom for Trump

    Interesting perspectives I hadnt considered. Well worth the read. Thoughts? Heading into the midterm elections, it’s pretty clear that a blue wave is coming. But is the shellacking the GOP is likely to take in November a sign that Donald Trump, and his brand of ethno-nationalist populism...
  2. Engine-Ear

    Witches to Cast Spell on Trump

    "Those who don't like Donald Trump and the current Republican administration are mobilizing in all sorts of ways. They're speaking up in town halls and calling their representatives. They're organizing protests and demonstrations. And, for the magically-inclined, they're casting spells."...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Tweeter in Chief doesn't spell good! Top 11 list. Websters sent him link to its dict.

    This is too funny. I don't get the asshole's tweets. But apparently he has made quite a few spelling errors. He tweeted last night the word "unpresidented". I read that this morning on a news source but thought he was trying to be funny! Maybe not! (Twitter doesn't have spell check??) Go...
  4. GordonGecko

    Does Carly's Rise Spell The Fall of Trump?-

    Carly Fiorina & the Republican Debate -- Does Her Rise Mean Trump's Fall?| National Review Online Now before the local Trumpsters (the 2-3 here at PH) jump on me... I don't want the premise of this "National Review" piece to be true. I WANT Trump to be the 2016 GOP Nominee. But...
  5. knight

    You Can't Spell KKK Without GOP

    OK, Neo-Cons, Republicans, Xians, and other various liars...read this article. Educating Republicans: Why You Can't Spell KKK Without the Letters G-O-P
  6. Telecaster

    How Do You Spell CONFUSION? ... LGBTQIA

    I think Dennis Prager is proving right. Opening our society so liberally to gay issues and concerns will advance sexual confusion in our society. I'm just not sure if even he imagined to what extent that could be...
  7. conservative

    Inflation Could Spell End of U.S. Financial Systemâ€

    Inflation Could Spell End of U.S. Financial System†Inflation Could Spell End of U.S. Financial System It's unbelievable how Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the U.S. recession is "very likely over", but once again this week the Federal Reserve has left interest rates...
  8. T

    How do you spell evil? A.C.L.U.

    Saturday, November 18, 2006 How do you spell evil? A.C.L.U. The American Civil Liberties Union; based on the name, it sounds like a wonderful organization created to protect the rights of all Americans. However, when you read a comment from the organization's founder regarding its purpose...
  9. B

    Code Pink Casts Spell on Marines

    link Fantastic. :) Let's send some D&D Republicans down there to combat them.
  10. T

    Girl marries dog to break spell

    24.com - World news Girl marries dog to break spell Girl marries dog to break spell At least it's not as bad as gay marriage