1. The Man

    Victory Day Parade, Red Square

    Full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdYFFo_tsfk Yes, Netanyahu was there, along with Serbian President Alexander Vucic, they watched the Parade and then went to lay flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier No doubt the Iran nuke deal, on which Putin & Netanyahu are on opposite sides...
  2. KnotaFrayed

    How does Trump and how do his supporters, square or explain this????

    It's not an uncommon set of contradictions coming from this man who seems to have trouble keeping track of himself, if not his mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1eXRXL0nkk...
  3. Goofball

    Russian indictments mean Trump won fair and square.

    This really has to steam the clams of all the Hillarybots. :popcorn: https://nypost.com/2018/02/16/russian-indictments-prove-trump-won-fair-and-square/
  4. Friday13

    Times Square: IMPEACH!

    Times Square lights up with Trump's face with message "IMPEACH" for millions around the world to see
  5. Southern Dad

    Times Square car incident: 1 dead, 23 injured; driver in custody

    Obviously the light sentences that the individual received on his first two DUI's really paid off...
  6. the watchman

    Trump Supporters Clash With May Day Protesters In Union Square

    Trump supporters and members of the alt-right staged a counter-protest at a May Day rally in Union Square this afternoon, where a confrontation with other activists in the park devolved into a physical altercation and arrests. Hundreds of activists gathered in Union Square Park this afternoon...
  7. the watchman

    How Does Trump's Immigration Freeze Square With His Business Interests?

    Even as President Trump takes steps to restrict visitors from some majority-Muslim countries, he and his family continue to do business in some of the others. Ethics experts question whether that might indicate conflicts between Trump's business interests and his role as U.S. president...
  8. NeoVsMatrix

    Naked Donald Trup on NYC's Union Square

    https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20160818/union-square/naked-donald-trump-statue-appears-union-square its hilarious, disgusting, and sort of funny and inappropriate , all at the same time. Someone on FB has a live feed even... walking around the statue. Not sure what to think of it yet.
  9. KnotaFrayed

    How does Trump square what he said today.....

    With what he said in the past? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNa2B5zHfbQ Does anyone remember Watergate? Was that a good thing?
  10. meridian5455

    Fight for $15 protest McDonalds in Times Square - What's wrong with this picture?

    Hundreds of raucous protesters, including striking Verizon employees, converged on a McDonald's restaurant in Times Square Thursday demanding a $15-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers. McDonald's workers rally in Times Square for $15 minimum wage - Apr. 14, 2016 While most...
  11. meridian5455

    Times Square New Year's Eve Ball is racist - Tweets #BallLivesMatter

    Somebody dropped the ball. A pair of hastily deleted tweets from the official Times Square Ball Twitter handle blasted the event as "racist" and made a questionable reference to the Black Lives Matter movement hours before the clock struck midnight. Social media users were up in arms...
  12. The Man

    Naked man detained on Red Square

    A man wearing nothing but some cloth was sitting outside Lenin's Mausoleum today, until police took him away. Authorities later said he was mentally ill and wanted to get into the Mausoleum to lie down next to the Father of Communism. The guards would let him, of course, so he sat out there...
  13. meridian5455

    Gov. Cuomo says Time Square's topless women are breaking the law

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday women posing topless for photos in Times Square are breaking the law. The women, who wear paint, thongs and patriotic accessories, pose with visitors and charge for photos. The governor told NY1 he believes “this activity is illegal” and “needs to be...
  14. The Man

    Police chase through Red Square!

    A Moscow man today apparently, in a burst of anger, beat up the driver of a "evacuator" truck that was taking away his illegally parked van and then stole the truck for a joy ride. Folks out for a pleasant stroll on Red Square got to watch the truck being first pursued by one police car one...
  15. heirtothewind

    How the hell does appointment of a ''czar'' square with ''democracy''

    GOP senators who opposed Obama 'czars' now want one for Ebola God, mother, children, apple pie, and democracy ----- aaah, golly gee, how American is that. But to get things done, these hypocritical republicans want, of all totalitarian things, a CZAR. Go figure.
  16. NeoVsMatrix

    NYT Times investigation on Benghazi attack - back to Square one ?

    The NYT came out with an intensive report on their investigation of the Benghazi attack on 9/11/2012. Their findings go back to pretty much what was said early on, mixed information, mixed incidents leading up to the attack itself.. and, surprisingly, no link to Al Qaeda at all. A Deadly...
  17. J

    Detroit - 350 Stray Dogs Per Square Mile

    Seems like a lot of dogs; but considering 1/2 of the City of Detroit proper is now in physical decay, I suppose there are many places these dogs can take shelter.
  18. PapaBull

    Global Warming cleverly hides itself with 1 million square miles more ice.

    Oh, Global Warming is such a sneaky phenomenon. It hides the shrinking arctic ice cap with expanding arctic ice. A million more square miles than last year, in fact. Global warming cleverly hides itself with 1 million sq miles more arctic ice « Hot Air
  19. NewPublius

    Fort Sumter Flag, Robert Anderson and Union Square, NYC

    Of course, on a Civil War forum when one reads 'Union Square' one immediately thinks the square must be named for the 'Union' and without an immediate reference to the Civil War handy, one might think 'labor movement' -- but the word 'union' also means to join together and that's actually what...
  20. NewPublius

    General Worth and Worth Square

    When I say 'General Worth' many will give you a blank stare in return. That's ok, but in the 1800s, General Worth was about as famous as Patton. He played pivotal roles in the Mexican American War. When he passed on they buried him, but he was popular enough that they disinterred the body...